Episode #627: A Normal Friday Night at Hogwarts (POA Chapter 22, Owl Post Again)

This week, we’re closing the book on Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban! Join Andrew, Eric, Micah, Laura and Melissa as they avoid Snape’s wrath, have real talk with Lupin and Dumbledore and finally get permission to go to Hogsmeade. Oh, and be sure to check with your cat that your new pet isn’t secretly a mass murderer!

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  • Chapter-by-Chapter for Prisoner of Azkaban concludes with Chapter 22: Owl Post Again
  • 7-Word Summary: Justice is served by Hermione and Harry
  • Snape claims he knows how Sirius escaped! Does he really KNOW it was Harry & Hermione? How secret is Hermione’s Time-Turner?
  • The hosts (and Fudge) react to Snape’s unhinged behavior
  • Dumbledore The Drama Queen is stoking the flames!
  • Lupin regifts Harry the Marauder’s Map forever connecting him with his father
  • How did Dumbledore manage to convince Fudge that Lupin didn’t aid Sirius?
  • Harry is upset that Pettigrew got away, but Dumbledore tells him his choices made all of the difference. Does this moment feel authentically Dumbledore? Does it make more sense that they gave these lines to Lupin in the movie?
  • By gifting Pigwidgeon to Ron, is Sirius trying to further endear himself to Harry?
  • We analyze the book coming full circle and the balance of power shifting at Privet Drive
  • Prophecies & Animagi – there ARE some things Dumbledore doesn’t know!
  • Could Trelawney be deep-linked to Harry and Voldemort?
  • How did the Marauder’s keep their situation secret from Dumbledore?
  • Odds & Ends cover The Quidditch World Cup, the Grindylow tank, Percy’s Ministry ambitions, Harry sititng by the lake and more!
  • Quizzitch: Who gives Pigwidgeon his name?
  • Next week: We start Goblet of Fire with a special movie commentary track!
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