Episode 291: Laura’s Pants, Part 2

  • Welcome back Laura (who co-hosts #Millennial with Andrew)! We used to title many of our episodes after you.
  • MuggleCast is back to doing two episodes per month! HOORAY! Thanks to all of our Patrons who helped get us here.
  • We also have a new website at MuggleCast.com where it’s easier to listen to the podcast. Check it out!
  • We discuss the latest Cursed Child updates, including JK Rowling asking for no spoilers (lol)
  • Fantastic Beasts will also be published as a script book. Uhm, why?
  • Characters from the world of Harry Potter WILL be showing up in the Fantastic Beasts movie. Who do we want to see?
  • Top Ten: The Battle of Hogwarts Would Have Been Even Worse If…
  • Pen and Paper Are My Priority returns, as does Chicken Soup
  • In Bonus MuggleCast on Patreon, we’ll discuss the Battle of Hogwarts anniversary and what other books we’d like to see J.K. Rowling write in the Wizarding World.
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    Running time: 56:41, 34.2 MB