Episode #369: The Battle of Hogwarts

  • With Micah out for the week, MuggleCast welcomes our friend Nasim and one of our Patreon supporters Andy to the show!
  • The MuggleCast community lost a listener and friend this week. Hug your loved ones.
  • The Beedle the Bard Illustrated Edition covers are out now, and they’re gorgeous!
  • We forgot to discuss Tonks on last week’s Mother’s Day episode, so this week we share some thoughts about her decision to head to the Battle of Hogwarts as newborn Teddy stayed at home.
  • Annnd that leads perfectly into our main discussion this week: The Battle of Hogwarts turns 20 (fictional) years old!
  • We share our feelings reading the iconic scenes again 11 years after it was originally published. Do our feelings on it change now that we’re adults?
  • Was it responsible to allow students who were ‘of age’ to fight? What role would we have taken in defending the school? What GOOD came out of the battle (besides Voldemort’s downfall)?
  • Eric quizzes us on the Battle of Hogwarts. And of course, Quizzitch wraps up the show.

Download now (1:23:57, 50.4 MB)

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