Quizzitch Live: Fantastic Beasts and the Suitcase of Fun — How To Play

Join us Saturday, April 9th at 11 AM ET for the latest installment of Quizzitch Live!

Compete against fellow Wizarding World fans in a free, real-time trivia contest. This time the questions will be primarily focused on the world of Fantastic Beasts, so study accordingly! Here’s how it works:

Prizes: We will PayPal or Venmo you $40 to pay for two tickets to see The Secrets of Dumbledore in theaters. In addition, we will match the $40 prize with a $40 donation to one of the four below charities. You pick which one you want the donation to go to!

There are two links you need to have open and in view to ensure you get the best Quizzitch Live experience:

  1. Game Pad — This is where you will see the questions and answers come in, and where you will submit your answers. The faster you submit correct answers, the more points you’ll receive!
  2. YouTube Stream — This YouTube stream will feature our commentary as the game is going on. You will also see the questions and answers here, but you must primarily keep an eye on your Game Pad to answer the questions! The questions and answers will appear on your Game Pad first, due to a delay in the live YouTube stream.

Our stream will begin at 11 AM ET / 8 AM PT, and the game itself will begin 10-15 minutes later.

If you can’t make the game live, that’s okay! You’ll be able to watch the stream after the event. We will also be releasing this Quizzitch Live as an episode of MuggleCast on Tuesday, April 12th

Introducing our 2021 MuggleCast Patreon Gifts!

Drum roll, please… it’s time to share this year’s physical gift that will be offered exclusively to Patrons, for no additional charge! This year, we’re pleased to offer you the chance to pick one of two brand new items we’ve created.

Or should we say: We created one, and you have the chance to create the other!

Dumbledore’s Army-level Patrons get to receive one of the following two items, and Slug Club Patrons get to receive one or both:

#1) MuggleCast’s “Sweet 16” Customizable Wooden Model Car. With MuggleCast turning 16 this year, the show is finally able to drive a car in America. The car is laser-cut on 3mm Baltic birchwood and resembles a certain flying one from the series… it is the perfect companion to your shelved books and toys!We created a unique car just for MuggleCast fans. You will receive the pre-cut wood pieces on one slab of wood, a small stick of super glue, along with printed, simple assembly instructions. You will also be able to watch a 20-minute video detailing the process, should you choose. The car is adorned with our classic MicBolt logo and ‘MC16’ on the hood and trunk, and we highly encourage you to paint it any color you like (though paint will not be included).

#2) MuggleCast’s Throwback Socks: For the first time since our very first MuggleCast t-shirt, we are bringing back the iconic MuggleCast Squares artwork (Which was originally inspired by Apple’s iPod marketing campaigns at the time) and stitching them into 6 inch high socks! The squares depict the four current MuggleCast hosts in their original poses and colors from the 2005 t-shirts.The socks include our MicBolt logo, as well as lightning bolts scattered across the feet. Purple and yellow colors adorn the rest of the socks because Micah and Eric insisted their colors be used more because it’s a fun and whimsical look.We are very excited to offer these designs stitched into the socks — this is no simple screenprinting going on.

To receive one of these two items,  pledge today at either the Dumbledore’s Army or Slug Club level on our Patreon! If you pledge at the latter tier level, you’ll have the option to receive both items.

In addition to this gift, you will also receive a slew of other benefits, including Bonus MuggleCast episodes, access to our recording studio, and so much more!

Those who signed up for our Patreon after July 30th, 2021 must remain a Patron for a minimum of three months before your order will be shipped.

If you have any questions, please contact us via Patreon or our Contact Form here on MuggleCast.com. Thanks in advance for your support!

Quizzitch LIVE: Halloween Edition – Saturday, October 31st at 3 PM ET!

Join the MuggleCasters for our sixth live trivia event to celebrate Halloween!

In Quizzitch LIVE: Halloween Edition, the hosts of our Harry Potter podcast will be asking multiple choice questions about the spookiest elements of the Harry Potter series, and events that occur on Halloween in the books.

You will receive a maximum of 100 points for correctly answering each question. The faster you answer, the more points you’ll receive.

Like previous Quizzitch LIVE installments, the MuggleCasters will be hosting a live stream as the game is played. If your primary device is a mobile phone, we recommend readying another device to get the full Quizzitch Live experience — one device for watching the stream, and the other for participating in the game.

If your phone has a picture-in-picture mode, you may be able to watch the stream in the corner of your stream while you play the game.

Our live stream will begin at 3 PM ET on Saturday, October 31st, and the game will begin at 3:15 PM ET. Links to the stream and game will be posted on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram (in the bio) shortly before the event begins. This game is open to everyone.


The top five winners will be invited to select a fan-made Harry Potter item on Etsy, up to $50 in value.

The 777 Challenge: Help us reach our goal and get sweet benefits!

7 is a magical number in the Harry Potter series, and for a while we’ve been juuust under 777 on our Patreon. This platform has kept the show rocking and rolling over the past couple of years, so we want to hit and surpass 777 Patrons!

To encourage more sign ups, we’re launching the 777 Challenge. If we surpass 777 Patrons by March 31, and hold that number through at least May 2018, here’s what we’ll do over the summer:

  • 2-hour live episode filled with call-ins as they come in
  • The Holiday movie commentary
  • We’ll hold a poll to figure out what our next Harry Potter movie commentary will be — Whichever the winner is, we’ll do it
  • Later in the year, all Patrons who pledge $5 or more will receive a new MuggleCast mug for no extra charge. This is for the first 800 $5+ Patrons only (including those who are already pledged). Check out the design below! And yes, you’ll get to select which Hogwarts House color you’ll receive!

Can’t wait til summer or later for benefits? In April, should we hit 777 supporters by March 31, we will host a live video stream on Patreon after the three of us see The Cursed Child on Broadway.

It’s because of listeners like you that MuggleCast is a weekly podcast again. Help us continue to grow by pledging on Patreon today. There’s never been a better time!

MuggleCast t-shirts now available for a limited time only!

We have a small number of MuggleCast t-shirts available leftover from our Patreon that we’re now offering to the public! One is a simple Micbolt design while the other was inspired by the Three Brothers.

Shirts cost $22.15 total. Due to shipping costs and available resources, we are only selling these shirts to United States residents. Order here via Etsy!

We have two designs available, and sizes/colors are limited. We hope you find the combination you like!

Act quick — again, availability is very limited and we won’t be reprinting these shirts.