Episode 266: Growing Up

  • Laura’s back!
  • We reflect on 10 years since Order of the Phoenix.
  • Pottermore site revamp: where did Laura get sorted?
  • Annotated Sorcerer’s Stone sells for $227,000. Shouldn’t that content be in Pottermore?
  • Bear vs. Honey Badger.
  • Is Quidditch the result of a lover’s quarrel?
  • Is J.K. Rowling’s next project in the works…?
  • …and are Emma Watson, David Heyman and WB involved?
  • Your tweets on Dan saying “no” to Wizarding World video.
  • Grow up Rupert! Grow up Helena!
  • Make The Music Connection returns.
  • Favorites: Order of the Phoenix character.
  • Podcast plugs: Andrew’s Hype and Eric and Micah’s Game of Owns.

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Running time: 1:14:21, 34.0 MB

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