Episode #307: Thank You, Cursed Child

It’s our final episode of 2016! To send out an amazing year, we recap our latest trip around the sun, discuss recent news, and more. We’re joined by Hypable.com’s Danielle Zimmerman, a longtime listener making her on-air debut.

  • Scorbus may be real after all
  • Cursed Child tops Amazon’s Best-Selling Books of 2016
  • Our Main Discussion centers around Newt’s expulsion from Hogwarts
  • New info surrounding Newt and Leta is found in the Case of Beasts!
  • Parallels to Hagrid and Aragog – did Newt’s situation set a precedent?
  • It’s clear Newt took the blame for Leta, but why?
  • The beast in question is revealed: what is a Jarvey?
  • Patrons weigh in with their thoughts on Newt and Leta’s relationship
  • We take a look back on the Year in Potter, including Fantastic Beasts, The Cursed Child, Ilvermorny, The Patronus Quiz and Alan Rickman
  • Twitter Question: What more would you want to learn about the American Wizarding World?
  • Thanks to Renee for the Christmas card!

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  1. Ok so i understand that newt’s expulsion is a huge deal to everyone but everyone seems to be forgetting that due to newt’s age at the time (he was at least 16 at the time based on the facts we currently have available to us) versus hagrid (who was 13 and in his 3rd year at hogwarts) there is also the fact that hagrid’s expulsion though not his fault centered around the death of a student whereas as far as the information we are given up to this point (at least that i am aware of) in newt’s situation there was just endangerment not an actual death of students. Also what if after a certain age expulsion and or crime doesn’t result in the breaking of a wand, Sirius’ wand was never broken when he went to Azkaban. There is also the matter of the Weasley twins (i realize that they were not expelled) who chose to leave without finishing school. It seems to me that at least for the time being we are all stressing too much about the fact that he was expelled at all. I understand that it is probably going to be important but it seems to me that most of what i read online and hear in podcast is forgetting that there are more factors to consider when discussing the events around his expulsion.

  2. It sounds to me like Newt kept his wand because he wasn’t expelled, rather he left on his own free will. Much like Fred and George did. It sounds like he was almost expelled, but welcome to stay, and because of his falling out with Leta he had no reason and no want to stay in school anymore. It sounds like she was his only friend and I’m sure the incident of endangering human life with a beast didn’t do him any favors with his peers. He may have felt it was better to leave.

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