Episode #634: Analyzing the Representation of Women in Harry Potter

This week’s episode is a very special one, and long overdue: For the first time in our podcast’s history, we have a women-only panel assembled, and they’re discussing the representation of women in Harry Potter!

Laura helms this episode with our social media manager Chloé, and they’re joined by #Millennial’s Pamela Gocobachi and MuggleCast’s latest team member (and Eric’s other half) Meg Scott.

They discuss the demonization of femininity in Harry Potter and the “I’m not like other girls” pandemic, how many of JKR’s most unlikable characters are strongly associated with overtly feminine characteristics, the demonization of feminine interests, and JKR’s issues with the color pink.

Later, the girls talk about how women treat other women in the series (both the positive and negative relationships), and then talk about what chapter they’d like to see from a woman’s perspective, which witch they think they’re most like, who they’d want at a sleepover, and which Wizarding World cosmetic they wish was real.

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