Episode 40: Hatin’ on Dumbledore

  • MuggleNet staffer Jess joins in the discussion!
  • Pokeflutes wake Snorlax up; they don’t put them to sleep. DUH, Andrew.
  • Laura provides a real-life example of the way people look at Lucius
  • More parallels are drawn between real-world and wizarding-world governments
  • Why is Lucius so hard on Draco?
  • How much political influence does he have?
  • Was Lucius in on a plot to abduct Professor Trelawney?
  • We learn Ben tried to mingle with Jason Isaacs but was robbed of the opportunity by Leaky’s Sue and John
  • Chapter by Chapter: Chapter 14 of Sorcerer’s Stone
  • Hagrid can read?
  • Why does Draco keep quiet about Norbert?
  • Jess hates Dumbledore!
  • This week’s Spy on Spartz completes Ben’s life
  • Is it possible Dumbledore left a message for Harry via Hagrid? Kevin presents the evidence.
  • Ben sounds off over the ongoing debate of Christianity in HP
  • Favorites: Umbridge’s Educational Decrees

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