Episode #395: What We Noticed In ‘Grindelwald’ The Second Time

  • We check our initial predictions – who got the opening weekend box office total right?
  • Eric and Andrew give their thoughts after seeing the movie for a second time
  • Could an elusive iceberg creature have caused the Atlantic shipwreck?
  • What’s up with the Deathly Hallows being carved into a Hogwarts desk?
  • How did Dumbledore know to warn Theseus about Grindelwald’s rally? Did he tip off Nicolas Flamel as well?
  • Mirror of Erised: Is Dumbledore’s greatest desire now undoing the blood pact?
  • Andrew and Micah dive deep into the Crimes of Grindelwald script book
  • Do a few initially missed moments suggest Grindelwald is leading Credence on?
  • We analyze Dumbeldore’s description of an obscurus and The Predictions of Tycho Dodonus
  • Did we miss an early clue when Leta says to Dumbledore: “not unless you had a brother who died too”?
  • Dumbledore was in the Room of Requirement when he looks into the Mirror of Erised
  • Was Leta’s death intentionally ambiguous? If both her and Corvus Jr. are gone, how does the Lestrange bloodline continue on?
  • JKR has been hinting at Aurelius for over two years on her website!
  • Voicemails cover calls from inside the theater, Queenie’s allegiance, Tina, Leta, Nagini and more!
  • A great email analysis on Aurelius, Credence, Corvus and the raven/phoenix chick
  • Listeners call in live with their thoughts and questions!
  • Quizzitch: According to the “Crimes of Grindelwald” screenplay / film, what is Travers’ official position at the Ministry of Magic?
  • This week’s sponsors are Stamps.com (enter code ‘MuggleCast’ for a four-week trial plus postage) and Bombas (visit Bombas.com/MuggleCast and use code ‘MuggleCast’ to get 20% off your first order)

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  1. Listening to your podcast it occurred to me that Leta may be the secret double agent and Grindelwald would easily have lured her early as she is a brilliant-minded outcast. The “dissolving” of her body could just be an illusion created by GG to influence Credence or she was killed off to protect the story. The memory of her brother on the ship is real but the story of swapping Credence and Credence being a Dumbledore is fake. This would still suppport the theory of Ariana being the obscurus that is living inside him.

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