Episode #420: Really Loose Pockets (HBP 28, Flight of the Prince)

  • Unplug your Alexa’s: Our Slug Club guest this week had her name stolen from Amazon!
  • Vans’ new line of Harry Potter shoes is causing some ripples amongst fans — how’d Hufflepuff gets the short end of the stick?
  • Andrew is in Orlando for the opening of Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure. Follow us on Instagram to get looks at the new ride!
  • MuggleMail: What would’ve happened if the Death Eaters weren’t waiting for Dumbledore back at Hogwarts? And the best DVD/Blu-ray collection question gets answered.
  • Chapter by Chapter: Half-Blood Prince Chapter 28, Flight of the Prince.
  • Have we ever felt like Harry did in the opening of this scene, as if we’re hurling through space because of a life-changing event?
  • Hogwarts Is A Security Nightmare Example #9134891: Kids running around while hearing ruckus. Where’s the lock-down?
  • Warning: Never light Laura’s house is on fire while her dog is inside. She will be enraged.
  • Harry has to remind Hagrid to put out his burning home. He ALSO has to remind him how to conjure one of earth’s core elements: WTF?
  • Even while working for the Greater Good, Snape still takes the opportunity to besmirch James. Why so mean?
  • The Half-Blood Prince is revealed, and Snape can’t stand being called a coward. What’s going through his mind in this moment?
  • The movie version of this chapter is different to say the least. We compare and contrast.
  • Dumbledore’s pockets are now available for everyone to peruse, and the locket presents itself. Uh oh.
  • Quizzitch: From whom does Lupin learn that Dumbledore has died?
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