Episode #585: Does the Sorting Hat Divide Students Equally Across Hogwarts Houses? And More MuggleMail

On this week’s episode we dig deep into our MuggleMail bag as listeners weigh in on our latest chapter-by-chapter discussions. One voicemail leads the hosts to take sides in a Harry Potter date debate! Plus, we have fun paging through the beautifully illustrated Order of the Phoenix by Jim Kay.

  • We review the Order of the Phoenix Illustrated Edition. There’s SO much to love in this one!
  • Speaking of books, don’t forget to check out The Magic of MinaLima, which is an exhaustive look at MinaLima’s work for the Harry Potter movies.
  • Voicemails cover magic’s origin, a Harry Potter first date, a Draco-focused Harry Potter TV show and more
  • Several listeners write in about Christmas gifts and Quidditch rules
  • Why doesn’t Hermione use her own wand to stop the troll?
  • Why did Hagrid really go to get Harry from the Dursleys?
  • Should Ron be allowed to have a rat at Hogwarts?
  • Is it the job of the Sorting Hat to equally divide the first year students?
  • One listener presents a strong defense of Petunia Dursley
  • Is the Hogwarts Express super inconvenient for students who already live close to Hogwarts?
  • Troll in the Dungeon:  is Dumbledore sending the Slytherins to their doom?
  • Quizzitch: When McGonagall gives detentions to the trio and Neville in Book 1, she says she’s “never heard of such a thing before.” What is the “thing” to which she is referring?
  • Next week: Chapter-by-Chapter returns with Chapters 15 (The Forbidden Forest) & 16 (Through The Trapdoor) of Sorcerer’s Stone
  • This week’s episode is brought to you by MasterClass ( get 15% off an annual membership at MasterClass.com/MuggleCast).

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