Episode 67: Responsibility

  • Happy Birthday, Jamie! (You’re OLD!)
  • Use extreme caution when playing in bouncy castles.
  • We put faith in our listeners, meaning we don’t double-check their facts.
  • Dementors breeding? Ewwwwww.
  • How much of Draco will we see in OOTP?
  • Jamie chokes, Andrew crashes, and we can’t think of an adequate tale for Ben.
  • A discussion on traitors and innocent characters leads us into some other areas of interest:
  • Is McGonagall a spy?
  • Will Ginny be used as a traitor in book 7?
  • What happens when a Horcrux is destroyed, but a fraction of it resides inside of a host?
  • Could Draco build up enough hatred to AK anyone?
  • Will Micah survive the terrible accident Kevin predicts will befall him?
  • Bill Clinton plays the saxophone?
  • We announce the winner of Andrew’s listener challenge for the month of November!
  • Bloopers.

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