Episode 72: Micah’s Yule Ball Plans

  • This week’s show starts off with some very good news about live shows!
  • We announce a very BIG interview.
  • Apparently some of us didn’t see the connection between the hangman game on Jo’s site and the “Deathly Hallows”.
  • Speaking of Deathly Hallows, we have yet more ideas what it might mean!
  • We give everyone at home a short cultural lesson about death and its place in the world.
  • If the title is a reference to Halloween, does this mean spirits will return to earth?
  • Could “Hallows” be the spirits of those Voldemort murdered to create his Horcruxes?
  • Would they be able to help Harry kill Voldemort?
  • Why are Fred and George allowed to use their wands, and Hagrid can’t?
  • Is Scrimgeour evil?
  • British Joke.

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