Episode #511: Listeners Share Funny Harry Potter Plot Holes, and more MuggleMail

  • News: Harry Potter flagship store opening on June 3 in New York City, but not everyone on the panel is into the news.
  • This week’s episode is all MuggleMail!
  • Did Harry’s “I am The Chosen One” line miss its mark with some fans?
  • Listeners share lots of feedback on our Fred and George episode! We even hear from several twins!
  • Should you omit “problematic” parts of the books when reading Harry Potter to your children?
  • Seline from South Australia sparks a spirited discussion about teaching basic reading, writing and arithmetic at Hogwarts!
  • Do the hosts enjoy the books more because the movies omit so much?
  • We examine a secret deleted scene from the Goblet of Fire movie
  • Night Crawler: Wasn’t Harry old enough to crawl or even walk away from the Dursley’s doorstep at the beginning of Sorcerer’s Stone?
  • Everyone seems to want a Harry Potter TV show. Well, what if it’s really bad?
  • Is Ron the glue that holds the trio together?
  • What was Hermione doing on the train ride to Hogwarts while Harry and Ron were in the flying Ford Anglia?
  • Why weren’t students told Voldemort’s real name?
  • We answer a vintage email from August 2007! Did Ron use Helga Hufflepuff’s Cup to gain entrance to the Chamber of Secrets?
  • Quizzitch: What is the mathematical formula for determining the circumference of a circle? Visit MuggleCast.com/Quizzitch to submit your answer!
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