Episode 87: Shameless Promotion

  • We reveal some unbelievable news about our Deathly Hallows manuscripts.
  • Listener Rebuttals cover the UK children’s book cover.
  • One listener sends in a prophecy theory that the co-hosts love.
  • Main Discussion: What role could Gringotts play in Deathly Hallows?
  • Goblins and their role in the series.
  • For what purpose would the trio be at Gringotts?
  • If they’re being sucked into a vault, who’s is it?
  • Will Bill Weasley help the trio get inside?
  • Is it possible Voldemort hid a Horcrux at Gringotts?
  • Could the vault on the cover be that of Hepzibah Smith’s?
  • Make the Connection makes a return with successful matches.
  • Chicken Soup from the Atlantic Ocean.

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