Episode #644: Constant, Never-Ceasing Vigilance (GOF Chapter 14, The Unforgivable Curses)

CONSTANT VIGILANCE! On this week’s episode of MuggleCast, you must be prepared for what awaits outside the walls of Hogwarts! Join us as we level up by learning the Unforgiveable Curses from a Death Eater-in-disguise, try our hand at Divination homework, and debate the rights of House-Elves!

  • News covers: Details about the third Wizarding World land coming to Epic Universe and and some updates to Hogwarts Legacy!
  • Bonus MuggleCast Alert: In May 2023, we spoke about what major ride we can expect in the Epic Universe land. And last month, we shared what we want to see Hogwarts Legacy add to the game. So, be sure to check them out at Patreon.com/MuggleCast!
  • Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Goblet of Fire, Chapter 14: The Unforgiveable Curses
  • 7-Word Summary: Neville reacts in a panic ….
  • Main Discussion #1: Mad-Eye Fakey’s First Lesson
  •  Do the hosts recall ever being so excited for a class because the professor’s reputation preceded them?
  • We compare and constrast Mad-Eye and Umbridge’s first lessons
  • Does REAL Mad-Eye Moody know or suspect the Defense Against The Darks Arts post is cursed? What about Barty Crouch Jr.?
  • Why is Barty Crouch Jr. so invested in teaching students how to recognize and combat dark curses? 
  • Do we think that the real Moody would have been able to cast these curses so seamlessly?
  • Imperio: Was this practical demonstration the best way to drive home the severity of mind control?
  • Crucio: Neville’s  bravery, his parents and Moody’s second attempt to build currency with Harry
  • Only at Hogwarts, would something as dark as the Killing Curse be taught to a class of fourth-years in their first lesson!
  • Main Discussion #2: The Aftermath
  • Do we think Mad-Eye is grooming Neville?
  • What can we learn from Harry and Ron’s Divination homework? The hosts take a crack at predictions for each other!
  • Did the author set Hermione up for success with a name like S.P.E.W.?
  • What does Ron’s reaction to S.P.E.W. say about his upbringing, his character and the wizarding world as a whole?
  • Quizzitch: What are the first two words of Sirius’ second letter back to Harry this year?
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