Episode #368: Growin’ Up

  • Slug Club member and mom Cherise returns for a Mother’s Day discussion
  • How would raising a young witch/wizard differ from raising a child in the Muggle world?
  • What would be the most difficult part of parenting?
  • No schooling until Hogwarts? What do working parents do?
  • What happens when your child begins exhibiting signs of magic?
  • Would you be comfortable sending your child off to boarding school?
  • We discuss notable mothers and mother-like figures in the Potter series
  • From Lily and Molly to Narcissa and Petunia
  • Patrons vote on who they think is the best mother in the wizarding world
  • Listeners tweet their thoughts on the biggest parenting challenges
  • Quizzitch: Which mother in the Harry Potter series is named after a Roman Catholic saint, whose Feast Day is famously preceded by a gathering of Witches?

Download now (1:23:40, 50.2 MB)

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  1. Just listened to the episode… I’m not on Twitter, so I thought I’d post my answer to this week’s Quizzitch question here (cyphered using rot13 so as not to spoil it): Jnyohetn Oynpx.

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