Episode 268: British Anti-Joke

  • Jamie is back! His triumphant return causes the hosts to look back on growing up with MuggleCast
  • The full story behind Cuckoo’s Calling leak
  • Anonymity on the Internet? Who’s to blame for the leak?
  • How Jamie first heard about Cuckoo
  • Film companies competing to adapt the new book, could turn into franchise
  • Upcoming Scholastic cover parties, release parties for Potter
  • Rupert gains some ‘Mojo’ with theater
  • Character names in fiction, and whether or not Jo spoiled us with hers
  • Jamie’s British Joke, and introducing the Anti-Joke?
  • Andrew and Eric review Potted Potter
  • Listener E-mail: The Royal Half-Blood Prince
  • Favorites segment: Favorite alternate ending?
  • Unexpected Book 7 discussion regarding Voldemort as a villain
  • And… It’s All Been a Dream

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Running time: 1:24:07, 40.5 MB

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