Episode 41: Fat Lady, Watch Out!

  • Andrew apologizes for spoiling the OC
  • Eric reveals what’s in this week’s PO Box (look out, Ben!)
  • National Wear Your MuggleCast T-Shirt Day is THIS FRIDAY
  • Listener Rebuttals cover our listener’s thoughts on translations, cursing, and Christianity
  • It’s the one year anniversary of the MuggleCast idea being born
  • For the first time ever, we tell the story of how MuggleCast was born, how Micah made it on, and more
  • Chapter by Chapter: Ch 15 of Sorcerer’s Stone, “The Forbidden Forest”
  • Occlumency, Red vs Green Sparks, how to conjure sparks, Centaurs
  • Why does McGonagall hate Divination?
  • Dumbledore returning the Invisibility Cloak
  • This week’s Give Me a Butterbeer calls out stereotypes and prejudice in Potter
  • Is there a distinguishing factor that makes someone a half-blood, pureblood, or Mudblood?
  • How did Fudge’s opinion on Voldemort’s being back change?
  • Dumbledore would trust Hagrid with his life. Would he trust Hagrid with keeping his fake death a secret?
  • Andrew’s driving now (stay off the roads!)

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