Episode #372: Faces Of The Phoenix

  • Paris, London, New York: Pottermore offers fans the chance to attend the Fantastic Beasts 2 premieres for charity
  • Cursed Child is up for 10 Tony Awards
  • Main Discussion: Fresh Faces of the Phoenix
  • What would have happened to Harry without the support of Luna and her father?
  • We discuss Bellatrix exposing Harry’s ignorance and her unwavering loyalty to Voldemort
  • Does Tonks make the Order of the Phoenix cool?
  • Dolores Umbridge has one redeeming quality – she’s the reason for Dumbledore’s Army!
  • Do we overlook the importance of Ms. Figg? Was she best equipped to keep Harry safe?
  • What’s up with the relationship between Squibs and cats?
  • Mundungus Fletcher… enough said!
  • What if these characters were introduced earlier in the series? What if they never were?
  • This episode’s lone voicemail asks about a Hermione-based movie with Emma Watson
  • Quizzitch: Who did JKR say would win in a fight: Crookshanks or Mrs. Norris?
  • MuggleCast Vault: Luna Lovegood¬†and Dolores Umbridge¬†character discussions

Download now (1:29:26, 47.7 MB)

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  1. I feel of the remaining members of the Advance Guard at least Kingsley Shacklebolt should have been included in the Fresh Faces of the Phoenix discussion…

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