Episode #433: Gettin’ Figgy (OOTP Chapter 1, Dudley Demented)

  • Sequoia from Fanatical Fics and Where To Find Them joins the show!
  • We discuss the recent banning of Harry Potter at St. Edward Catholic School… and give them a call!
  • Cursed Child gets a new marketing campaign, with the logo now matching the one from the books/films
  • Chapter-by-Chapter returns with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Chapter 1: Dudley Demented
  • 7-Word Summary: Harry Potter fights with Dudley and Dementors
  • The introduction of Harry is very much one of a neglected child
  • What does it say about the Dursleys that they take pride in the fact that Dudley doesn’t watch the news and has no clue who the Prime Minister is?
  • What do we make of Ms. Figg  asking Harry over for tea frequently throughout the summer?
  • Are Vernon and Petunia overreacting to the “crack” that pretty much the entire neighborhood hears? Or is it fair they suspect Harry?
  • Harry’s isolation: let the conversation about Dumbledore’s approach to Harry begin!
  • We analyze Harry’s dreams: Cedric’s death, long corridors, locked doors and more!
  • Harry is itching for a fight and tries to provoke Dudley with name-calling. What do we make of this version of Harry?
  • Who is Mark Evans? J.K. Rowling once addressed rampant speculation.
  • When the Dementors attack and Harry hears the voice inside his head – is it Voldemort or the Horcrux speaking to him?
  • Have we ever seen Harry control a Patronus through spoken word before?
  • Surprise! There’s more to Ms. Figg than meets the eye!
  • We debut a new chapter-by-chapter segment… Umbridge Sucks!
  • Connecting the Threads, MVP of the Week and Rename The Chapter return!
  • We answer an email on frame narratives and take a very cute voicemail on midnight book release parties
  • Quizzitch: J.K. Rowling once said on her old website that Ms. Figg deals in the roaring trade of cross-bred cats and what?
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