Episode #513: Why is Hufflepuff’s Professor Sprout So Absent From the Harry Potter Series?

  • Welcome Slug Club member, Franzi!
  • Main Discussion: Professor Sprout & Herbology’s Role in the Harry Potter Series
  • To start off, the hosts test their skills in a new game: Potter Plant or… Pokemon?
  • What’s the first word that comes to mind when you think of Professor Sprout?
  • What does Sprout’s name origin tell us about her character?
  • Miriam Margoyles shined in her limited screen time in the Potter films
  • The Chronicles of Sprout and McGonagall are canon – should it be a spin-off series?
  • Laura dishes on some good Sprout fan fictions as we revisit the Splitwick publishing controversy!
  • Does Professor Sprout’s character suffer from lack of representation? How would we rank her in comparison to other heads of house? 
  • Does the connection between Professor Sprout and Hufflepuff house get lost on the reader? Is she not that memorable for the average reader? 
  • Do Sprout (Hufflepuff) and Flitwick (Ravenclaw) suffer from not being focal points of Harry’s story and attention? 
  • Top Sprout Moments in the Potter series include devil’s snare, mandrakes, keeping Hogwarts open and more
  • Sprout, Snape, and Neville:  we discuss Herbology’s role in the series and its relationship to Potions
  • Quizzitch: What is the common name of the family of flowering plants, solenacaeae, which include tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, bell and chili peppers? Visit MuggleCast.com/Quizzitch to submit your answer!
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