Episode 69: The Beginning of the End

  • HOLY CRAP! Forget about Christmas, there’s a Book 7 title!
  • We discuss what the “Deathly Hallows” could be.
  • Are they the remaining Horcruxes?
  • Does this title encompass the theme of the series as a whole?
  • Is there a connection with the murder of Lily and James on Halloween?
  • Will we see Book 7 in 2007 after all?
  • Micah predicts October 31st. You hear that, Jo?
  • Andrew tries to interpret Jo’s HP dream.
  • Somehow this turns into analyzing life as she writes the final book.
  • We dream of each other.
  • Jamie presents a plethora of puns and jokes.
  • We each discuss what we’ll be doing in the coming week to celebrate the holidays.
  • Have a happy and safe Holiday!

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