Episode #488: Your Most Controversial Harry Potter Opinions

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  • We review the brand-new, beautifully illustrated MinaLima edition of Sorcerer’s Stone. How does it compare to the Jim Kay Illustrated Series?
  • We discuss how having worked on the Harry Potter films brings a whole new perspective to this illustrated edition
  • Pop-ups galore: Dumbledore’s watch, Hogsmeade, The Fat Lady Portrait and more!
  • Main Discussion: The Most Controversial Opinions in the Harry Potter series
  • What are the Harry Potter opinions that you think would get you in trouble? That would have people flinging an Unforgivable Curse at you? That would cause Umbridge to write a new decree about you? 
  • Is Hermione a terrible person?
  • Are people who’ve only watched the movies and haven’t read the books “real” fans?
  • Could the chapters that aren’t about Harry be the best parts of the series?
  • Was the attack on The Burrow a good addition to the Half-Blood Prince movie?
  • Were the Marauders,  while intelligent and witty, actually total a**holes?
  • Was Remus Lupin horrible for not writing to Harry in Year 1?
  • Quizzitch: What is Harry wearing during his first dream in Gryffindor Tower?
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