Episode #624: Where’s the Moonscreen? (POA Chapter 20, The Dementor’s Kiss)

KISSY KISSY! This week, be sure to put on your chapstick because the Dementors are ready to pucker up! Join our hosts as they exit the Whomping Willow and attempt to tackle what awaits them on the Hogwarts grounds.

  • Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Prisoner of Azkaban, Chapter 20: The Dementor’s Kiss
  • 7-Word Summary: Chaos ensues on Hogwarts grounds under moonlight
  • WHAT IF… Peter hadn’t escaped and Sirius’ innocence had been proven? Would Dumbledore have been forced to explain Harry’s blood protection sooner? Would the Ministry have allowed Harry to live with Sirius?
  • Do we think Sirius is mature enough or in the right state of mind to care for Harry?
  • Does it cross Lupin’s mind at all that if the moon comes out, they’re screwed?
  • Why is Pettigrew not completely immobilized?
  • We rate Lupin’s transformation: did the book vs. the movie do it better?
  • Lupin can be controlled by his Animagus friends, but Sirius doesn’t have much luck – is he out of practice?
  • Soooo, Harry and Hermione are totally cool leaving Ron and Snape helpless with a werewolf running around while they go tend to Sirius?
  • Why doesn’t Harry’s thought of living with Sirius work on the Dementors?
  • Connecting The Threads: Harry attempts to save Sirius in both Prisoner of Azkaban and Order of the Phoenix
  • Quizzitch: How old was Sirius Black when he played the trick on Snape with Lupin?
  • Next week: We’re off, but we’ll be releasing our live show from LeakyCon in Chicago!
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