Episode #395: What We Noticed In ‘Grindelwald’ The Second Time

  • We check our initial predictions – who got the opening weekend box office total right?
  • Eric and Andrew give their thoughts after seeing the movie for a second time
  • Could an elusive iceberg creature have caused the Atlantic shipwreck?
  • What’s up with the Deathly Hallows being carved into a Hogwarts desk?
  • How did Dumbledore know to warn Theseus about Grindelwald’s rally? Did he tip off Nicolas Flamel as well?
  • Mirror of Erised: Is Dumbledore’s greatest desire now undoing the blood pact?
  • Andrew and Micah dive deep into the Crimes of Grindelwald script book
  • Do a few initially missed moments suggest Grindelwald is leading Credence on?
  • We analyze Dumbeldore’s description of an obscurus and The Predictions of Tycho Dodonus
  • Did we miss an early clue when Leta says to Dumbledore: “not unless you had a brother who died too”?
  • Dumbledore was in the Room of Requirement when he looks into the Mirror of Erised
  • Was Leta’s death intentionally ambiguous? If both her and Corvus Jr. are gone, how does the Lestrange bloodline continue on?
  • JKR has been hinting at Aurelius for over two years on her website!
  • Voicemails cover calls from inside the theater, Queenie’s allegiance, Tina, Leta, Nagini and more!
  • A great email analysis on Aurelius, Credence, Corvus and the raven/phoenix chick
  • Listeners call in live with their thoughts and questions!
  • Quizzitch: According to the “Crimes of Grindelwald” screenplay / film, what is Travers’ official position at the Ministry of Magic?
  • This week’s sponsors are Stamps.com (enter code ‘MuggleCast’ for a four-week trial plus postage) and Bombas (visit Bombas.com/MuggleCast and use code ‘MuggleCast’ to get 20% off your first order)

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