Episode #535: Harry Potter Halloween Extravaganza, New ‘Secrets of Dumbledore’ Info Revealed

On this week’s episode, it’s our annual Halloween extravaganza! We invent some of our own wizarding world candy, discuss what treats Potter characters would hand out for Halloween and Potter-ize your favorite Halloween movies! Plus, some new and exciting info about The Secrets of Dumbledore following a test screening in Los Angeles last week!

  • A new behind-the-scenes look at Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore sheds light on where the film will pick up and what countries we will be visiting! But what happened to Rio?
  • We have a small, exciting, and spoiler-free tidbit about The Secrets of Dumbledore from someone who attended a test screening in Los Angeles last week.
  • It’s our annual Halloween episode!
  • Have any of the hosts ever dressed up as Harry Potter characters for Halloween? (Here’s Andrew’s Morning Show appearance as Harry Potter)
  • Laura has a great costume recommendation for Micah this year!
  • We try our hand at inventing Wizarding World candy
  • What kinds of goodies would Snape, Molly, Mad-Eye and McGonagall give trick-or treaters? How about Remus, Sirius, Arabella Figg and Xenophilus Lovegood?
  • Ron as Carrot Top? Dumbledore as a Lemon Drop Martini? We discuss what Potter characters would dress up as for Halloween!
  • Night of the Living Fred! Horcrux Pocus! Who has the best Potter-ized Halloween movie title?
  • Quizzitch: What sweet treat does Professor Flitwick give to Harry after his interview is published in The Quibbler? Submit your answer!
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