Episode #434: His Last (OOTP Chapter 2, A Peck of Owls)

  • No word back from the Nashville school that banned Harry Potter
  • Eddie Redmayne provides us a smidge of an update on Fantastic Beasts 3
  • Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Chapter 2: A Peck of Owls
  • 7-Word Summary: Many owls arrive at Harry’s home tonight
  • Mr. Tibbles was on the case! Good to know that Harry is being watched by… cats!
  • We question Mrs. Figg’s qualifications for keeping an eye on Harry all of these years
  • If Dumbledore was so afraid of Harry using magic this summer why did he not institute a better plan for protecting him?
  • We learn Mrs. Figg had to make coming to her house miserable… so the Dursleys allowed it to continue.
  • Given his track record, is Mundungus the best person to be keeping tabs on Harry?
  • What does it say about Vernon that he thinks Dudley’s condition is due to a bad bit of “foreign” tea?
  • Why wouldn’t Harry be innocent until proven guilty following the Dementor attack?
  • How quickly did Mundungus get word to Dumbledore about what happened?
  • Petunia knows about Dementors… from Snape!
  • Vernon asks if Harry’s lot has the death penalty! What?!?
  • Everyone in the room wonders why the Dementors are in Little Whinging… did Voldemort send them?
  • What happens when worlds collide? We share some of our personal experiences.
  • Could the Dementors have actually attacked Harry inside the Dursley’s house?
  • Did a bond form between Petunia and Harry when she proves she understands what Voldemort’s return means?
  • Are we at all sympathetic to Vernon’s desire to kick Harry out of the house after all that has happened? Our patrons weigh in.
  • Connecting the Threads, MVP of the Week and Rename The Chapter return!
  • Quizzitch: What is the make and model of Nymphadora Tonks’ broom?
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