Episode 47: No Conclusions

  • Listener Rebuttals tackle last week’s hot topics.
  • Can the Mirror of Erised reveal where the final Horcruxes are?
  • Much more Mirror of Erised discussion.
  • The Spice Girls make a guest appearance.
  • Dumbledore and Harry’s relationship in Half-Blood Prince is analyzed.
  • Jamie and Ben see each other in the mirror.
  • Moundridge High School doesn’t teach the English language properly.
  • Jo says that the POA film foreshadowed events in the final two books. Like what?
  • MuggleCast interviews Warwick Davis, who plays Flitwick in the Potter films.
  • We learn why his character’s appearance changed so dramatically from COS to POA.
  • Warwick explains how the crowd-surfing Flitwick scene came to be.
  • He tells us about his time on the OOTP set and the new director, David Yates.
  • He’s currently planning a new podcast of his own, titled “Small Talk.”
  • We learn about his filming career, his perspective on films, and much more.
  • British and Australian listeners can rejoice: we have foreign phone numbers now!
  • Jamie’s British Joke of the Day has a sad announcement 🙁

Download Now Running time: 1:23:34, 22.2 MB