Episode 253: Dursleys and McGonagall Revealed

  • Pottermore CEO says new books headed our way shortly
  • The Wizard’s Collection continuing to cause controversy
  • MTV Movie Awards: how will the Potter series fair?
  • Pottermore segments: The Dursleys and Professor McGonagall
  • Do our opinions of Vernon and Petunia change?
  • What about James?
  • How could Petunia go from wanting to be a witch to being interested in someone like Vernon?
  • Rowling explains why Harry was taken to the hut on the rock
  • McGonagall: her family, schooling, work and love life examined
  • We give our reasons for what makes Minerva a “badass”
  • A closer look at McGonagall’s relationships with Dumbledore, Flitwick and Sprout
  • We read your thoughts on the Dursley and McGonagall

Download Now Running time: 1:08:14, 31.3 MB

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