Episode 92: Big Bald Mr. Clean

  • Movie Discussion: New TV spots, Umbridge, and running time.
  • Printing of DH begins in Germany.
  • National Wear Your MuggleCast T-Shirt Day is almost here.
  • June is Global Spread MuggleCast Month.
  • Andrew has a big announcement about his music career.
  • The castle on the UK Children’s edition IS Hogwarts.
  • Does that weird symbol represent the pieces of Voldemort’s soul?
  • Main Discussion: Harry Potter and the Relics of Death.
  • Does this confirm the Deathly Hallows are the Horcruxes?
  • We examine the definition of relic and etymology of Horcrux.
  • Does the destruction of a Horcrux require a personal sacrifice?
  • Laura wonders why Slughorn said it’s a spell, not a curse, that creates a Horcrux.
  • Does the ripping of the soul only happen in an innocent killing?
  • What happens to the piece of the soul if it’s not encased in an object?
  • Double dose of Chicken Soup.

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