Episode 289: North American Magic Deep Dive

Serious writing from Jo calls for serious discussion — in this case, on the History of Magic in North America.

  • Why do these history lessons feel more… adult… than previous writings by J.K. Rowling?
  • How will each of these pieces relate to the Fantastic Beasts movie?
  • Americans didn’t seem to be painted in a positive light in these new writings.
  • Will Newt’s European mindset influence American Wizards? He may have an opportunity to put his mark on America.
  • Andrew doesn’t like the official pronunciation for “MACUSA.” Or does he?
  • Which of the wand makers in the U.S. would we want to get a wand from?
  • We play Make the Connection with suggestions from our listeners.
  • We speak to Justin Zagri, the writer and director of the new fan film Severus Snape and the Marauders.
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