Episode 78: Dumby One’s Request

  • Jamie is back!
  • Everyone’s favorite Brit clears up his sausage bet.
  • We discuss some new OOTP photos.
  • Check out the picture of the Gandalf LEGO Jamie talkes about right here.
  • Why is LEGO only releasing one OOTP set?
  • Andrew and Jamie’s meet up in England!
  • Character Discussion: Fawkes.
  • Is it important Harry first saw Fawkes on a Burning Day?
  • When Fawkes attacks: the bird shows up at many crucial times in the series.
  • Where was he the night Dumbledore died?
  • The importance of loyalty…we quote dear old Albus.
  • Was Fawkes’ song at the end of Half-Blood Prince a message, a warning or even a rally cry?
  • Is Fawkes Harry’s next pet?
  • Phoenixes choose their owners…let the Pokemon tangent ensue.
  • Why would a wand with Fawkes’ feather choose Voldemort?
  • Will we finally learn what it means that the biggest connection between Harry and Voldemort is Fawkes?
  • Why is Dumbledore so closely tied to a bird symbolic of rebirth?
  • Will Fawkes choose Harry and help save him in the final battle?
  • An interview with Joe Fulton of MillionairePlayboy.com about the latest OOTP toy news.

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