Episode #301: A Fantastic Visit

We discuss recent news, MuggleNet’s visit to the set of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and more!

  • Andrew’s elusive quest for the vibrating broomstick continues
  • An exciting Patreon announcement: it’s never been easier to listen to our bonus content!
  • A Patronus quiz? We’re skeptical. Listeners share other quizzes they’d like to see on Pottermore.
  • Cormoran Strike has been cast! We discuss adapting the book series to television.
  • Halloween is coming to the Wizarding World theme park in Japan! Is the Orlando park missing a huge opportunity?
  • Next stop for Harry Potter: The Exhibition… The Netherlands! Hopefully, they allow photos now.
  • LEGO Harry Potter gets a makeover (and some very cool additions)! Here is the interview with Arthur Parsons, and here is Jonathan Smith on LEGO HP 1-4.
  • We speak with MuggleNet’s Jessica Jordan, who visited the set of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them!
  • Full set report and interviews.
  • Mailbag: Our thoughts on good adaptations vs. good movies, the most shocking plot point of The Cursed Child and… Mandrakes!
  • Eric has a few PO Box updates, but sadly no live goats… yet…

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Running time: 1:35:18, 57.3 MB


  1. They should have an animangus quiz!!! And did you discover your patronus in Pottermore? I got a brown bear. Also, I was wondering if you would discuss different Harry Potter ships like Drarry and Dramione. Keep up the awesome work !!! ~ Maia

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