Episode 39: Fluffy and The Pokeflute

  • We discuss Jo’s upcoming trip to the USA
  • Our new monthly Book 7 discussions commences
  • Will Harry return to Godric’s Hollow?
  • We wrap up our long-running discussion about Hogwarts’ staying open the seventh year.
  • Ben uses a clever analogy to illustrate how the government’s reactions to the September 11th attacks are similar to Hogwarts’ reaction to the Death Eaters’ infiltrating Hogwarts.
  • Will we be seeing Aberforth?
  • Who’s Harry going to rely on when finding Horcruxes?
  • Spy on Spartz returns with a new rule that’s sure to get the fangirls excited
  • Chapter-by-Chapter: Chapter 13 of SS: Nicolas Flamel
  • We discuss the effect Harry’s dreams have on him
  • Less focus on the fluff, more focus on the bad guy stuff
  • The history of the REAL Nicolas Flamel
  • Ben premieres a new segment: Give Me a Butterbeer
  • Do Lily and James know about the prophecy?
  • Was it the PokeFlute that put Fluffy to sleep?

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