The 777 Challenge: Help us reach our goal and get sweet benefits!

7 is a magical number in the Harry Potter series, and for a while we’ve been juuust under 777 on our Patreon. This platform has kept the show rocking and rolling over the past couple of years, so we want to hit and surpass 777 Patrons!

To encourage more sign ups, we’re launching the 777 Challenge. If we surpass 777 Patrons by March 31, and hold that number through at least May 2018, here’s what we’ll do over the summer:

  • 2-hour live episode filled with call-ins as they come in
  • The Holiday movie commentary
  • We’ll hold a poll to figure out what our next Harry Potter movie commentary will be — Whichever the winner is, we’ll do it
  • Later in the year, all Patrons who pledge $5 or more will receive a new MuggleCast mug for no extra charge. This is for the first 800 $5+ Patrons only (including those who are already pledged). Check out the design below! And yes, you’ll get to select which Hogwarts House color you’ll receive!

Can’t wait til summer or later for benefits? In April, should we hit 777 supporters by March 31, we will host a live video stream on Patreon after the three of us see The Cursed Child on Broadway.

It’s because of listeners like you that MuggleCast is a weekly podcast again. Help us continue to grow by pledging on Patreon today. There’s never been a better time!

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