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MuggleCast 86 Transcript

Show Intro

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[Intro music begins to play]

Andrew: Because Jamie still continues to be a waste of space for one more week, this is MuggleCast Episode 86 for April 11, 2007.

[Intro music continues to play]

Jamie: Hello, and welcome to MuggleCast Episode 86. This is our live call-in show. It’s the second of our special shows because I am a waste of space, and I missed the train, as you all well know. And before we get to our live call-ins today, I’m joined today by Andrew and Micah. Say hello, guys.

Andrew: Hi.

Micah: Yo.

Jamie: And Kevin – Kevin is supposed to be here but he’ll be joining us soon.


Jamie: Before we start our live calls, we have a few announcements to make. Podcast Alley – please vote for us. You all know the drill by now. Blah, blah, blah, I can’t do this as well as Andrew, but yeah, you should know by now. And Andrew has an announcement as well.

Andrew: Jamie, I just wanted to say that you did excellent on the show.

Jamie: Oh, really? I think that’s very kind of you to say so.

Andrew: When you hosted without me. It was fantastic. Also, I just wanted to point out, as we announced on Episode 85 this past Sunday, we have a brand new website along with our brand new album art. We’ve been getting a lot of good feedback about it and we just want to thank Greg Porter over at If you want a great website design, definitely head over to his site because as you can see from he can do some really fantastic websites. Alright, I think we’re ready to start the calls. Jamie?

Call: U.S. Cover Harry Beckoning Something?

Jamie: Okay then. Let’s go to our first call.

[Sound of phone ringing]

Richard: Hello?

Jamie: Hey.

Richard: Yeah. Hey, listen, I just have a theory about the cover art.

Andrew: Wait, first of all, say what’s your name and where you’re from.

Jamie: And where you come from. And also, one question before you start. Do you watch “Prison Break”?

Richard: No. [laughs]

Andrew: Aww. [laughs]

Jamie: Oh. Well, you should. [laughs] Okay, then go ahead.

Richard: I’m Richard and I’m from New York, New York. And I just have a theory about the Death Hallows American cover. And my theory is, instead of Harry being happy about the thing that’s coming down from the heavens, he’s actually beckoning toward it because he wants it to destroy himself and the Horcrux, therefore effectively destroying himself, Voldemort, and the Horcrux so that way he can kill him.

Jamie: What do you think it could be, this thing?

Richard: I’m not sure, but it’s just a theory so I’m still working the kinks out of it.

Andrew: [laughs] What are some of the kinks? Are there any? I think that’s a pretty good idea.

Jamie: Well, it’s interesting because everyone so far has been thinking that he’s looking towards the sky for something to bring down, but go ahead.

Richard: Yeah. It also sort of explains the orange sky like it could be something reminiscent of doomsday.

Andrew: Hm.

Jamie: Very interesting.

Andrew: That’s not a bad idea.

Jamie: Thank you very much.

Andrew: I don’t know though. Hold on. Wait a second before we wrap that up. I don’t know if Harry would sacrifice himself though.

Jamie: Oh, well, that’s not that…

Andrew: I think if Harry’s going to die it’s going to be by accident.

Richard: Well, you’re you.

Andrew: Well, I am me. [laughs]

[Micah laughs]

Jamie: That’s a whole other story, though.

Micah: Yeah, it really, really is.

Jamie: He’s going to sacrifice himself.

Micah: No, but Andrew, you and I were talking about this earlier in the week, and somebody else had proposed a theory that was similar to what he’s saying. And that is, Voldemort seems to be backing away from what’s going on, whereas Harry is sort of more so beckoning it. So is this possible that this is the final confrontation in the book and both of them going to die, it’s just Harry is more accepting of it?

Andrew: Yeah.

Richard: Also, just a quick note, there seems to be wooden planks on the ground, so it could be that wood is falling from the sky. [laughs]

[Andrew laughs]

Jamie: Well, I mentioned this in a previous show. They look very broken up, sort of like Harry’s destroyed something, or perhaps the thing in the sky is a result of it being destroyed.

Richard: Well, maybe Voldemort destroyed it.

Jamie: Yeah, or perhaps Voldemort did. I don’t know. Interesting theory though.

Andrew: Whatever’s going on, it’s very messy.

[Richard laughs]

Jamie: It is very messy. Okay, thank you very much for your call.

Richard: Thank you.

Andrew: Thank you, Richard.

Jamie: Bye, bye.

Micah: Thanks.

Call: Final Battle At The Coliseum

[Sound of phone ringing]

Jamie: Hello, caller, you need to state your name, where you come from and your theory, please.

Peter: Hi, this is Peter Pickles and I’m from Saint Louis.

Andrew: Peter Pi – is that your real name? Peter Pickles?

Jamie: Yeah, I was going to say, is that your real name?

Peter: No, it’s just my name online.

Andrew: Is your – is Peter real?

Peter: Yeah.

Andrew: Oh, okay. [laughs]

Jamie: Interesting choice of name. What’s your theory?

Peter: To me, it looks like they’re in the Coliseum in the background.

Andrew: Coliseum.

Jamie: What? Like the Roman Coliseum?

Peter: Yes. Yeah.

Jamie: Oh, so Jo’s sort of introducing history and Rome into her books?

Peter: Yes.

Jamie: That’s pretty interesting, I like that. What, they’re sort of in the Ministry of Magic and they apparate to the Coliseum and have the final battle there?

[Andrew laughs]

Jamie: I’d like that. I’d like that.

Peter: It’s certainly possible.

Jamie: It is definitely possible, and it would make a very interesting ending. Andrew?

Andrew: Wait. Do you think Jo would really put a real world landmark into the books?

Jamie: I don’t know. Well, wouldn’t it show that both worlds are completely intertwined and you can’t have something affecting one thing if it doesn’t affect the other. And you could have a huge crowd there as well, and right at the end, the emperor could do like a thumbs up or a thumbs down on whether Voldemort should live or die.

[Andrew and Peter laugh]

Jamie: So, I love that theory. Thank you very much.

Andrew: Do you really?

Micah: Do you get lions? Do the lions come into play at all?

Jamie: Yes, exactly. The lions could be there, and they tie Voldemort to a stake, and he’d come in and they’d tell his crimes against Rome and how he’d insulted the emperor’s wife and mother and then the lions would be set loose and he’d be gone.

Peter: Or maybe the lions retrieved the Horcrux.

Jamie: Or perhaps they did, and then they ate it.

Andrew: [laughs] And afterwards, Harry’s just like “I guess might as well go say ‘Hi,’ to the Pope, since I’m here.”

Jamie: Yeah. Well, exactly. Yeah. Alright, thank you very much, Peter. Bye, bye.

Peter: Bye.

Andrew: Thanks, Peter.

Call: The Hanging Man

[Sound of phone ringing]

Jamie: Hi, can you state your name, where you’re from and your theory please?

Kyle: My name is Kyle, from Gibbsboro, New Jersey.

Andrew: New Jersey? Aw, man.

Jamie: Close to you, Andrew? I wonder why you picked this one.

Andrew: Yeah. Exactly.

Jamie: Can I just ask, before you state your theory, can I ask you a very important question? Do you watch “Prison Break”?

Kyle: Uh, no.

Jamie: Okay well, you should.

Kyle: Okay.

Jamie: That’s all I’ll say on this.

[Andrew laughs]

Jamie: Go on. What’s your theory, please?

Kyle: Well, what I want to say really quick is great show. Andrew, I live like 15 minutes away from you.

Andrew: Not going to lie, I’m a little freaked out by that.

[Kyle laughs]

Andrew: Just kidding. [laughs]

[Jamie laughs]

Kyle: And…

Jamie: Wait, is that your theory? That you live 15 minutes away from Andrew, or is that true?

Kyle: No, that’s true. Here’s my theory: I was re-reading Harry Potter 4, Goblet of Fire, the other day, and on page two – I think it is – they’re in the bar and talking about the caretaker of the Riddles’ house and that he murdered them. And the bar’s name is called the “Hanging Man.”

Jamie: It is, it is.

Kyle: And Deathly Hallows is supposed to be about the hang man or something like that.

Jamie: It is. This is very interesting idea. People have talked about that, I think, and how it sort of like – that relates to the title, as you say. And whether we are going to see anything else happen in that pub, or if it’s going to be a central location in Book 7, but I don’t know. Micah?

Micah: Yeah, I think all the shows that we did, that’s a great reference. We tried to catch as many as we possibly could throughout the series referencing the Hang Man. So I think it’s a good catch, and people are probably going to find more and more things as they re-read the books.

Jamie: Kyle, do you think there is going to be action in the Hang Man in Book 7?

Kyle: I don’t know, I hope so. I think Harry is going to have to go back probably to the Riddles’ house because I think that maybe there’s a Horcrux there because he murdered his parents that day. So, possibly.

Andrew: Good point.

“The Office” And U2

Jamie: That’s pretty interesting, but going back to the “Prison Break” thing, sorry. What TV series do you watch?

[Andrew laughs]

Kyle: My favorite is “Office” and “Heroes.”

Andrew: Oh, I’m an “Office” fan, too.

Jamie: Do you watch the American “Office,” though, or the British one?

Kyle: I watch the American “Office,” but I’ve also seen clips of the U.K. one, and it’s pretty funny.

Jamie: I’m a kind of, you know, original British “Office” person. I don’t think the American one…

Andrew: Oh, it’s hilarious.

Jamie: …owns up to it.

Andrew: Steve Carell, man, am I right, Kyle? Steve Carell?

Kyle: Definitely. Did you watch it last night, Andrew?

Andrew: No, I haven’t seen it in so long. Was it new?

Kyle: Yeah. Dwight says…

Andrew: Oh. Don’t ruin it for me! I got to watch it. [laughs] Okay, what does he say, what does he say? Tell me.

Kyle: At the end, he says, “I’m not a hero. The person who’s a hero is Hero Nakamura from ‘Heroes.'”

[Andrew laughs]

Kyle: And then he also goes…

Jamie: Nice.

Kyle: …And Bono.

Andrew: Does he really? Oh man. He wins in my book.

Kyle: Yeah, and…

Jamie: Isn’t he the guy from Bruce Almighty?

Kyle: U2…

Andrew: No. U2, what?

Kyle: …Is like my favorite band. Me and my two friends last night had a sleepover and all week my friend brought over the Elevation Tour on DVD.

Andrew: Awesome.

Kyle: And all we did for three hours was watch that over and over.

Andrew: Hey, man. I’m only 15 minutes away. Give me a call next time you’re watching the U2 DVD. I’ll be there.

Jamie: Yeah, you can have a kind of party.

Andrew: Yeah. [laughs]

Jamie: In New Jersey. Light the town up.

Andrew: [laughs] Yeah. Alright, Kyle.

Jamie: Thank you very much, Kyle. See you later.

Kyle: Thank you, guys. Bye.

Call: Reaching For A Horcrux?

[Sound of phone ringing]

Jamie: Hey, can you state your name, where you come from and your theory please?

Chloe: My name is Chloe, I’m from New Jersey and my theory is that maybe, possibly that the cover art is not the final battle between him and Voldemort, but maybe Voldemort finds out about his search for the Horcruxes and that they are both reaching for the Horcrux and that possibly…

Jamie: Oh, so you mean that Voldemort is trying to save it before Harry can get to it.

Chloe: Yeah.

Jamie: Micah? What do you think about that?

Micah: I don’t know. I mean, I think when you look at Voldemort that he’s sort of falling back a little bit. And I don’t know if he was trying to stop Harry from getting whatever that is that he’d be falling back. He’d be a little bit more aggressive. Whereas Harry has his palm open for it, almost welcoming whatever it is. So, I think whatever that is that he’s reaching for, Voldemort’s afraid of it, more than anything else.

Andrew: Yeah.

Cover: The Building

Jamie: Chloe, Chloe, what do you think that building is? Because we’ve just had a call that talks about that it could be the Coliseum from Rome because it looks like it. What do you think that building is? Where do you think they are?

Chloe: I was pretty convinced that it might be part of the Ministry of Magic that we haven’t introduced to yet.

Andrew: Yeah.

Jamie: And what do you think the shadows are around the edge? Because didn’t Scholastic say that they were definitely figures; shadows of people? Do you think that they are people who Voldemort just killed, or a kind of Priori Incantatem thing where they’ve come back to watch Harry take a Horcrux or something like that?

Chloe: I actually thought that it might be Death Eaters and other followers.

Jamie: Yeah. That’s pretty interesting.

Micah: Well, what do you think, Chloe, about them being the Deathly Hallows? The spirits of those that Voldemort has killed? They’re sort of watching what’s going on.

Chloe: Yeah, I think it’s, for me, definitely one or the other.

Micah: Yeah.

Jamie: I agree.

Micah: What…

Jamie: I agree.

Micah: Sorry.

Jamie: No, go on.

Micah: I was going to say everyone has all these theories about it being the Ministry, but what if it’s Hogwarts? We have stone on the ground; we have wood on the ground. Perhaps wooden doors…

Andrew: Well, we thought about the Coliseum before, unless they’re going to build on by Book 7.

Jamie: Well, yeah. They could well do that.

Andrew: We’ve pretty much seen all of Hogwarts now, haven’t we? There’s no place that we haven’t been to.

Jamie: No, that’s very good. Can we just take this moment to intro Kevin, who was supposed to be here on time, but thanks to Windows Vista, which he now uses, he’s about 10 minutes late.

[Andrew laughs]

Jamie: Hey, Kevin.

Kevin: Hello. How’s it going?

Jamie: Very well. Very well, Andrew…

Andrew: We’re speaking with Chloe.

Jamie: Yeah, we are speaking with Chloe here. Okay, thank you very much, Chloe. See you later.

Chloe: Thanks. Bye.

Call: The Full Moon

[Sounds of phone ringing]

Abby: Hi, MuggleCast.

Jamie: Hi. Please state your name, where you’re from and your theory please?

Abby: I’m Abby, 13, from North Carolina.

Andrew: Hi, Abby!

Abby: Hi!

Jamie: Hey, how’re you doing?

Abby: I’m good.

Kevin: Hi, Abby.

Andrew: How’s the weather in Arizona? What was it?

Abby: North Carolina.

Jamie: North Carolina.

Micah: North Carolina.

Jamie: Pretty easy to confuse them, Andrew.

Andrew: Oh, North Carolina! [laughs]

Kevin: Yeah.

Andrew: [laughs] Sorry, Skype broke up. It was a little…

Jamie: Abby, can I just ask you one question before you state your theory?

Abby: Yeah, go ahead.

Jamie: I was wondering, do you watch “Prison Break” by any chance?

Abby: I do not.

Jamie: Every person who phoned up has said that they don’t. I think it’s a travesty. You should. Really. It’s so good. It’s unbelievable.

Abby: I’ll keep that in mind.

Andrew: One other thing…

Jamie: You should. You really should.

Andrew: I’m going to be driving to South Carolina tomorrow. So, when I pass through North Carolina, I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for you.

Jamie: Yeah.

Abby: Okay.

[Andrew laughs]

Jamie: Because it’s a very small place. You’ll probably see her. I can guarantee it.

[Kevin laughs]

Andrew: Not that you’d know, Jamie.

Jamie: No.

Andrew: I have a map to prove it.

Jamie: That’s very true.

[Abby and Jamie laugh]

Kevin: What are you going to do when you go through Arizona?

Andrew: [laughs] I said North Carolina.

Jamie: Keep driving, probably.

[Andrew and Kevin laugh]

Andrew: Yeah.

Jamie: What’s your theory, Abby?

Abby: Well, I was going to talk about the full moon on the back of the British children’s edition of the cover.

Andrew: Ooh.

Jamie: Yeah.

Abby: And you guys talked about this for a little while in Episode 83, but you never really mentioned the moon. And full moons are often associated with insanity and insomnia as well as magic.

Jamie: Yeah.

Abby: So, I think this could be a symbol of the final battle ending in, like, a whole mess of just magic and things. But the castle is icy, as you said, but I think it’s Hogwarts.

Jamie: Oh, really?

Abby: Yeah. I thought that it might have something to do with all the magical stuff going on in it. And that it might show that it’s, like closing down. The final battle takes place there.

Jamie: Why do you think the castle is silvery? That it’s due to the moon, or…

Abby: I don’t really know. I think it just might have something to do with all the magic that’s going on with it.

Andrew: Hmm.

Jamie: And you’re sure that it’s not Aladdin’s Palace?

[Abby and Andrew laugh]

Jamie: From Aladdin? Because I’m 110 percent sure it is. Honestly.

Abby: Well, as much as I would love to think that Disney would meet Harry Potter, I think it’s Hogwarts.

Jamie: They have – No, no, no, no, they have really. They signed a deal. Warner Brothers and Disney have signed this huge multi-million pound deal.

[Abby and Andrew laugh]

Jamie: And they’re fusing the two together. Isn’t that right, Micah?

Micah: Umm.

Jamie: Yes. I’m glad you agree.

[Everyone laughs]

Micah: I agree. Sure.

Andrew: You didn’t pick that up in the News Center, Micah?

Jamie: Yeah.

Micah: No, no, I didn’t catch that story.

Jamie: Oh, that’s bad. You’re fired then.

Micah: Okay.

Jamie: If you can’t even work that out. What did you think about that theory then? The moon?

Abby: Well, I also just wanted to say that, by the US edition, it kind of shows that the – or well, that I think that the final battle will take place in the Death Chamber in the Ministry. And I was just wondering whether you guys had any ideas why they would show separate places on the covers.

Jamie: Andrew?

Andrew: Oh. I don’t know. For the covers, you mean? Like, why they’re both set on different, you know…

Abby: Yeah.

Andrew: Well, I really think it’s just up to the illustrator to decide what they want to do. I know Mary GrandPre reads the whole book, so I assume the UK illustrator does too.

Jamie: Well, I think they change them. The illustrators. I don’t think it’s the same person who does it.

Andrew: No, but it’s still definitely Mary GrandPre.

Jamie: Oh, what, for the US?

Andrew: Yeah.

Jamie: Oh, yeah. Yeah, definitely. Well, I think it’s just a creative license. You know, they draw what they feel personally what is the best illustration for the book. I mean, I’m sure they put it through Jo, but I guess it’s just a creative license type thing. Kevin?

Kevin: Well, I was just going to say that, going back to the full moon, it’s interesting that she – he or she, I’m not sure who illustrates the UK cover, decides…

Andrew: I’m pretty sure it was a dude.

Kevin: Was it?

Andrew: Sorry. Go ahead.

Kevin: Well, just the fact that they put a full moon on the cover has some implications as to what we can expect from the seventh book. I mean, it’s not an arbitrary choice, so you…

Jamie: No, it’s not.

Kevin: Wouldn’t expect that a full moon would come up. And with a full moon you’d know of, you know, werewolves and Lupin and, you know, all the implications behind that.

Jamie: Well, that’s exactly what I thought. I thought it was the, you know, whole werewolf reference. It’s obviously a huge full moon. Slap. Bang on the back of the cover, you know. I assumed that either Lupin would figure or Greyback would figure pretty heavily.

Kevin: Yeah, that’s what I thought of when I saw it.

Jamie: I don’t know. Micah?

Micah: Well, what was I going to say? I think what’s interesting is that…

Jamie: Only you know that.

Micah: [laughs] No. Yes, that’s very true. I think the British illustrator actually, for the children’s edition, is told what to draw. Not necessarily reads the book. At least that’s what I remember.

Jamie: Really?

Micah: Yeah. So, that’s kind of interesting. With the full moon, again, I agree with what you guys were saying as far as Lupin, werewolves, that sort. But what’s interesting to me about this is that the castle looks very calm.

Andrew: It does.

Micah: It’s very relaxed. Whereas everything around it looks like it’s in complete disarray and destruction.

Jamie: Yeah.

Micah: If you look at the tree, everything seems to be off of it. There’s smoke or clouds rising in the distance. You don’t really have any look at the Forbidden Forest. At all.

Jamie: But, Abby, do you think that sort of calmness isn’t really calmness, but is more hostility and problems within Hogwarts? Or do you think it is calm over the castle?

Abby: I think does kind of show calm a little bit. But if you actually look behind it, there’s some clouds. And there’s kind of a face in one of the clouds. I don’t know whether that’s just – it looks like – I don’t know, you kind of see a face and two teeth. I don’t know if that’s just me imagining things, but…

[Jamie laughs]

Abby: And you also see a tree which I think might be the Whomping Willow. So, I don’t know whether that could resemble a return of the Marauders, because…

Jamie: That’s interesting. Yeah.

Abby: Because they used that.

Jamie: Well, do you know, isn’t Prongs on the cover as well?

Abby: Yeah, he’s on the inside flap.

Jamie: Well, that’s very interesting.

Kevin: I was going to say that it looks like a large amount of trees. And the first thing I thought of when I saw it was the Forbidden Forest that had been destroyed but was being, you know, covered by smoke or some cloud of some sort.

Jamie: Yeah.

Kevin: Like sort of the battle right on their doorstep.

Micah: I mean, could it be the oncoming, the ensuing battle? The clouds rolling towards Hogwarts.

Kevin: Right.

Abby: Yeah, the calm before the storm.

Micah: Right.

Kevin: And I also saw what you mean by the face in the clouds. It looks like they meant to put, like wispy faces in the cloud. I don’t know if they did.

Jamie: Yeah.

Abby: Yeah, like the spirits returning.

Kevin: Right.

Jamie: I think that’s pretty right. But that reminds me of – I don’t know why or how I remembered this. But I saw some photos of the Twin Towers after September the 11th. And there was a conspiracy theory that you could see the face of the devil in them.

Kevin: The face, yeah.

Jamie: I saw these photos and I thought they looked pretty real, but I didn’t know if they’d been doctored or if they were the real thing or if my mind was just being, you know.

Andrew: Everyone sees something different in clouds, I believe. So.

Jamie: That’s true.

Andrew: I mean, you know, it all depends on how kinked your neck is when you’re looking at it.

Jamie: That’s true.

Micah: Andrew saw Flipper.

Andrew: [laughs] Yeah. We got some other callers to get to. But thanks, Abby, for calling.

Jamie: Thanks. Abby. See you later.

Kevin: Thanks, Abby.

Abby: Alright, bye.

Micah: Bye.

Andrew: Bye.

Call: Book Title Trends

[Sound of phone ringing]

Jamie: Do you think you could state your name, where you come from, and your theory, please?

Lena: Yeah. My name is Lena. I’m from Silver Spring, Maryland, sixteen years old.

Andrew: Everyone is on the east coast today. It’s awesome.

Jamie: Yeah, it’s true. Although we’ve had somebody from – oh no, wait. North Carolina is on the east coast, isn’t it?

Andrew: [laughs] Yes, it is.

Jamie: I was thinking of a Californian. Lena, before you give us your theory, could I just ask you one quick question?

Lena: Sure.

Jamie: I was wondering, do you – Do you know who Michael Scofield is?

Lena: No. [laughs]

Jamie: Oh, okay.

[Andrew laughs]

Jamie; Because, you see, the question I’ve been asking everyone is, “Do you watch ‘Prison Break’?” And he’s a character from “Prison Break,” but everyone hasn’t heard of him and no one watches “Prison Break.” It’s very, very depressing. I think you should start, definitely. Trust me.

Lena: Is that the name of the actor or, like, the character on the show?

Jamie: That’s the character.

Lena: Oh.

Jamie: He’s played by Wentworth Miller. You should definitely watch. Promise me. Please, please.

[Everyone laughs]

Lena: I’ll try.

Jamie: It will make my year. It will make my year if you do. Please. Okay, go on. What’s your theory?

Andrew: That is hilarious.

Lena: Not really a theory, but I was thinking about how all of the other books were titled. And it seems to be something tangible each time. Like the Sorcerer’s Stone, and even like, the Half-Blood Prince is a person.

Jamie: Yeah.

Lena: So, I think that the Deathly Hallows is going to be something very specific.

Jamie: Yeah.

Lena: Like, people think it’s like, I don’t know, the final battle and whatnot. But I feel it’s going to be a place, or, yeah. Do you know what I’m saying?

Jamie: Well…

Kevin: Yeah, I totally agree, yeah.

Jamie: We talked about this a while ago, and we said that, as you say, you know, the Philosopher’s Stone was a specific thing, Chamber of Secrets a specific thing, Prisoner of Azkaban a person, Goblet of Fire an object…

Lena: Well, yeah.

Jamie: Order of the Phoenix a group. But then Deathly Hallows just seems like, at the moment it could mean anything, but…

Lena: It could be anything, but I don’t think that Jo would deteriorate from the kind of…

Jamie: The theme, yeah.

Lena: Yeah, which she’s already set up.

Jamie: Well, I mean. But, when you first heard Half-Blood Prince you knew it was either a prince that was half-blood or the prince of the half-bloods. But with this book it just seems that there is so much that it could be. I mean, I agree with you, it is probably going to be something specific. But right now, do you think she just wants to build up the mysticism by sort of, you know, not telling everyone exactly what it is? Or…

Andrew: I think that’s exactly it. Because, I mean…

Lena: I don’t know.

Andrew: We are going to be so short on details about this book that if she keeps it open with this title then we’re going to have much more to speculate about. Because I really don’t think, like, the summary in the – we talked about this last week. The summary inside the flap of the book, it’s very broad. It doesn’t really name anything new in Book 7. It just says that Harry has got to fight this final battle, you know…

Jamie: Exactly, yeah.

Andrew: …and he’s all on his own. And just the whole – so by making the title very broad, very, there’s much to speculate about, you know, it sort of makes up for it I guess. If that makes sense.

Lena: That is true. I do know, though, that we will be very sure what it is. At least we always find out what it is. It’s not going to be like this, you know, we’re going to finish reading the book and then we’re going to go, “Wait, what was the Deathly Hallows?” [laughs] We are going to find out what exactly it is.

Kevin: Yeah, it’s going to be more tangible and less a theme of the book.

Jamie: Yeah.

Kevin: Is what you’re saying.

Lena: Mhm. Yeah.

Kevin: Yeah, I agree. I definitely agree.

Andrew: It seems as if the locket is going to be the theme of the book based on…

Kevin: Yeah. [laughs]

Andrew: …where we’re seeing it. I mean, it’s on the main cover.

Kevin: Everywhere, yeah.

Andrew: Yeah. It’s – I don’t know. I wanted something big and new [laughs] to be the theme of the book.

Jamie: I wanted that too.

Kevin: Yeah, but for all we know they’re putting the locket on there just to put a piece of the old books in the new book just to catch your interest. You know?

Micah: Very true.

Kevin: Just to, yeah. It’s sort of like, you know, twenty years down the line for someone newly reading the books. You know, seeing the locket may spark some interest in them, so. I just think…

Jamie: I think so.

Micah: Lena, what do you think…

Kevin: I don’t think…

Micah: …the Deathly Hallows are?

Lena: Well, I was recently re-reading Order of the Phoenix, and I came across an interesting line – and I’m going to misquote this – but, Ron said something like [laughs] maybe Sirius’ brother – oh, what was it? Something like, maybe – they were talking about the weapon. They kept saying, you know, the weapon. The weapon was a big theme in Order of the Phoenix.

Jamie: Yeah.

Lena: And they said maybe Sirius’s brother knew something about the weapon…

Jamie: Yeah.

Lena: …and he told Sirius. And I thought that was kind of interesting because, you know, everyone thinks that the locket’s in Number 12 Grimmauld Place.

Jamie: Yeah.

Lena: So, if Sirius was, I don’t know, there for the Order meetings I just – I just found that quote really interesting. Because maybe Sirius did know something that he didn’t tell Harry.

Jamie: I think that’s interesting. Especially because, you know, R.A.B. is clearly, you know, an important character in it. Not least because he’s got the Horcrux. But there has to be more to him, you know. Because, that note, she clearly meant to show everyone that note. So, I agree. I think. And Sirius as well. I have the – Laura completely disagrees with me on this – but I don’t think Sirius has completely, you know, used up his role, so.

Andrew: Yeah.

Jamie: I’d like to think that he can talk to us from beyond the grave, or, you know…

Lena: Well, I feel like we’re going to find more about the past, about James and Lily and Snape and Sirius in the past because I feel that it is very important. And we need to find out about the moment when James saved Snape’s life. And I think Sirius might be involved with that.

Jamie: That’s pretty cool. Yeah.

Andrew: Probably, yeah.

Jamie: I like that.

Andrew: So, do you think we’re just going to see him in a flashback sort of thing, or…

Lena: That’s the problem. Either – I don’t think we can use a Pensieve again, just because we already saw Snape’s worst memory that way.

Andrew: Yeah.

Lena: And Dumbledore wouldn’t be keeping, you know, Snape’s memories in his office.

Andrew: Right.

Lena: So, I think that Harry is going to use time travel.

Andrew: Hmmm.

Lena: I know, that theory is kind of common that he is going to go back and stuff.

[Andrew laughs]

Lena: [laughs] But there’s not many other ways for us to find out.

Andrew: Yeah.

Kevin: Well, I would say a flashback. I mean, I’m one of those people who think that a lot of these characters, including Dumbledore and Sirius, left a trail of bread crumbs. In the sense that they…

Andrew: [laughs] What kind of bread?

Kevin: Well. [laughs] Well, in the…

[Jamie and Lena laugh]

Kevin: …sense that they knew that they were in grave danger, and they knew that that there was a high possibility that they were actually going to end up dead. And I just don’t see them not leaving something behind to help the people they love.

Jamie: I agree, yeah.

Kevin: And I think that may contribute to the overall flashback thing because something can be explained in a letter that Sirius hid for Harry, or a memory that Dumbledore left in a Pensieve only for Harry and stuff like that.

Andrew: Alright, well, Lena – it’s Lena, right?

Lena: Yeah.

Andrew: Thank you for calling. We’ve got some other people to get to now, so we’re going to let you go.

Lena: Yeah. Thank you!

Andrew: Thanks for calling. Bye bye!

Jamie: Thank you.

Andrew: Pickles!

Call: Beyond The Veil

[Sound of phone ringing]

Andrew: [in a fake accent] Hello, Dunkin’ Donuts!

Johnny: Hey, Andrew. This is Johnny, 13, from Boston, Mass., and I heard that you guys were doing a theory submission?

Jamie: Hey, Johnny.

Andrew: [in a fake accent] I’m sorry, we only sell – ah, I screwed it up. Alright.

Jamie: Alright, it worked pretty well. Johnny, before you get to your theory, can I just ask you a question quickly?

Johnny: Yes.

Jamie: Okay, do you know who Michael Scofield is?

Johnny: I do, actually. Yes.

Jamie: You do!

[Andrew laughs]

Jamie: You do, excellent. Excellent. Who is he? Just to prove it.

Johnny: Scanfield?

Jamie: He’s what, sorry?

Johnny: Scanfield, you said?

Jamie: No, Scofield. Michael Scofield.

Johnny: Scofield. Oh, the…

Jamie: Do I hear Google?

[Andrew laughs]

Johnny: No. The “Prison Break” guy.

Jamie: Yeah, the “Prison Break” guy.

Johnny: The main character – or the brother.

Jamie: Yeah, yeah, yeah. The main guy. Do you watch “Prison Break”?

Johnny: No, but I’ve heard of it.

Jamie: Oh, okay. Awesome, awesome. You’re the best guy so far. I’ve been asking every single person if they watch “Prison Break.” I’ve just finished watching the second season and it’s so good, so now I have to find out who else watches it, but you’re the first guy who’s heard of it, so well done.

Johnny: I don’t want to spoil anything for you.

Andrew: So, you’ve seen a couple?

Johnny: I’ve seen some of it, yeah.

Andrew: Oh, okay.

Jamie: Oh, that’s cool. Okay then.

Andrew: So, what’s your theory, Johnny?

Johnny: Well, about the cover, it’s – I think that the stadium or coliseum in the background is actually what is behind the veil or where the veil leads to, and it’s where Voldemort and Harry are going to have their final showdown.

Andrew: Hm.

Jamie: Well, you know, it’s extremely interesting that you call it the coliseum because we had a caller before that actually said he thinks it is the Roman coliseum, and that they’re going to have a battle there. Do you think it’s a real life place? Or is it just something beyond the veil.

Johnny: Well, as real as it could be. I mean, it’s – I don’t think it’s a place in London or anything. I think it’s more fictional, more kind of not reality. It’s more behind the veil. I think that’s where Harry is going to meet up with the…

Jamie: That’s actually a pretty good theory, I think, because the veil has been built up so much, there has to be something dramatic happening with it. What do you think they’re reaching up for? Because we also had a caller who said that the thing that Harry’s reaching for – it looks like he wants to get it, but they think it could be a Horcrux that both Harry and Voldemort are reaching for. Voldemort wants to take it so Harry can’t get it, and Harry obviously wants to take it first so he can destroy it. What do you think about that?

Slytherin’s Locket

Johnny: I think that’s a pretty good idea, since the British version – since the British cover art is the Slytherin locket, and that could be the Horcrux they’re reaching for.

Jamie: That’s very interesting.

Andrew: But isn’t that what is hanging on Harry’s neck?

Micah: That’s what I thought.

Johnny: I thought it was his iPod when he’s listening to MuggleCast that’s hanging on his neck.

[Andrew laughs]

Jamie: It is, it is.

Andrew: Alright, fine. [laughs] No, but seriously. You think it’s a locket, don’t you?

[Jamie laughs]

Andrew: I think it’s a locket because it seems to be such a central part of the book now.

Jamie: I think it probably is, but why – obviously, it can’t be a Horcrux, then, because why would he wear it? Bringing a Horcrux to Voldemort, you know?

Andrew: Oh, that’s a good point.

Jamie: He must have destroyed it, and now he just keeps a photo of Ginny in there or something.

[Andrew and Johnny laugh]

Andrew: Maybe it really is an iPod.

Jamie: It could be. Micah?

Is Harry Reaching For Something?

Micah: I was going to ask Johnny because we talked about this earlier with a couple of callers; sort of the hand motions where Harry seems to have his hand open welcoming or trying to draw to him something, where Voldemort seems to be sort of having his hand pushing whatever it is away. I wanted to know what you thought about that.

Johnny: Well, it could just be Mary – the artist is trying to – he kind of just could be reaching up just for the sake of it. He might not actually be – I don’t know, I don’t think that he’s – Actually, well, I don’t think he’s actually reaching for anything, no.

Andrew: Mhm.

Johnny: And do we know that definitely is Voldemort? The snake in the robe? I don’t know who else it would be.

Andrew: Oh, absolutely. Wouldn’t that be terrible if it wasn’t really Voldemort?

Jamie: It’s Sirius. He’s been deformed from being behind the veil so he puts that cloak on.

Andrew: [laughs] Yeah.

Johnny: And I know you guys probably talked about this, but isn’t the British children’s Deathly Hallows just terrible?

Andrew: Well, you mean the cover?

Jamie: Oh, the cover?

Johnny: Yeah.

Jamie: You didn’t like it?

Andrew: Have you listened to our discussion on the show?

Johnny: I have, but that’s why I know you don’t like it.

Micah: Which one, the children’s?

Johnny: Yes.

Andrew: I was a bit taken aback. I was like, “Wait, why is it so colorful?”

Jamie: It’s very fairytale-ish.

Andrew: Yeah, exactly.

Jamie: It is very fairytale-ish. I think that’s kind of the theme of the children’s Harry Potter ones. I mean, Philosopher’s Stone had the train, Chamber of Secrets – I shouldn’t have said that because I can’t remember what Chamber of Secrets was.

[Andrew laughs]

Jamie: All of them were pretty fairytale-ish. I think it’s just – I just like it because there’s treasure, and, you know, I know not all treasure is gold and everything, but I don’t know. I see what you mean, though. I can understand why people wouldn’t like it because of how serious the book is.

Johnny: Do you guys think that that has to do with Deathly Hallows? The treasure?

Jamie: I don’t know. Kevin?

Kevin: Oh, the – I don’t think so. I think that it may come up in the sense of the location that they’re fighting in or a location they’re brought to, but I don’t think it’s directly involved in the title of the book.

Andrew: I’m very intrigued by all this treasure because we’ve never seen so much treasure in the books before, except for going to Gringotts.

Johnny: Is that Harry’s vault, do you think?

Andrew: Well, do you have a quick theory about that? Do you have any ideas? It could be Harry’s vault. I mean – well, I don’t think it can be Harry’s vault because there’s all that armor too.

Jamie: Yeah.

Kevin: Yeah, see, that’s what I didn’t understand. They were pretty deliberate about showing a false suit of armor.

Jamie: Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah.

Kevin: You know, they have the chest piece, the shield, the sword.

Andrew: Yeah. It was very prominent. It was front and center.

Kevin: Yeah.

Jamie: Yeah, that’s true.

Kevin: And it’s a different color from all the other pieces.

Andrew: Right, right. Well, thank you for calling in, Johnny. We’ve got some other callers to get to.

Johnny: Okay, sorry. Thank you for having me.

Andrew: No problem. Thanks for coming on.

Jamie: See you later, Johnny.

Johnny: Long live MuggleCast and have Ben back on the show.

Andrew: Woo! Well, you know what? You can yell at Ben. You want his phone number? I got it.

Jamie: E-mail him. E-mail him and tell him.

Andrew: E-mail him, yeah. And trust me…

Johnny: I have.

Andrew: …he had an open invitation to be on the show today, but apparently, he couldn’t. So, whatever. [laughs]

Jamie: Yeah. Oh well.

Johnny: Alright, well.

Jamie: Thanks, Johnny.

Andrew: If you don’t like us, Johnny, you know, whatever. We’ll just…

Jamie: Yeah.

Johnny: No, I – [laughs].

Andrew: I don’t know why I answered your call to begin with.

Johnny: No, you’re my favorite, Andrew.

Andrew: Okay.

Johnny: You and Jamie are my favorites.

Andrew: Whatever. Still, it’s too late.

Jamie: Aw, see you later.

Kevin: Aw, thanks a lot, Johnny.

Andrew: [laughs] Oh, and by the way, Kevin and Micah are here too.

[Micah and Kevin laugh]

Micah: Yeah.

Johnny: Oh, yeah.

Andrew: [laughs] Alright.

Johnny: Yeah. Alright, thank you.

Andrew: Thank you, Johnny.

Kevin: Thank you.

Johnny: Alright, bye.

Andrew: That’s weird. He didn’t try to clean it up and say, “Yeah, I love you guys.”

[Andrew and Kevin laugh]

Andrew: Hey, whatever, it’s cool. Alright.

Call: Voldemort’s Vault?

[Sound of phone ringing]

Andrew: Hello, Katya? How do you say your name?

Katya: [pronounces name] Katya.

Andrew: Katya. Sorry about that. Katya.

Katya: Yeah. [laughs]

Jamie: Where are you from?

Katya: Philadelphia.

Andrew: Alright! Representing! Everyone is in the area today. I should have just had a live podcast. Why are we doing this over Skype? We just had someone call over from Gibbsboro, New Jersey. Do you know where that is?

Katya: Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah, it’s not too far from…

Katya: It’s close to…

Jamie: It’s pretty cool.

Andrew: Yeah. Alright, what’s your theory today?

Katya: Well, I was thinking that Voldemort has a vault or something at Gringotts, so that’s why that on the cover there’s all the coins and everything. So, maybe they went to Hogwarts, got Dobby and the sword, and then went looking for his vault, maybe?

Jamie: That’s very interesting. We just had a caller who wondered what the treasure was on the children’s cover, and he said it could be his fortune. But we thought it probably wasn’t because the armor on the front is so prominent, and Jo clearly wants us to see what that armor is.

Andrew: Right.

Jamie: I’m not sure though.

Katya: Well, it could be in his vault. Maybe it might be a Horcrux that he hides in there. Because…

Andrew: That Harry hides in there?

Katya: No, that Voldemort hides in there.

Andrew: Oh.

Jamie: It’s extremely funny that you should say that as well because I was thinking the other day that when Hagrid says that Gringotts is the safest place to hide a Horcrux, you know, except – sorry, to hide an object except Hogwarts. I would think if you were Voldemort, wouldn’t you get a vault – I mean, I would…

Andrew: Store them all in there, yeah.

Jamie: …think about putting all of the Horcruxes in there. Or one at least. Because they have to have some kind of secrecy clause. You know, you can’t give a key to somebody who is – whose vault is – who doesn’t own it. The goblins don’t seem to have any allegiance, so even if the Ministry of Magic came and said, “You have to open this vault because we think that Voldemort’s Horcrux is in there.” That seems to be an idea. What do you think about that?

Andrew: I wonder if the Ministry of Magic does have that power to open up a vault, to look inside it if they think someone might be trying to hide something in there. Not even Voldemort could say…

Jamie: It’s a private bank, isn’t it? It’s a private bank.

Andrew: It is, but that would be a big plot hole, wouldn’t it? It’s one of those things where you’re just like, “Oh, couldn’t you just put it in Gringotts and then…”

Jamie: If I was a goblin, I’d be a tough one though and – you know?

Andrew: Yeah.

Katya: Well, maybe the goblins are working for Voldemort now. Maybe they’re on his side.

Andrew: Well, yeah.

Jamie: They could well be.

Andrew: Yeah, he could just possess one and…

Kevin: Either that or he has them under some sort of spell that requires that they can’t give up that information. Like…

Andrew: Yeah.

Katya: Yeah.

Kevin: …Unbreakable Vows or something of the sort.

Goblin Or House Elf?

Micah: Speaking of goblins, what if that’s a goblin on Harry’s back? Why does it have to be a house elf?

Andrew: Because of the ears, I thought.

Jamie: Because it looks like one?

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: Yeah.

Jamie: Why does it have to be Harry? Because it looks like him.

Andrew: Well, you know, he’s…

Jamie: But I agree, though.

Andrew: …got a point, yeah.

Jamie: It’s interesting. You do have a point.

Micah: The face is hidden. I mean, it’s just a thought.

Andrew: That might be because they don’t want us to know if it is Kreacher or…

Kevin: Dobby.

Andrew: …Dobby, yeah.

Micah: Yeah, to be honest with you, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference, though [laughs].

Andrew: Yeah, that is – No, no Kreacher is a heck of a lot older.

Kevin: You could. Yeah.

Andrew: And grumpier.

Jamie: Yeah, he is a lot grumpier.

Micah: That, and he’s got a little pot belly.

Andrew: Yeah, yeah. Okay, so you could tell. [laughs]

Micah: I don’t know.

Jamie: There’s that theory gone.

Katya: Do you think that maybe he went back to Hogwarts and stuff because of the sword? Maybe?

Jamie: Gryffindor’s sword?

Katya: Yeah.

Jamie: You mean.

Andrew: Didn’t we talk about this on the show? I think we said it was, wasn’t it?

Jamie: I don’t know. What, that his sword was up? But do you know, it’s so dangerous, though, because he must – Gryffindor, I don’t want to say that Gryffindor was close to Dumbledore and everyone’s hearts, but it seems to be more so than the other Houses. And he must realize the risk that he’s getting into by making the Horcrux – sorry, by making the sword a Horcrux when it obviously has a greater connection to Hogwarts and in Hogwarts now than the cup and the locket and things like that, so I don’t know. What do you guys think?

Kevin: I thought originally, when I saw the sword, that he definitely went back to Hogwarts, and I still sort of think that. I mean, it’s hard to believe that she’s going to not have him go back to Hogwarts at least once during the book, you know?

Jamie: What, you mean…

Kevin: We’ve been there all six years and…

Jamie: That is very true. And…

Kevin: It’s just hard to believe that…

Jamie: And just how important the seventh book was as well if they did that.

Kevin: And she set up Hogwarts through six books, I mean, why would she not…

Andrew: Yeah. Hogwarts is as integral as Harry is to the story, if you ask me.

Kevin: Exactly.

Andrew: So.

Kevin: Yeah.

Andrew: Exactly. Alright, well, thank you for calling in today.

Katya: No problem.

Andrew: And we hope you keep on listening.

Katya: Thank you. Bye.

Jamie: Thank you. See you later.

Katya: Bye.

Andrew: Bye.

Kevin: Thanks for calling.

Call: Harry’s Life After Voldemort

[Sound of phone ringing]

Andrew: What’s up, Nick?

Jamie: Hey.

Nick: Hey, how’s it going?

Andrew: Pretty good. How about you?

Jamie: Not bad, how about you? Where are you from?

Nick: I am in Idaho at college.

Andrew: Oh, very cool.

Micah: Idaho.

Jamie: Is that east coast?

Andrew: No.

Nick: Yep.

Jamie: Oh.

[Andrew laughs]

Nick: Not.

Jamie: Nick, can I ask you a quick question?

Nick: Yeah, Jamie.

Jamie: Okay, well, I’ve been asking everyone who’s been calling in and I am sure when people listen to this show, it’s going to annoy them a lot, but I am sorry. But do you know who Michael Scofield is?

Nick: No, I have no idea.

Jamie: Oh, okay, well [laughs] he’s the main guy from “Prison Break,” the series, and I’ve been asking everyone if they watch it and so far no one watches it. So, I’d like to encourage you to watch it if you can because it’s awesome. Okay, I’m done. [laughs]

Andrew: Alright. [laughs]

Micah: Jamie, did you sign a contract with Fox recently or something?

Andrew: It’s heavy promotion going on.

Jamie: Yeah, I did – I did. My check’s in the post now, so I need to start getting people watching it or they won’t send me any more money.

Micah: Because clearly you need to do that now that the season is over.

[Andrew and Kevin laugh]

Jamie: Yeah, exactly. Yeah. It’s a weird deal, Micah.

Andrew: So, what’s your theory, Nick?

Jamie: It’s a weird deal. Yeah, what’s your theory?

Nick: I wanted to know if you guys thought that Harry could truly live a happy and fulfilling life if he ends up defeating Voldemort? You know, because of what he has gone through and what he is going to go through in the next book. Could he really truly live a happy and fulfilling life after?

Andrew: That’s a good question.

Jamie: That’s interesting.

Andrew: He’s going to be so mentally unstable, I think, after he kills Voldemort.

Nick: Right. You can see all the emotion that he’s gone through in the last two books…

Andrew: Exactly.

Nick: …that’s affected him psychologically.

Andrew: Yeah. He’s going to need some sort of counseling going on.

[Nick laughs]

Andrew: But – I don’t know.

Kevin: I think he could be alright.

Andrew: I think if anything’s going to stable him it’s going to be…

Kevin: His friends.

Andrew: It’s going to be Ginny. Well, and his friends, but more importantly Ginny. Like, continuing a relationship with her.

Jamie: Will his friends still be there at the end? This is the question.

Nick: Yeah.

Jamie: Is he going to finish the series completely alone with Voldemort killed, or is he going to end it with Voldemort done but still with his friends?

Harry’s Future Job

Jamie: But Nick, if he does survive, and he can lead a normal life, what job do you think he’s going to do? Because we were talking about this…

Nick: In the last episode, yeah.

Jamie: Yeah.

Nick: Oh gosh, I have no idea. [laughs]

Jamie: Really?

Andrew: I mean…

Jamie: We focused on him being a hot dog seller.

[Nick laughs]

Jamie: Which we thought was pretty surefire.

Andrew: Yeah, I think that’s weak.

Jamie: He needs, you know – Why, why is it weak? What do you think he’s going to do?

Andrew: Well, I, well – Okay, [laughs] come on, [laughs] he’s not going to be a hot dog vender.

Nick: He should be a model.

Andrew: He should be a – yeah, he should be a model, there you go.

Nick: He should be a model.

Andrew: Yeah, or a podcaster. The possibilities are endless.

[Jamie and Nick laugh]

Nick: Oh, yeah. Wow.

Andrew: And just think that Harry needs to – Harry’s definitely…

Jamie: What he’s…

Andrew: …going to need to find something to – I hate – I guess, stabilize his life because he’s going to be…

Jamie: He does, sure.

Andrew: He’s going to be coming out of school, out of this mayhem that he’s being going through for really the past seven years – the past eighteen years of his life, really. So…

Kevin: His whole life, you mean?

Andrew: Yeah, his whole life. And he’s got to…

[Kevin laughs]

Jamie: Yeah, his whole life.

Andrew: His parents left him with enough money where I don’t think he’d really immediately need a job. He wouldn’t immediately need a job right out of school.

Jamie: He wouldn’t. He wouldn’t need one.

Andrew: So…

Kevin: He wouldn’t need one. No.

Andrew: But…

Kevin: Yeah.

Andrew: Is he the kind of person who would get bored if he didn’t have a job? You know, something to do.

Kevin: Definitely.

Jamie: Because it seems like…

Kevin: I think so. Yeah.

Andrew: Because he lives on the edge, he wouldn’t… [laughs]

Kevin: Well, it’s not only living on the edge. It’s after coming off of so much excitement.

[Andrew laughs]

Kevin: You would think that he would get so used to it, that he’d have to do something.

Andrew: Yeah, that’s true. Any ideas?

Too Psychologically Damaged To Move On?

Jamie: Nick, do you think he’d need to – he’ll need to do something to, you know, live his life properly, or do you think he can just relax and, you know end his life having a nice time?

Nick: My theory is that he’s more going to be psychologically damaged and that he’s not going to be able to live a fulfilling life, so that kind of edges towards I want him to die, but I really don’t.

[Andrew laughs]

Nick: I don’t know.

Jamie: The thing is…

Nick: It’s still too early.

Jamie: The thing is though if he’s, you know, psychologically damaged, which psychiatrist is going to believe him when he goes in and says, “I’ve just had a huge battle with this wizard, and I killed him, but I’m scarred for life.” You know, you’d think he was mad. You wouldn’t think he was telling the truth. So, [laughs] he’s going to go to like an insane asylum or something if that happens. He shouldn’t go and tell a therapist because they wouldn’t believe him in like a million years.

Andrew: Good point.

Jamie: But I mean I can see what you mean but – and you think if it happened to somebody who is older, as well, they’d have more chance. But if you think, you know, because he’s got one more book effectively to do all this stuff, he’s going to be eighteen, possibly nineteen, when he’s killed Voldemort, and his life as Harry Potter in the series is ended. And that’s an extremely young age to have that responsibility and background. So, I see what you mean. I think he could…

Andrew: Yeah.

Jamie: He could be too damaged.

Andrew: That’s a good point. Yeah, nothing – he’s always going to be – not messed up, but just honestly – I know I keep…

Kevin: He’s got to be affected by it.

Andrew: Yes. [laughs]

Kevin: I wouldn’t call it – I wouldn’t call it unstable, though. I mean, you can be stable and have traumatic things happened.

Andrew: I’m just saying…

Kevin: It’s just how you handle it.

Andrew: I’m just thinking he’s going to keep having nightmares about it and, who knows, his scar might still continue to hurt because of the Death Eaters, you know.

Jamie: Yeah, so…

Andrew: So, there’s lots of possibilities.

Micah: I think it may depend on the structure that’s around him. I mean, who survives, as Jamie said…

Jamie: That’s true, yeah.

Micah: …just before. That’s going to have a huge impact on how stable or unstable he’s going to be after Book 7…

Nick: With his friends.

Micah: …assuming that he does survive. You know, if he loses those closest to him, maybe he’d rather be dead.

Jamie: That’s the thing, yeah.

Micah: In all likelihood, that might be the solution.

Harry’s Missing Scar

Jamie: Here’s a question for you, Nick. Somebody emailed about this. On the children’s cover – the U.K. edition children’s cover, you can’t really see his scar. Some people are saying, “Well, his hair is covering it.” But some people are saying that his scar isn’t actually there. What do you think about that?

Andrew: Sorry, on which cover?

Jamie: The U.K. children’s cover.

Nick: I’ve never seen that.

Andrew: It’s on the…

Nick: I’ll have to look at that.

Andrew: It doesn’t – you don’t see it on the U.S. one either, actually.

Jamie: Well, this is the thing; people are saying, is it left out on purpose? Is it just, you know, because of the light there? Because it’s extremely interesting if you see him with Voldemort without his scar, because you think something would’ve had to have happened. Like, perhaps, if Harry’s a Horcrux and he’s found a way to, you know, get rid of it without killing himself, but I’m not sure about that.

Andrew: I don’t see how scar can be the last word of the book, though, if it’s already gone for the final battle.

Jamie: Yeah, that is very true. That is very true.

[Andrew laughs]

Andrew: You know, I don’t know. Or maybe his scar reappears. “And reappeared…

Kevin: Yeah, but…

Andrew: [whispers] “…the scar.”

Kevin: It – No, it definitely could be the last word of the book. I mean, there’s always those wrapping up sentences where they, you know, she could do something like, “And that’s the story of Harry Potter, the boy who…”

Jamie: “And his scar.”

Kevin: “And his scar.” Or something like that.

Jamie: “The boy who had a scar.”

Kevin: Exactly.

Micah: “The boy with the lightening bolt scar.”

Jamie: I guess. [laughs]

Andrew: [laughs] “I cut myself last week, and I have a scar. The end.”

[Kevin laughs]

Jamie: Yeah. “On my head.”

Andrew: Alright. Well, Nick, thanks for calling in. We’re going to get to some other calls right now.

Jamie: Thanks, Nick.

Nick: Alright, sounds good. Thank you very much.

Andrew: No problem, thanks.

Jamie: See you later, Nick.

Andrew: See ya.

Kevin: Bye.

Call: Draco On The U.K. Cover

[Sound of phone ringing]

Andrew: Hi.

Jamie: Hey. Do you think you could state you name and where you’re from, please?

Emily: Okay, I’m Emily from Maryland. I – you’ve probably heard this, or maybe not, about – I know on your last show you kept calling the three people on the cover of the U.K. album art Harry, Ron, and Hermione, but I could have sworn who you were referring to as Ron was really Draco.

Jamie: You think Ron is Draco?

Emily: Yeah, because…

Jamie: Oh, interesting.

Emily: …if you look at it, he’s – it’s blonde. He’s blonde, and he’s wearing green robes. So Slytherin, you know, green. And obviously, Draco is blonde.

Jamie: But wait, his hair’s still ginger, isn’t it?

Emily: Not really. It’s kind of the lighting, though.

Andrew: It looks kind of ginger to me. I don’t – I mean, that’s interesting.

Jamie: Well, they do like to hide, you know, very small things in there, but do you think that that means that Draco is going to be there working with Harry right at the end?

Emily: Yeah, that’s kind of what I was thinking about it. Because the first thing I thought when I saw that was that it’s Draco, because even though it looks kind of red, ginger, it’s very blonde looking, which – It could be just because of the lighting, you know, the sky’s orange and all. I don’t know, but – I don’t know, that’s what I was thinking.

Jamie: Well, it really is an interesting thing because everyone’s been wondering, you know, will A. Draco be with Harry? Will he be with Harry to be bad, you know, to hinder his path, or will he be there to redeem himself? And that, I think, is going to be a big theme in the final book: redemption. So, I agree, I wouldn’t be surprised if, you know, Draco was there at the end. Kevin?

Kevin: I mean, it’s a possibility, but I really think that they wouldn’t put Harry and Hermione on the book without Ron. I think it’s just the trio, you know what I mean? I just think that being the trio, one isn’t without the other, in the sense of, you know…

Emily: Well, you don’t know what actually happens. [laughs] Something could…

Kevin: Right.

Emily: …happen, so the trio’s not really the trio.

Kevin: It – That’s true, but I don’t think for – One, they’re – One, I don’t see Draco playing – I don’t see Draco making that expression, honestly. It sounds somewhat stupid, but it just seems as though they wouldn’t represent Harry Potter, the last book, with Harry…

Jamie: That’s a fair point.

Kevin: …Hermione, and Draco. I think they…

Jamie: What do you think, Micah?

Kevin: …have to represent it with the trio.

Micah: Well, one listener actually wrote in over the week, and, particularly about the clothing that Ron – who I think is Ron, and Hermione seem to be wearing. If you go back to Goblet of Fire, they actually, at the Yule Ball, Ron had on a green robe, I believe, and Hermione had on something that was purple, so perhaps this is…

Jamie: Yeah.

Micah: …after the wedding. Are they coming from the wedding dressed up?

Jamie: That’s interesting.

Andrew: Oh!

Emily: Well…

Jamie: Didn’t even consider that.

Kevin: Well, that’s…

Emily: Hm.

Micah: And Harry actually had on some sort of black tuxedo, and he has on a black something there.

Andrew: It doesn’t look like a tuxedo.

Micah: I don’t know what to call it, but – Yeah, it doesn’t really look like a tuxedo, but overall…

Jamie: You’d think they’d bring a change of clothes as well, if you were going to fight Voldemort afterwards.

Micah: Well, Harry actually looks like he’s wearing his Hogwarts….

Andrew: It does, yeah.

Micah: …clothing, whereas the other two look like they may have come from the wedding.

Jamie: Yeah.

Micah: Maybe Harry doesn’t go.

Andrew: Do you think this scene is that early in the book, though? Oh, well, actually, I’m assuming that – the wedding’s over the summer, right? It’s got to be.

Emily: Well, I’m thinking that it could be towards the end, because I mean, usually they illustrate that – well, not usually, but you always think that they would illustrate the bottom, like the last scene, the final battle. So, if Draco’s there, actually defending Harry, or he’s being killed in the photo.

Kevin: Do you think it would be the coliseum?

Andrew: Well, previously…

Emily: Drawing.

Andrew: Well, I was just going to say, I mean, like, the U.K. covers – I know Chamber of Secrets was the Ford Angela. And what were the others, Jamie?

Jamie: Yeah, sorry, that was the what? Anglia, Anglia. It’s Anglia.

Andrew: Anglia, sorry. Ford Anglia.

Jamie: Angela’s a girl’s name, Andrew. [laughs]

Andrew: Yeah, sorry.

[Emily laughs]

Andrew: What are some of the other covers? What do they have on them? I mean, the phoenix is on Order of the Phoenix

Jamie: Yeah, Prisoner of Azkaban was the – God, oh, wow. I can’t remember.

Emily: So, like the significant things.

Andrew: Alright, well…

Jamie: Yeah, yeah, exactly. Yeah, they were all the significant ones, definitely.

Andrew: Well, how – Okay, yeah, I guess so. Alright. Well, thank you for calling in today.

Emily: Thank you.

Andrew: And we’re going to get to some other calls now, so thank you for calling.

Jamie: Thank you very much. See you later.

Emily: Okay.

Andrew: Bye.

Emily: Bye.

Jamie: Bye bye.

Micah: Thank you.

Dropped Call

[Sound of phone ringing]

Andrew: Hey, Jack.

Jamie: Hey, Jack. Where are you from?

Andrew: Ah, he hung up.

Jamie: Aw, he hung up. That’s a shame.

Kevin: We lost Jack.

Jamie: Jack Sparrow.

Andrew: Jack is not back. [laughs]

Jamie: It was actually Jack Sparrow.

Andrew: Alright, here comes another one.

Call: Snape Is Good

[Sound of phone ringing]

Michelle: Hello?

Andrew: Hi.

Jamie: Hey. Where are you from?

Michelle: Hi, I’m from Oregon, USA.

Andrew: Woo! Have we had any foreign callers…

Micah: Nice.

Andrew: …today? You know why? It’s the time zones thing, I bet.

Jamie: It is – it is the time zone thing. It’s half twelve here. People are in bed.

Andrew: Why are you still up, dude?

Jamie: Most people are in bed. Oh, well, after I called the show thingy – you know, all my friends are in the U.S., so they get to do it at a nice, reasonable time, while I have to stay up and talk…

[Andrew and Micah laugh]

Andrew: What a loser.

Micah: Very creative last name for the show.

Andrew: You guys are losers.

Micah: Great life, Jamie.

Jamie: Yeah, yeah.

Andrew: Is that your real last name?

Michelle: Me?

Andrew: Yeah.

Michelle: No, but I just go by Michelle Potter because…

Andrew: Oh.

Jamie: Oh.

Michelle: …it – Harry Potter fan, of course.

Andrew: Hey, we know this guy who goes by Pickle – Peter Pickle.

[Michelle laughs]

Jamie: Yeah, we asked him if it was his real name, but no. He said no.

Andrew: [laughs] I was – Go ahead, sorry.

Jamie: I have a quick question for you: Do you know who Michael Scofield is?

Michelle: No.

[Andrew laughs]

Jamie: Oh. I’m going to have to stop asking this.

Andrew: Do you know who Jack Bauer is?

Michelle: Yeah, some actor who…

Andrew: Yeah, the guy on “24.” Yeah. Everyone…

Jamie: Okay, Jack Bauer is not as cool as Michael Scofield.

Michelle: I don’t even watch “24,” but I know him.

Jamie: Well, Michael Scofield is the lead guy from “Prison Break,” the TV series, and he can kick Jack Bauer’s thing anytime.

Andrew: No, Jack Bauer is so bad, but that – Chuck Norris jokes…

Jamie: He is not. He takes 24 hours to do things.

Andrew: There are Jack Bauer jokes like Chuck Norris ones.

Jamie: There are loads of Jack Bauer ones. But, Andrew, Andrew…

Andrew: Yeah, there’s no Michael Scofield.

Jamie: Michael Scofield could do what Jack Bauer does in 12 hours.

[Andrew laughs]

Jamie: He could cut each episode in half. He’s that cool. And do you have a theory, Michelle?

Michelle: Well, kind of. Well, for one thing, I’m positive that Snape is good because he has to know the entire prophecy. Because how could Dumbledore know the entire prophecy if he was interrupted by Snape? So, I think that Snape only told Voldemort part of it, and that was also another reason why Dumbledore trusts him. I’m not, like, the inventor of this theory, but it just makes a lot of sense.

Jamie: Oh, so are you saying that Snape heard the entire thing, but he was working for Dumbledore, so he deliberately fed Voldemort only half the information?

Michelle: Well, he must have – something like that. He must’ve realized that it meant that Voldemort was going to kill someone. He probably didn’t know it was the Potters, but I think he was teaching at Hogwarts at the time, or something like that. It’s just that…

Jamie: Wouldn’t it be easier – sorry, go on.

Michelle: Sorry. I’m messing myself up.

Jamie: Sorry. Go on, go on.

Michelle: But Dumbledore wouldn’t know the whole thing if he was interrupted by Snape, because when Trelawney goes into her trance, when she’s giving a prophecy, Harry couldn’t figure out what was going on, and she doesn’t remember it. And so, it’s not very likely that Dumbledore could be doing two things at once. But then again, he is Dumbledore, and he can do anything.

Jamie: [laughs] That is true, he can multi-task. He’s the only man alive who can multi-task. Because the rest of us can’t. Seriously, we’re absolutely useless.

[Andrew and Kevin laugh]

Jamie: But you’d think that if Snape was completely good, wouldn’t he feed Voldemort completely false information? Because, you know, half the prophecy is more dangerous than no record of the prophecy at all.

Andrew: That’s true, yeah.

Michelle: True.

Andrew: I mean, if I was Snape, I’d be feeding them the wrong information.

Jamie: Yeah.

Andrew: Weak theory, I know, but…

Micah: Well, I think this gets into the whole area about, if he had any type of feelings for Lily, then he felt remorse for telling Voldemort anything in the first place.

Andrew: Yeah.

Michelle: Yeah.

Micah: And so that’s why he went to Hogwarts, that’s why he let Dumbledore take him in, and do all those sorts of things. I think, even at the end of the sixth book, one of the things that may prove even more so that’s he’s good is, he can do anything he wants to Harry at that time. When he’s running away, he could have stunned him, he could have killed him, he could’ve done anything he possibly wanted to do. So, why didn’t he? He teaches him. He tells Harry to close his mind. He stops a Death Eater from putting the Cruciatus Curse on him. And he tells him to leave him alone because Harry belongs to Voldemort. So, I just found that interesting. I think – Even as Snape was fleeing Hogwarts he was still teaching Harry. Why would he do that if he’s completely evil?

Andrew: Yeah.

Kevin: Yeah.

Jamie: No, yeah, definitely. I agree. And he’s clearly a very clever character, Snape. I don’t care what people say about him being stupid. Even if he is out for himself, he’s clearly very, very, very intelligent. And I think he could play both sides, so it does remain to be seen.

Snape’s Involvement In Book 7

Andrew: We talked about this last week, just a real little bit, I think. It’s kind of disappointing he’s not on any of the covers, because, you know, the big question is: Is Snape good or bad? And yet he doesn’t play that big of a role in the final battle, so – I don’t know.

Michelle: Yeah.

Andrew: I was sort of hoping that he was going to be the X factor in the final battle. Where it’s like between Harry and Voldemort…

Jamie: He could be.

Andrew: …and then Snape shows up…

Micah: Yeah, he could be.

Andrew: …and they’re both living on a prayer that he’s, in Voldemort’s case, bad, and Harry’s case, good.

Jamie: Like Ryan Adams. No, sorry, Jon Bon Jovi. He was living on a prayer.

[Micah and Michelle laugh]

Andrew: Yeah, exactly. That’s what I was going for. Yeah. He will be. They’ll both be living on a prayer. Or a spell. Ha ha ha ha.

Jamie: [laughs] Living on a spell. That would be the best music…

[Andrew laughs]

Jamie: …to put to the final battle, “Living on a Prayer.” I would love that in the movie.

Andrew: I was just thinking about Bon Jovi jumping into the, what everyone’s calling the Coliseum, and starting to rock out.

Jamie: Yeah, playing his guitar.

Andrew: [sings] Woooah! Livin’…

Jamie: [laughs] That would awesome.

Andrew: [laughs] Alright. Well, thank you, Michelle, for calling today.

Jamie: Thanks, Michelle.

Michelle: Thank you. I’ll see you at Enlightening.

Andrew: Oh, will you be at Enlightening?

Michelle: Yeah.

Andrew: Oh, wonderful, we will, too.

Michelle: Doing the whole camp thing.

Andrew: Oh, cool. Excellent. So we’ll teach you how to podcast.

Jamie: See you later.

Michelle: Alright.

Andrew: See ya.

Micah: Bye.

Michelle: Bye.

Call: Death Eaters Or Dementors?

[Sound of phone ringing]

Andrew: Phil!

Jamie: Hey, Phil. Where are you from?

[Pause of silence]

Jamie: Phil?

Andrew: Outside space, apparently. [laughs] Phil, you there?

Jamie: Yeah, takes a long time for the signal to get down.

Andrew: Yeah. [laughs] Born June 13th, 19…

Phil: Hey, sorry about that. I had my mic off.

Andrew: There you go. No problem, dude.

Jamie: Oh, hey, Phil. No problem. Where are you from?

Phil: I’m from Orange County, California.

Andrew: Awesome, man!

Jamie: Ah, a west coast. You’re a first west coast.

Andrew: Hailing from Mikey’s hometown area. Sort of.

Phil: Yeah.

Andrew: Cool.

Jamie: State, it’s called, Andrew. State. [laughs]

Andrew: No, actually, I was going for hometown, Jamie, thanks for calling me out there.

Jamie: Oh, does he live in Orange County?

Andrew: Yeah, he does, actually.

Jamie: I’ve been completely wrong, I’ve been completely wrong. Phil?

Andrew: Yeah, that’s where he is right now.

Jamie: Can I ask you a quick question before you say your theory?

Phil: Sure, sure.

Jamie: Do you know who Michael Scofield is?

Phil: Uh, no.

Jamie: Oh, what a shame. He’s…

Andrew: Jamie, I just think…

Jamie: Yeah?

Andrew: Maybe it’s just not a big thing among Harry Potter fans to watch “Prison Break.”

Jamie: It must be. He’s the lead guy from “Prison Break,” and I’ve just seen the season finale, and I’ve trying to find out who else watches it for intense “Prison Break” discussion, but no one does. Every single caller doesn’t watch it, so it’s a shame.

Phil: Oh.

Jamie: But do you have a theory, Phil?

Phil: Yeah. Actually, I thought that the figures around Harry and Voldemort on the cover weren’t Death Eaters, but Dementors, and the smoke that’s coming from Harry’s hand is actually a premature Patronus.

Jamie: Aah.

Andrew: Ooh.

Kevin: Oh, that’s good.

Jamie: I haven’t heard anything like that before. I like that. And I like that because it – Everyone assumes they’re Death Eaters because they’re dark figures and they’re in shadow, but I like that a lot. But I hadn’t even considered Dementors. But do you think that Harry can make a Patronus strong enough to ward off all those dementors while still battling against anything that Voldemort sends?

Phil: Oh, yeah. That’s why I think that it’s premature and silvery wisps of smoke, like an incomplete Patronus. Because he doesn’t have a wand, and he’s also trying to fight Voldemort.

Jamie: Yeah.

Phil: So, he might not have enough magical energy, or anything left.

Andrew: Hm.

Phil: Whatever it’s called.

Jamie: It’s interesting, though, that because the Dementors are, obviously, you know, exceptionally powerful creatures. And you’d think if Voldemort had them at his beck and call…

Phil: Yeah.

Jamie: …that they’re more powerful to have than Death Eaters, because you need a specific charm to get rid of them, they make you unhappy and can stop you using your powers effectively. But I guess to a trained wizard, a Patronus is an easy thing to create, so that could be why they don’t use them.

Phil: Yeah.

Jamie: I don’t know. Micah?

Micah: I think it’s an interesting idea. I’m looking at it right now. I had to take another look at it to know what he was talking about, but – I actually asked this to another caller. If there’s some object maybe out there that you can’t see – what does it look like to you? I mean, Harry’s hand is open almost like he’s welcoming it. Maybe if he’s not doing the Patronus charm, is he trying to draw whatever it is to him in a welcoming way, whereas Voldemort seems to be pushing back against it. He has his hands…

Jamie: Yeah.

Micah: …sort of forced out, almost looking like he’s pushing it away. What do you think about that?

Andrew: He’s leaning back, too. Huh!

Micah: Yeah, he is leaning back.

Jamie: What about a phoenix? Do you think it could be Fawkes, because I think that Harry would welcome Fawkes, and Voldemort would push his hand away because it strikes fear in the heart of the impure, so it could be that. But I really like the Patronus idea. Those figures – it’s too easy to just assume and accept that they’re Death Eaters when they could be so many things.

Andrew: I’m just trying to think, though, would he be able to do it without a wand? Conjure one?

Jamie: Well – what, a Patronus?

Andrew: A Patronus, yeah.

Jamie: I think it’s probably possible, despite – wand only channels your stuff, your inner power. So, if you’re powerful enough to create something without a wand, then you must be able to do that powerful magic without – I bet that Dumbledore could.

Andrew: But, I mean, he was just learning how to do it, how to conjure a Patronus with a wand. Not just, that was in Book 3, but…

Jamie: I know. Yeah.

Andrew: Now, could he do it without a wand? Is he that good at wandless magic at this point?

Jamie: What do you think, Phil?

Phil: Um.

Andrew: I’m not shooting it down, though. I think that’s a very good idea, it’s a clever theory.

Phil: Yeah. And also…

Jamie: Do you think he could…

Phil: What?

Jamie: Do you think he can conjure a Patronus without a wand, or…

Phil: Well, he’s Harry Potter, so…

[Andrew laughs]

Phil: …he must be able to without practice.

Jamie: That’s true. I like that answer. That’s very good.

Phil: He’s supposed to be learning a lot more in Deathly Hallows, so maybe he’s going to be focusing on wandless magic.

Andrew: Yeah. Alright.

Jamie: That’s very interesting.

Andrew: Very good theory. Thank you, Phil, for calling in today.

Phil: Thanks for having me on the show.

Andrew: No problem, dude.

Jamie: Thanks. See you later.

Andrew: See you later.

Phil: Bye!

Jamie: Bye.

Kevin: Bye.

Show Close

Jamie: Okay, guys, that wraps up our call-in show. And I’d just like to apologize very briefly for asking absolutely ever caller who – if they knew who Michael Scofield was, or if they watch “Prison Break.” I’m sure it got tedious. But if you are a watcher and if you’ve watched the season finale…

[Show music in background]

Jamie: …then you’ll know how absolutely incredible and exciting and fantastic and brilliant the show is, and you’ll be wanting to know who else is watching it, too. So, it’s like a paradox. You’ll have to watch to realize how important a question it is.

Andrew: I also want to say that I think that went pretty well, for – I guess that’s pretty much our first…

Jamie: Yeah, I agree with you.

Andrew: …call-in show. So I think it’d be a good idea if we did a couple more of those in the future.

Jamie: That’s a good idea.

Andrew: So, if you tried to call in today and you didn’t get on, do not worry. We will try to get you next time. We took all Skype calls this time because Skype – the quality on a Skype call compared to a regular landline is a thousand times better, so…

Jamie: It really is, yeah.

Andrew: …we recommend using Skype for any of those – for any of you out there who tried to use your phone. But yeah, overall very good. I think we’ll definitely do that again whenever we don’t feel like coming up with a normal show. [laughs]

[Everyone laughs]

Jamie: Thanks, guys, for calling in. I am Michael Scofield.

Andrew: I’m Andrew Sims. [whispers] Toots.

Kevin: I’m Kevin Steck.

Micah: And I’m Micah Tannenbaum.

[Show music ends]


Jamie: So, Andrew, do you have any thoughts on that?

Andrew: Well, no. I think the theories presented were pretty good. I think it was pretty good. I don’t know.

Jamie: I think it’s good. Okay, thank you very much, Chloe. See you later.

Chloe: Thanks. Bye.

Andrew: Bye.

[Andrew and Jamie laugh]

Andrew: My bad! [laughs]

Jamie: I know! [laughs] I know you would. I know you would. Sorry. I’m so sorry. I finally realized afterwards that you weren’t listening. [laughs]

Andrew: [laughs] I thought – I was just trying to get Kevin in here, so I wasn’t paying attention.

Jamie: I was like, “Andrew, what did you think of that?” “Yeah, I thought it was pretty solid!”

Andrew: [laughs] Sorry.

[Kevin laughs]

Jamie: “Pretty…”

[Everyone laughs]

Jamie: I started laughing, as well. So, okay.


Written by: Micah, Adrienne, Allison, Briana, Cindy, Jessica, Laura, Leah, Margaret, Matt, Samantha, Sapna, Sarah, Shannon, Shelly, and Tina