Episode #391: Sluggybear (HBP Chapter 11, Hermione’s Helping Hand)

  • Slug Club member Nicole joins the show!
  • Claudia Kim weighs in on the Nagini controversy
  • The hosts predict the U.S. opening weekend box office total for The Crimes of Grindelwald
  • MuggleMail covers obsessive love and Care of Magical Creatures
  • Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Hermione’s Helping Hand
  • 7-Word Summary: Harry tries to prune Buckbeak’s big lunch
  • Hermione reveals why Harry is so appealing… and it definitely bothers Ron!
  • Did people think this provided a window for Harry and Hermione? Or was it always Hermione and Ron?
  • Stan Shunpike’s comments land him in Azkaban. What does this tell us about the current state of wizarding affairs?
  • Gryffindor tryouts – whose vetting these people?!?!
  • Why is Hagrid letting Buckbeak just chill outside his hut? Couldn’t he be recognized?
  • Shouldn’t Hagrid be more mature in his initial reactions to the Trio?
  • Time Turners: were they really all destroyed? Cursed Child begs to differ!
  • Did Hermione confunding Cormac help along the Ron/Lavender relationship?
  • Is Harry to blame at all for not replacing Ron with Cormac after he found out the truth?
  • Connecting The Threads: The Evening Prophet, Stan Shunpike & Aragog
  • The hosts give their MVPs of the Week and Rename The Chapter
  • Quizzitch: Who delivers the message to Harry about Dumbledore’s second lesson?

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  1. I don’t think it was fair to call Ron petty. He just, for once, wants Hermione to notice him in the same way she’s noticing Harry.

  2. Don’t forget that box office results are not exactly acurate. I do know that ticket prices have gone up by about 6% in Canada since the last one.

  3. Lets get one thing clear: there is no casting controversy. Do you know who has a problem with the casting? White Americans.

    Defending people against something they don’t need or want to be defended against does much more harm than good. It divides and oppresses the people you are defending. It legitimizes non-issues.

    This isn’t even cultural appropriation. Cultural appropriation is the adoption of pieces of a minority culture by a dominant culture. The problem with that is every culture in existence is made up of pieces of other cultures.

    The Naga has Hindu origins from what I can see. Ideas spread and now it is part of many other south-east Asian cultures too. People spread out and their myths come with them. Some of the people they meet adopt them too. This is a great thing! An Asian woman is playing a mythical creature with Asian roots. If a white European or black sub-Saharan woman (for example) had that role, then you might have an argument for calling it cultural appropriation.

    People of one culture don’t have a monopoly on writing stories about it. This is a clear example of cultural appreciation.

  4. I heard “ballet ready“ at first and thought it was a website to track how well your favorite candidate is doing on Dancing with the Stars 😃

    Even if the Ministry was trying to make the point „don’t tell these kind of jokes“ with Stan, the message they‘re actually sending is „we will send people to jail without any kind of trial or actually looking into the case“

    I find Hagrid‘s low self esteem more of a drag than Ron‘s. Hagrid is a grown man and keeps making stupid/irresponsible decisions and mistakes. Ron is in his teens and filled to the brim with hormones and has a bunch of older brothers which I imagine isn’t doing his self image a favor

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