Episode 260: The Aunt Marge Revelation

  • We review the first few chapters of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban within Pottermore.
  • How much money does Universal make from Butterbeer?
  • The Harry Potter cast are filming a new movie? A ninth movie? Or none of the baove?
  • Dan Radcliffe oddly joins Google+ to fight Twitter and Facebook imposters.
  • Andrew plugs HYPE, his weekly general talk/entertainment podcast. Visit HYPEpodcast.com to sign up!
  • We read some of the listeners’ favorite moments of the year.
  • Eric reveals the Top 7 Potter moments of 2012.
  • What are we looking forward to in 2013?
  • Micah has a big announcement.

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Running time: 1:29:37, 43.1 MB

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