Episode #564: Who’s the Threat in ‘Fantastic Beasts 4’ if Grindelwald’s Been Qilinized?

On this week’s episode, Micah and Eric talk about what Fantastic Beasts 4 needs to do in order to keep fans interested in the franchise. Then open our Muggle Mailbag to take feedback on Secrets of Dumbledore. Plus… Alakazam! Can wizards and witches really use spoons to do magic?

  • Main Mini-Discussion: What does Fantastic Beasts 4 need to do in order to be a satisfying story for fans?
  • With where Secrets of Dumbledore left us, what more story is there to tell? 
  • Can the franchise continue to hang its hooks on Potter nostalgia, but then fail to deliver?
  • Do we feel there is enough meat for five Fantastic Beasts films? Could a flashback movie work?
  • It’s time to bust open the Muggle Mailbag!
  • What did Grindelwald know about Dumbledore’s future when he said: “Who’s going to love you now?”
  • Will Jude Law’s Dumbledore ever reenact the Half-Blood Prince potion scene?
  • Is Secrets of Dumbledore too gay?
  • Did Dumbledore plan for Jacob to be an “assassin” all along?
  • Why did Leta choose Theseus? Is Newt to blame?
  • Which characters are the best examples from each Hogwarts House?
  • Can you use spoons to do magic?
  • Quizzitch: In Half-Blood Prince, during the cave scene, what does Dumbledore toast before drinking the potion?
  • On next week’s episode: we’re off for the Memorial Day Holiday, but back the following week with our Secrets of Dumbledore movie commentary!
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