Episode 114: Hasta La Vista, Harry

  • Emma finishes Ballet Shoes: we discuss the trio filming outside of Potter.
  • Order of the Phoenix DVD release date, but somebody hasn’t seen it in theaters.
  • Our thoughts on Jim Broadbent being cast as Horace Slughorn.
  • Feedback from our live show.
  • Listener Rebuttal: Why did Fred have to die?
  • Main Discussion: Book 1 and Book 7 Parallels.
  • The Little Things.
  • Opening chapters, the Mirror of Erised, King’s Cross and Gringotts.
  • The Men With Two Faces: Quirrell and Snape.
  • Dumbledore’s Ambiguity.
  • Anchor’s to life: Sorcerer’s Stone, Horcruxes and Hallows.
  • Dueling Club featuring Harry, the Terminator and Optimus Prime.
  • Make the Connection is taken to a whole new level.
  • Australians: Listen to the end of the show for a special announcement from Eric!

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