Episode #387: Evil Pickett (HBP Chapter 7, The Slug Club)

  • We take listener feedback and voicemails on the latest Crimes of Grindelwald trailer
  • Chapter-by-Chapter continues with The Slug Club
  • 7 Word Summary goes off the rails: The tasty pheasant boards scrumptiously Belby’s mouth
  • Connecting the Threads: this isn’t the first time Harry has suspected Malfoy of something very serious!
  • Why do Ron and Hermione have such a hard time believing Draco could be a Death Eater? Is his age a legitimate concern?
  • Why does Arthur Weasley not take Harry seriously?
  • Crushes and The Cool Kid’s Table: the hosts share their experiences
  • Harry acknowledges that Neville could have been The Chosen One
  • Hugh “H.E.F.” Slughorn… what does the E.F. in his name stand for?
  • What are our initial impressions of the Slug Club? Elitist or a chance for house unity?
  • If Draco were a true Death Eater, why didn’t he just off Harry in the train compartment?
  • We give our MVP of the Week and Rename The Chapter
  • Quizzitch: Who comes to Harry’s rescue when he finds himself locked out of Hogwarts?

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  1. Slughorn’s full name was revealed in Short Stories from Hogwarts of Power, Politics and Pesky Poltergeists; it’s Horace Eugene Flaccus Slughorn. JKR explains that two of his Christian names come from the Roman poet Quintus Horatius Flaccus and the surname Slughorn comes from the Gaelic word sluagh-ghairm which means “war cry”.

  2. Nagini isn’t an Indian name, at least not only an Indian name. Just like Andrew, Eric, and Micah aren’t just American names, it is used widely. Cultures don’t own names.

    JK Rowling can do what she wants. She owes us nothing. Treat characters as characters. They don’t represent anyone but the character. It is her story to whatever she wants with. Just enjoy the story and stop discussing these non-issues that only a couple people with big voices are “hurt” by.

    Obviously JK new this earlier, simply because of the name Nagini being derived from Naga. Are you calling her a liar now too?

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