Episode #336: Two Sickles A Scoop

  • We reflect back on September 1
  • Cursed Child gets some real estate in Times Square
  • Warwick Davis greets fans at King’s Cross
  • Listeners share how they spent #19YearsLater
  • Eric reveals he forgot to share one very important piece of PO Box mail
  • The author of the notorious fan fiction My Immortal is revealed
  • We share listener rebuttals on our Wizarding World residence discussion
  • Our main discussion this week… Magical Transportation
  • We analyze everything from the Hogwarts Express to Broomsticks to Flying Cars
  • Do we prefer Floo Powder, Portkeys, Apparition or Flying Beasts?
  • The hosts share their top picks for how they’d get around the wizarding world
  • Voicemails return!

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Running time: 1:28:41, 127.7 MB

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