Episode 269: All Was Well

  • The final episode is here! We begin with a poem.
  • Several hosts are on including Andrew, Eric, Ben, Kevin, Micah, and Mikey.
  • Jamie and Laura share farewell messages.
  • News: New Harry Potter covers are here, WB announces their own Harry Potter con, and Pottermore has a new design.
  • Review of The Cuckoo’s Calling.
  • Listener Rebuttal, Ben’s latest Top 10 list, and more anti-jokes.
  • We read e-mails from listeners who express gratitude for the show.
  • Each of the hosts tells you where you can find them in the future.
  • Favorites: Fans share their favorite moments and we reminisce.
  • We have the final numbers revealing how many times each host has been on the show.
  • Micah reads a message we received from someone special.
  • Thank you, everyone!
  • The song at the end: “End of an Era” by Wizard Rock band Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls

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Running time: 1:58:09, 70.9 MB

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