Episode 51: Gryffravenhufflerin

  • Ben is truly dedicated to the show.
  • …but Jamie thinks his recording circumstances are even more dedicated.
  • Listener Rebuttals
  • “Too much music!” cries Andrew.
  • What’s up with Harry’s eyes?
  • Has Lily given Harry some sort of eye barrier?
  • It’s like when a piece of dirt hits your contact lense.
  • “Uhh…Not really,” says Eric.
  • The deal with black and gray eyes mentioned in the books.
  • Who was at Godric’s Hollow the night Lily and James were killed?
  • Will Harry become an auror?
  • A podcasting first: Ben drives and podcasts!
  • Andrew scares a girl at the charity reading.
  • A caller gives us a great theory on Snape being good.
  • We try to do something bold and talk about the latest HP news.
  • Are Lucky Charms REALLY lucky?

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