Episode #339: Of Course

  • Cursed Child is open for registration!
  • Eric and Micah share their Ticketmaster experiences while Andrew registers on air.
  • JKR won’t pander to the fandom: is it the Encyclopedia or Marauder’s story that’s in jeopardy?
  • Could Cursed Child have run for a week? Would fans have gone to see all five parts?
  • Our thoughts on JKR’s comments on the collaborative nature of Cursed Child
  • JKR has given fans a lot since the release of Deathly Hallows – should we want more?
  • The difference between giving fans too much and giving them what they want
  • We tackle last week’s Quizzitch question
  • E-mail-bag: Maybe a Game of Thrones style Marauders story isn’t all that bad after all
  • The Prisoner of Azkaban Illustrated Edition hits store shelves this week!

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Running time: 57:44, 55.4 MB


  1. This was a really tedious podcast. So much criticism — and if you don’t like “Cursed Child” then stick to Harry. This was really a downer.

      1. I wouldn’t say the podcast is normally positive lately. It’s become a real negativity fest, just like the fandom as a whole has become. I’m tired of the JK Rowling/Cursed Child bashing. This podcast should be celebrating this franchise, not attacking it left and right. Whenever a new podcast episode is released, I look at the show notes–and if I see some mention of Cursed Child or something related to it, I don’t look forward to listening to the episode. (Even if it’s just a quick news item, at least one host doesn’t hesitate to bash it.) And it’s become a pretty regular thing for MuggleCast now, and my interest in listening to this podcast has decreased as a result. It’s just not fun to listen to it when there’s constant negativity. I’m sorry to be so blunt here, but I’m just tired of it and I want this podcast to get back to how fun it used to be–during the heyday of the Potter series.

        1. Why aren’t they allowed to criticize cursed child? if they mindlessly praised everything then it would be just as boring. the fact that we are able to see different points of view is what makes the show great. The fact of the matter is, a lot of people really dislike Cursed Child, so the hosts aren’t gonna praise it just because it’s HP content.

          1. Then read it again. I’m not going to rehash the comment because it’s long enough as it is, but read it again. It’s clear what I’m talking about.

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