Episode #600: ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ Review: Flying, Combat, Monies, Oh My!

On this week’s episode, we immerse ourselves into the Wizarding World in a completely different way! Our 600th installment welcomes back an old favorite as we review the highly-anticipated Hogwarts Legacy video game! The game has blown us away in a lot of ways, but it’s not without issues.

Please note: We acknowledge the conflict many in the fandom feel about supporting this game and address this at the top of show. For past episodes discussing the author’s position on trans issues please see  Episode 469 and this episode from January 2020. Fans can join us in supporting and volunteering with organizations such as Trans Lifeline, Lambda Legal, The Trevor Project, Transgender Law Center, and the Marsha P Johnson Institute

  • Welcome back, original MuggleCast co-host, Kevin!
  • Main Discussion: Our Hogwarts Legacy Review
  • How far have each of us made it in the game? Are we playing as ourselves? Or did we create an original character?
  • Does the game live up to all of the expectations? What are we most enjoying? What are some of the little things that make us smile?
  • What don’t we like? What’s really grinding our gear slots? And how is Laura making all that coin?
  • Does the plot work for us? Have there been any story moments that we didn’t see coming?!
  • Would we recommend the game to people who don’t usually play video games but want to experience the Wizarding World?
  • Next week:  We’ll catch up on MuggleMail we’ve received over the last couple months, and we’ll wrap up our re-read of Chamber of Secrets!
  • And don’t forget! There’s much more MuggleCast waiting for you on Patreon, including Bonus MuggleCast! On this week’s edition we make good on our Valentine’s Day promise with dirty Harry Potter pick-up lines and a spicy fan-fiction reading! (Please note: this specific bonus segment is not kid-appropriate).
  • As always, we appreciate your support of the show!

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