Episode 91: No Limits, No Lives

  • We discuss Jo’s post on spoilers.
  • We share our summer plans.
  • Too much security for Book 7?
  • Rebuttals on the symbol.
  • Main Discussion: Lily’s Secret.
  • The Sorcerer’s Stone was initially in the Potters’ vault.
  • Was Lily an alchemist? An unspeakable?
  • Did she know the prophecy?
  • What did she possess or know that made Voldemort give her the choice to live?
  • Why didn’t she have a wand on her the night they were attacked?
  • What was her connection to Snape?
  • Dueling Club returns.
  • The location of Godric’s Hollow?
  • The Road to Deathly Hallows begins: Will Hogwarts be open?

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