Episode #387: Evil Pickett (HBP Chapter 7, The Slug Club)

  • We take listener feedback and voicemails on the latest Crimes of Grindelwald trailer
  • Chapter-by-Chapter continues with The Slug Club
  • 7 Word Summary goes off the rails: The tasty pheasant boards scrumptiously Belby’s mouth
  • Connecting the Threads: this isn’t the first time Harry has suspected Malfoy of something very serious!
  • Why do Ron and Hermione have such a hard time believing Draco could be a Death Eater? Is his age a legitimate concern?
  • Why does Arthur Weasley not take Harry seriously?
  • Crushes and The Cool Kid’s Table: the hosts share their experiences
  • Harry acknowledges that Neville could have been The Chosen One
  • Hugh “H.E.F.” Slughorn… what does the E.F. in his name stand for?
  • What are our initial impressions of the Slug Club? Elitist or a chance for house unity?
  • If Draco were a true Death Eater, why didn’t he just off Harry in the train compartment?
  • We give our MVP of the Week and Rename The Chapter
  • Quizzitch: Who comes to Harry’s rescue when he finds himself locked out of Hogwarts?

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Running time: 1:33:50, 56.3 MB