Episode #656: Rita and Micah’s Hagrid Hot Take (GOF Chapter 24, Rita Skeeter’s Scoop)

This week, open up your copy of The Daily Prophet and settle in for some hot goss as the hosts break down Rita Skeeter’s Scoop on Rebeus Hagrid and his qualifications as a Hogwarts professor! Plus, between Ludo and some goblins and Rita and Hermione, were we moments away from a good ole fashioned pub brawl at The Three Broomsticks? Join us and find out!

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  • We discuss the recent news that all seven Harry Potter audiobooks will be transformed into new full-cast ensemble productions!
  • Chapter-by-Chapter continues with Goblet of Fire, Chapter 24: Rita Skeeter’s Scoop
  • 7-Word Summary: Rita ignites rumors in The Three Broomsticks
  • Do we think Cedric gave Harry a good clue about the egg?
  • Main Discussion #1: Dumbledore’s Giant Mistake
  • Draco Malfoy… the 1950’s cartoon villain?!
  • Why does Hermione fail to grasp certain larger wizarding world dynamics?
  • Micah’s Hot Take: While definitely scathing, Rita’s article about Hagrid is… TRUE!
  • Should Dumbledore sack Hagrid as Care of Magical Creatures professor?
  • Why didn’t Hagrid start as an assistant and receive proper training?
  • How do we feel about the students getting a proper Care of Magical Creatures lesson? 
  • Lupin and Hagrid have drastically different reactions to being outed! Why did Dumbledore accept Lupin’s resignation but not Hagrid’s?
  • Main Discussion #2: A Bagman In The Pub. Why is Ludo really meeting with the goblins? Is he trying to plant a story about his boss with Rita? How concerned should we be about Barty Crouch Sr.’s absence?
  • Should Hermione have been more careful calling out Rita in a crowded pub?
  • Main Discussion #3: Justice for Hagrid. Dumbledore shows up for Hagrid on a whole new level!
  • Do the letters of support Hagrid receives actually support his role as professor?
  • Does Dumbledore’s trust in people and belief in second chances stem from his own family situation and relationship with Grindelwald?
  • Odds and Ends cover Krum practicing for The Second Task, Sleakeazy’s Hair Potion, goblin rebellions and Aberforth’s lust for goats!
  • Next week: We’re busting open the Muggle Mail bag, so send us your feedback!
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