Episode #477: Burning ‘Order of the Phoenix’ Questions That Were Never Answered

  • News: The Harry Potter film series is moving to Peacock and leaving HBO Max.
  • Muggle Mail covers Potter People The Podcast and an interesting fan fiction about Voldemort’s return!
  • It’s our Order of the Phoenix Rewind episode, and we’re discussing what fans were thinking post release, as well as the biggest (or weirdest) questions opened by Order of the Phoenix that were never answered in later books!
  • Acceptable. Troll. Exceeds Expectations. Just how good were our 7-Word Summaries during Chapter-by-Chapter? The grades are in!
  • Dumbledore vs. Voldemort. The Lost Prophecy. Harry’s trial. What were our Top 7 Most Critical Moments of Order of the Phoenix?
  • We take a Time Turner back to 2003! What were fans theorizing most about between the Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince book releases?
  • From Peter Pettigrew to Dumbledore’s mysterious absence, what burning questions did Order of the Phoenix and the final two books leave unanswered?
  • Luna Lovegood. Dolores Umbridge. Bellatrix Lestrange. We discuss Order of the Phoenix’s Most Notable New Characters and how they translated on screen!
  • The hosts give their Favorite Moments and Rename The Book
  • Quizzitch: What do Jamie Parker, Jim Dale and Evanna Lynch all have in common (besides Harry Potter)?
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