Transcript #113

MuggleCast 113 Transcript

Phone Call to Micah

[“Elevation” by U2 plays]

Andrew: Yeah, that’s right, I played “Elevation” again. I was watching in the chat, I’m sure people were going to be complaining about that. Welcome back to MuggleCast Live!

Mikey: MuggleCast Live!

Andrew: 10:30 here on the East Coast. I’m glad Mikey still has some energy.

Mikey: I tried. Kind of hungry again.

Jerry Cooke: Oh, me too.

Andrew: It’s me, Jamie, Jerry, and [pauses] Mikey. I almost forgot your name. And JJ Horgan, a special guest star here on the show.

JJ Horgan: I like that.

Andrew: JJ Horgan is back here. Oh. [laughs] We need to call Micah because – he wanted me to call because he couldn’t be here, and he’s going to be really upset so we’ll get him in the chat and then we’ll carry on with today’s topics at hand here.

[Andrew hums and types on keyboard]

Andrew: Anyway, JJ, what did you want to talk about?

JJ: Okay…

[Phone dial tone starts]

Andrew: While the phone is ringing. Actually, wait one second. [laughs] Sorry!

[Phone dial tone continues]

Andrew: If he doesn’t answer, this is – I ordered my pizza live on the air, JJ.

JJ: Hello?

Andrew: I ordered my pizza live on the air, JJ. That was pretty fun.

JJ: Yeah, I heard [unintelligible] I stopped listening.

Andrew: Oh okay.

[Phone dial tone continues]

Andrew: Geez, and we had Laura Mallory call in, and Dumbledore call in…

[Micah’s voice message plays]

Andrew: And he’s not here. Okay.

Mikey: Wait, wait! Awww, I was going to say let’s leave him a message.

[Jerry laughs]

Andrew: Oh sorry. He’ll call back. I’m sure he’ll call back. All right… [laughs]

Jerry: [unintelligible] hilarious.

Andrew: Go ahead, JJ.

Discussion: Why Didn’t Lily and James Potter Escape Upon Voldemort’s Arrival?

JJ: All right. Well, I was going to try to be organized and put all this stuff together and some well-thought-out statements but then that didn’t happen, so…

Andrew: Really? [laughs]

JJ: Yeah, I know. Surprising, isn’t it?

Andrew: [laughs] Uh-huh.

JJ: Some Harry Potter questions. Now, for the listeners that don’t know about me, JJ Horgan…

[Andrew laughs]

JJ: …I’m definitely a Harry Potter novice, but a casual fan than most. I have some questions about it and hopefully your listeners and maybe even you guys can answer some of my questions. Number one: starting back, not sequentially but chronologically, the whole Harry Potter thing happens, right? Because Harry Potter is the boy that lived, his parents get killed, right?

Andrew: Right.

JJ: And when that whole scene takes place, James is the first one to kick it, right? Voldemort gets him first downstairs or something.

Andrew and Jaime: Yeah.

JJ: And then he comes upstairs to get Lily, right?

Andrew: Yes.

Jaime: Yeah.

JJ: All right. Now, you’re a wizard, you can pretty much do anything. She’s a pretty good wizard, right?

Andrew: Uh-huh.

Jaime: Yeah.

JJ: And one of the convenient things in your bag of tricks is you can make yourself disappear.

[Andrew laughs]

JJ: You can even grab someone and make them disappear too.

Jaime: Ahhh.

JJ: Couldn’t we have avoided seven books about Harry Potter…

[Andrew laughs]

JJ: …if she had just made herself disappear?

Andrew: Dang it, Jamie.

JJ: [unintelligible] has the answer for that.

Jaime: Like in magic – sorry, like in the real world there are degrees of sort of professionalism and degrees of ability. And Voldemort is a master of sort of planning and cunning, and there are ways that he knows that other people do not know. For example, in Book 7 he is able to restrict one person using invisible binds due to his magical ability and because they don’t understand the ability that goes into it, they can’t get themselves out of his bind. So he, I would assume, would cast a spell on that house to stop Lily and James escaping or doing anything to stop him going through with his plan. He’s a psychopath.

JJ: Oh. So it can just be explained like that?

[Andrew laughs]

JJ: He’s a psychopath.

Mikey: He’s a psychopath. He kills people.

JJ: Maybe they should put that in the end notes or something because…

[Andrew laughs]

Jaime: She’s already said he is a psychopath.

Andrew: Yeah, but…

JJ: He could stop people from Apparating just at will?

Jaime: Sorry? I’m sure he can. He can make Hogwarts shake…

Andrew: But…

Jaime: …and anyone who can do that is a master in my book and my strow.

Andrew: And to Apparate, you need to really be focused on where you’re going, right?

JJ: Yeah, but I mean, how many times did we see even in – after the wedding when people are Apparating left and right. I mean, how focused could they have been when the Death Eaters are coming?

Andrew: That’s true. I mean, I was going to say, because…

Jerry: It can be a panic reflex they can’t do it as well, surely.

Andrew: Well yeah, but they…

Jerry: And they can…

Andrew: Yeah.

Jerry: [unintelligible]

Andrew: They could have been all panicking at the wedding too, I guess.

Jerry: Yeah.

Andrew: To what JJ is trying to say. But say you’re Voldemort right into the eye. You can’t possibly Apparate away from that. You want to, but…,

JJ: Well, she tries to keep the door locked, right? Didn’t they say in passing she does something to the door? And he just kind of laughs that off like a joke?

Andrew: I don’t remember that specifically, but…

Jaime: Yes, yes, he did. She put a load of books [laughs] and bookcases and stuff in front of the door and he blasts that off.

JJ: Yeah, come on. Maybe she should have…

[Andrew laughs]

JJ: …concentrated her efforts on Apparating.

Andrew: [laughs] Well…

Jaime: No, no, what she would have done was hid behind the door with a frying pan because although Voldemort is highly…

Andrew: A frying pan?

Jaime: Yeah, he’s not telepathic.

[Jerry laughs]

Jaime: She could have hit him over the head, she could have got him in a headlock and done something to him. There are other ways to…

JJ: She has a wand and you’re saying she should get a frying pan?

[Andrew laughs]

Jaime: No, she can’t duel him on magical ability so she has to find another way.

Andrew: Oh.

Jaime: Perhaps she could seduce him.

Andrew: Yeah.

JJ: So maybe she should have kicked him…

Jaime: In the private area.

JJ: …you know, in the little Voldemort.

[Andrew laughs]

Jaime: You should have written the…

Mikey: In the little Voldemort?

[Andrew laughs]

Mikey: What is that? God.

Andrew: That’s funny. [laughs]

JJ: I hear what you’re saying, Jamie, but in one breath you just said that he can stop people from Apparating just because he’s a psychopath but she should have gotten a frying pan.

Jaime: You don’t know [laughs] the forcefulness behind a woman with a frying pan.

[Andrew laughs]

Jaime: Not that I know, but…

[Jerry laughs]

Andrew: Okay.

Jerry: Yeah.

JJ: It must be a British thing.

[Andrew laughs]

Jaime: What, a frying pan? [laughs]

Jerry: Definitely a British thing.

Andrew: [laughs] So what else…

Jaime: Perhaps she’ll use bacon to…

[Andrew laughs]

JJ: I don’t know, Andrew. Perhaps a caller would like to call in and talk about that. I think I’ve unearthed something pretty significant.

Andrew: Okay. Well, let’s see if someone – here, we have a caller right here. Michelle, do you have anything to add to this discussion?

JJ: Hi, Michelle.

[Prolonged silence]

Andrew: She’s speechless. Okay, let’s try someone else.

JJ: [in a high-pitched voice] Hi, Andrew. It’s me, Michelle.

Andrew: [laughs] Oh, someone called JJ. We’ll have two JJs here. JJ?

Caller: Holy cow, you guys picked up. Hang on.

Andrew: Oh.

Caller: Let me mute my thingy.

Andrew: Okay, thank you. Concerned caller. JJ…

Caller: All right, can you guys hear me?

Andrew: Yeah, JJ, let me introduce you to JJ.

Caller: [laughs] Hey.

Andrew: Were you listening to the discussion at hand?

Caller: Yeah, about the frying pan? About the wand and the frying pan?

JJ: [unintelligible] ten hours.

Caller: Say that again.

[Prolonged silence]

Caller: Can you say that again?

Andrew: Say that again, JJ. Capella.

[Prolonged silence]

Andrew: Repeat.

[Caller laughs]

JJ: [unintelligible] wanted to compliment you guys on this being the best part of the ten and a half hours so far.

Andrew: Oh.

JJ: It’s become riveting once again.

Caller: Yeah.

Andrew: Well, it is riveting, I’ll tell you that.

[Caller laughs]

Andrew: So go ahead, JJ. Caller.

Caller: Which JJ are you talking about now, Andrew?

Andrew: You. I’ll refer to you as…

Caller: JJ 1.

Andrew: …JJ 2. I’ll refer to you as the real JJ.

Caller: Okay.

Andrew: [laughs] Go ahead.

Caller: Wow, I’m actually kind of surprised you guys picked up because this is officially my second time on the show because way back when you guys picked up I’m from Alpharetta.

Andrew: Oh okay. Yeah.

Caller: Remember?

Andrew: Right.

Caller: Not really? That’s cool.

Andrew: No, no, I remember it.

Caller: Okay, so I was listening at the very beginning of the morning and then I finally got back from my audition all day. And I wanted to ask you, Andrew, have you guys talked about Steve Jobs reducing the iPhone by $200?

Andrew: Now, wait a second…

Mikey: Wait, wait, wait, I can’t talk about Apple products at all.

[Andrew laughs]

Caller: I had to ask it, Andrew.

Andrew: [laughs] Mikey just jumps right in.

Caller: So I’m so sorry.

Mikey: Guys, I’m going to have to leave.

Andrew: There’s no reason to fret, because Steve Jobs handed me a hundred dollars the other day.

Caller: There you go. There you go.

Andrew: Those two days. I was very happy about that.

[Caller laughs]

Andrew: But do you want to add to this discussion we’re talking about right now? Do you have anything to add?

Caller: Sure, I’ll add. Okay, give me a little recap again. Sorry, I’m so excited to be on the show. Give me a little twenty-second recap.

Andrew: Well, basically real JJ is saying that Lily could have just Apparated. Or sorry, the first JJ is saying Lily could have just Apparated when Voldemort came up to kill her and Harry.

Caller: Okay…

Andrew: Would you agree with this or what?

Caller: Well, would she have taken her kid? Like, would she have taken Harry with her?

Andrew: Well, you would assume so.

Caller: Okay.

JJ: [unintelligible] this whole time

Caller: I would have done it. Sorry, dude, if I had the chance of Apparating out of my own house with my own kid – like as a girl, I would have done it.

Andrew: No, no, but we’re saying, why didn’t she?

Caller: Why didn’t she? Maybe she just felt really compelled to stand her ground because the guy just murdered her husband. I don’t know.

JJ: Oh, that’s a good…

Andrew: Oh, that is a good answer, yeah. Plus it’s her house that Voldemort is in, you know?

Mikey: I don’t think…

Caller: I mean, maybe she was just like, “Dude, this is my area. Get the heck out of my house. You can’t do this. You just can’t walk into my house and try to kill my son without putting up with me first.”

Andrew: Fair point. Rebuttal?

Caller: There you go.

Andrew: JJ 1?

JJ: No, that’s pretty legit.

Andrew: [laughs] Okay.

[Caller laughs]

JJ: That’s a better answer than the frying pan.

[Andrew and Caller laugh]

Andrew: Definitely.

Jaime: Less practical.

JJ: Very well thought out, JJ.

Caller: Well, why would Harry have a frying pan in his bedroom, JJ 1?

Andrew: No, that point…

Mikey: You guys, come on. I know why.

Andrew: That point was risen by Jamie, actually.

Caller: Sorry, Jamie.

Mikey: Guys, he has a frying pan in his room because…

Jaime: No, I think it’s extremely a bit sort of close minded to ask why he wouldn’t. You should be asking why he would. He could very well have one because something happened as a child, even though he was a child, and he liked frying pans for some reason. Or he was – okay, I can’t think of anything. This is – [laughs] I’m so tired.

Caller: Okay, Jamie, I can play devil’s advocate and think on this one with you. Okay?

Andrew: Go for it.

Caller: Do you want to hear my little rebuttal?

Jaime: Please.

Caller: Okay.

Jaime: I’ll buy you something nice.

[Caller laughs]

Andrew: You have good audio whereas Jamie is incapable of…

[Caller laughs]

Jaime: Yes, Andrew.

Andrew: …having consistently loud audio. [laughs]

Caller: Okay. Well…

Jaime: I’m sorry, my computer turned it down for me…

[Andrew and Caller laugh]

Jaime: …and I can’t do anything about it.

Caller: Okay. Well, to help your theory with the frying pan, Jamie, I’m reading this book right now, Like Water for Chocolate, Laura Esquivel, I think that’s how she pronounced her name. Well anyways, in the book the little baby – [laughs] well, the baby in this book, to stay with her real mother, Tita the main character…

Jaime: Yeah.

Caller: …has to have a frying pan with food in her bedroom to get her used to her mother.

Jaime: That is so true. That is exactly what happened in Harry Potter as well.

[Caller laughs]

Andrew: Okay. Well, that’s just silly.

[Caller laughs]

Andrew: Silly, Andrew? Silly? Are you denouncing someone else’s carefully-written book silly?

[Caller laughs]

Andrew: Well, thank you, JJ, for calling in.

Caller: No problem, Andrew. Pleasure to be on the show as always.

Andrew: Thank you. You win as always. As always.

[Andrew and Caller laugh]

Andrew: Just kidding.

Caller: Bye, dude. [laughs]

Andrew: Bye.

Jaime: Goodbye.

Caller: Bye.

Jaime: I like that person.

Andrew: What were you saying, JJ 1?

JJ: Just reminding all the callers to vote Andrew Sims in the sixth movie.

Andrew: [laughs] Okay.

JJ: Andrew Sims for the sixth movie.

Mikey: Oh yeah, how is that poll going? How far down am I?

Andrew: Oh yeah, let’s check it out. Jamie is winning, I’m in second place, Mikey’s in third, and Ben’s got a close fourth.

Mikey: Woah, you mean I’m actually above Ben? That surprises me.

Andrew: Yeah.

Discussion: Which Character Would You Want to Play in the Harry Potter Films?

JJ: Can I throw out another question here?

Andrew: Yeah, go ahead. And Chloe is on the line now. I think she would be a good person to fight and…

JJ: Well, Chloe can…

Caller: Hi.

JJ: Hi, Chloe.

Andrew: Hi. Oh, and we lost a connection. I’ll call her back. But go ahead, explain.

JJ: Well, Chloe can maybe get on it when you pick this back up, but I’ll pose this and it’s probably something you’ve been told before, but let’s assume that because of your massive Harry Potter hand that you can get you and all your buddies into the next movie.

Andrew: [laughs] Why do you keep bringing this up?

JJ: What part do you want to play?

Andrew: Umm…

JJ: This is a good question for a Harry Potter fan. If you could be in the movie, where do you see yourself?

Jaime: A tree.

Andrew: No, I wouldn’t…

[Mikey laughs]

Andrew: Honestly – that’s kind of a good question. If we were to be in the Harry Potter movies…

Caller: Hi, I’m actually calling as part of the discussion tonight.

Andrew: Okay. Well, hold on one second.

Caller: Okay.

Andrew: This is actually a good question. If we were all offered a part in the movie, which part would we take?

[Jamie and Mikey respond]

Andrew: One at a time now. One at a time now.

Mikey: I want to be part of the Order. That’s what I really would want.

Andrew: Yeah.

JJ: Do you have a specific character in mind?

Andrew: Yeah.

Mikey: Well, if I had to be a specific character, I want to be Harry. But… [laughs]

JJ: Come on, let’s be realistic.

Mikey: No, realistic – I would just like to be an Order member, like we saw some random characters fighting or whatever. Or just a student in the DA, you know what I mean?

Jaime: Yeah.

Mikey: Like who was Nigel? You know what I mean? Give me a random character: Mikey B, who knows?

[Jamie and Mikey laugh]

Mikey: I would love to just have a wand and be like, stick it to the man, stick it to the Death Eaters.

Andrew: A lot of people in the chat are saying Jamie would be great for Teddy Lupin, but that’s not…

Jaime: I don’t think that would work.

Andrew: Yeah.

Mikey: [laughs] I think Alex would be a great Teddy Lupin!

Andrew: [laughs] Yeah!

Mikey: Alex Carpenter from The Remus Lupins, he would be a perfect Teddy Lupin. Just have a quick pan shot of him making out with some girl.

[Jamie and Mikey laugh]

Mikey: He would hate that.

Andrew: I’m going to be lame and say if I had to pick – God, I can’t think of what other role I’d be able to do besides Harry.

Jaime: Slughorn.

Andrew: I couldn’t be Hagrid or Dumbledore. But I mean, at my age. Well, I guess – okay.

JJ: You could be a young Dumbledore.

Andrew: Yeah, if…

JJ: Don’t forget, there’s a young Dumbledore…

[Jamie laughs]

JJ: …in the seventh book.

Andrew: Okay, that’s true. I’ll say…

JJ: Or Dumbledore’s buddy that he duels with because that guy…

Andrew: Grindelwald?

Jaime: Oh, Grindelwald?

JJ: Yeah.

Mikey: Oh, I would love to be Grindelwald. That would be so cool to be a young Grindelwald.

JJ: Ahhh, see? You don’t need to think about teenage…

Mikey: I didn’t even think about it. Wow.

[JJ laughs]

Mikey: Oh, can I be a young Kingsley Shacklebolt? [laughs] I love Shacklebolt. I’m sorry, guys.

Jaime: [laughs] Shacklebolt.

Andrew: Somebody said Andrew for director.

[Jerry laughs]

Andrew: I think I’ll take that instead.

Jerry: Andrew for Ariana Dumbledore. [laughs]

JJ: What do you think, Andrew? Slughorn for me?

Andrew: Slughorn? Actually – well, Slughorn would be good. I would also put you in the Hagrid category.

JJ: Oh, that’s a compliment.

Andrew: No, no. [laughs] No, I’m just saying. I think you’d – never mind. Slughorn, yeah. Slughorn would be great for you. Or how about…

JJ: Hagrid is kind of a giant. I think Slughorn is just a giant waste of space.

Andrew: [laughs] Well…

JJ: [unintelligible] I think I can play that really well.

Andrew: [laughs] Okay, yeah.

JJ: I don’t have visions of grandeur like other people.

Andrew: Nick – Brandon just IM’d me. He said…

Jaime: Andrew for Harry, yeah.

Andrew: …I should be Harry Potter. He still said on the fact that I have the Harry accent which I don’t understand. But thanks, Brandon.

Jerry: “I’m Harry Potter!”

Andrew: Yeah. Okay…

Jaime: Mikey…

Andrew: …so another thing – go ahead, Jamie.

Jaime: I was just going to say, Mikey, someone in the chatroom said that Mikey B should play Mikey B. Apparently there’s a character I missed called Mikey B.

Andrew: [laughs] Yeah.

Jerry: You missed that? If you were reading…

Jaime: Well, I heard he was badass, dude, but I can’t remember him.

Mikey: Because this is what happened is his wand work is just so fast. He’s Mikey B! His wand work is just like [makes dueling noises] round, like…

[Jamie laughs]

Mikey: You guys are totally missing me. My arms are flailing, I’m making sound effects right now. [laughs] It would be so amazing to have a Mikey B character. I’m sorry.

Jaime: No, you see, Mikey, I don’t think you’d use your wand, I think you’d just talk to Voldemort. He’d try and kill you, and you’d be like, “Dude.”

Mikey: “Dude, seriously, relax. Chill.”

Jaime: “What are we doing here, guys?”

Mikey: “What are we doing here?” Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah.

Mikey: I would use logic because again, I’m a lover, not a fighter. I’m a lover, not a fighter.

Jaime: [laughs] There’d be like, [imitating Mikey B] “I’m Voldemort. I’m Mikey B. I’m Voldy. I’m Voldy M.”

Andrew: Okay. Well, let’s get back to the…

Mikey: Voldy M, really? Sorry, Andrew.

Andrew: One more burning topic, JJ. Then we’ll move on.

JJ: I think Chloe wants to…

Caller: I just want to say really quickly – yeah.

Andrew: [laughs] What, Chloe?

Caller: [laughs] I just want to say personally I’d want to be any character that gets to make out with Rupert Grint, but that might just be me.

Andrew: Oh my God. Yeah, I know what you mean.

Mikey: I want to be Lav-Lav.

[Caller laughs]

Mikey: I want to be Lav-Lav, guys. I want to be Lav-Lav.

[Andrew laughs]

Mikey: Really. Lav-Lav.

Caller: Yeah. I have some friends who are like, “Yeah, you should totally go for that.”

Andrew: All right, so JJ?

JJ: Oh, I’m sorry. [laughs] I forget.

Andrew: Yeah. [laughs]

Caller: Shock because… [unintelligible]

MuggleCast 113 Transcript (continued)

Discussion: The Weasleys’ Relationship with the Potters

JJ: All right, I actually did come up with a couple of things. All right, here’s something weird: Harry meets the Weasleys, right, in Book 1?

Andrew: Mhm.

JJ: They completely ran upon him, and he goes back to their house and stuff? And you probably talked about this in an old episode of MuggleCast. How come they’re not like, “Hey, we did know your parents. We were in an order with them. We used to hang out.”

[Andrew laughs]

JJ: It’s kind of like they’re meeting him for the first time, they don’t know anything about him, and they never bring up the fact that they used to really hang out with their parents. Kind of random.

Andrew: Umm.

JJ: Jamie “Frying Pans”, something you got to say about that?

[Andrew and Jerry laugh]

Jaime: I – hmm. Hmm. Hmm. Hmm. Yes, I do believe that they’re such nice people they would not dare to bring up such an emotional subject straight away and would rather keep it quiet for a while.

Andrew: Actually, a lot of people are bringing up the point that they weren’t in the Order at first.

Jaime: Yeah, yeah!

[Andrew laughs]

Caller: Yeah, didn’t they come in second time around?

Andrew: Yeah…

Jerry: I don’t know… [unintelligible]

Andrew: …they weren’t in the Order the first time around.

JJ: They weren’t good enough?

[Andrew laughs]

JJ: But then there’s [unintelligible] because they show pictures.

Jerry: Yeah.

JJ: In the sixth or seventh book, there’s a picture, right? In Sirius’s house that he finds? The Weasleys are in it somewhere or somebody gives him a picture. Or am I wrong?

Andrew: That’s true, isn’t it?

JJ: There’s a picture with the Weasleys, and if I have to go upstairs and find the book, so help me I will.

[Andrew laughs]

Mikey: The Prewetts are in it.

Jaime: Oh, but JJ, you can’t take those pictures as anything more than nice illustrations.

Mikey: I don’t…

Andrew: Well no, a lot of people…

JJ: No, I don’t think it’s an actual picture in the book. I mean they reference having a picture…

Jerry: A description.

Jaime: Oh, I see.

JJ:[unintelligible] and the Potters.

Caller: Did they really?

Jaime: Are you sure you…

JJ: Did I just make that up?

Jaime: I think you might…

Jerry: Lots of people are saying…

Andrew: Yeah, a lot of people are…

Jerry: …that they were in there, but Molly’s brother or somebody’s brother was in it.

Andrew: Oh okay.

Jerry: Some relation of the Weasleys.

Andrew: Okay. Well, fair enough.

Jerry: Need to check it.

Andrew: So yeah, not too accurate about that. [laughs]

Jaime: It was a good test, though. Well done.

Andrew: Yeah.

JJ: So was I wrong?

Andrew: I think you were wrong, yes.

JJ: I’m going to prove myself right.

[Andrew laughs]

JJ: That’s my goal before you’re done in the next hour.

Andrew: Okay. [laughs] All right. Well, let’s take some other callers now because people are still…

Caller: [laughs] I think you guys have seen enough of me for one night.

Andrew: Yeah, we have, Chloe. All I want is your ticket.

Caller: [laughs] I know. Actually, I’m…

Jerry: Actually use her.

Andrew: Remember, I’ll take – no, I’m not using her. I’m just saying.

[Jerry laughs]

Andrew: If you want to offer me your ticket, that’s cool.

Caller: Yeah, I’m dealing with some moral issues with that right now. My mom is trying to get me to donate it to charity, so…

Andrew: Donate it to charity? How about the charity of Andrew Sims?

Caller: [laughs] The Andrew Sims Charity.

Andrew: Yeah.

Jerry: It’s a worthy cause.

Andrew: Donate it to me.

Caller: Yeah.

Andrew: Okay well, thank you for calling, Chloe.

Caller: Definitely.

Andrew: And we’ll talk to you…

Caller: Oh, before I go…

Andrew: What? Shout-out to who?

Caller: [laughs] Well, you know this person now so I have to.

Andrew: Okay.

Caller: I’ve been talking to her the entire time, Sam Friedman.

Andrew: [laughs] Oh geez.

Caller: She’s just like, “God, when are you going to mention me?” so it’s about time.

Andrew: Well, she’s at work right now so unfortunately – yeah.

Caller: Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah.

Caller: All right, cool. So have a good night.

Jaime: Thank you. Buh-bye!

Caller: I’m turning in.

Andrew: All right. Goodnight!

Caller: [laughs] Bye!

Jerry: 99.

Jaime: Okay, before we move on I haven’t named a vegetable for this hour, so the vegetable for this hour are peas.

Andrew: Peas? Okay.

Mikey: Snow peas or just normal peas?

Jaime: Your choice, really. I’m easy.

Listener Calls: Future Wizard Rock Singles by Andrew, Pickle Pack

Andrew: Nora, you’re on MuggleCast Live. What’s up?

Caller: Hi.

Andrew: How are you doing?

Caller: Hold on, let me mute my thing.

Andrew: Thank you.

Caller: Okay, so I have a message for you guys from my good friend Elsy who is not allowed to have Skype.

Andrew: Okay.

Caller: And she wants to say she wants to thank you guys for MuggleCast and for Pickle Pack because she’s made a lot of good friends through it and Andrew, she wants to know if you have another wizard rock single coming out.

Andrew: Okay, hold on.

[Talking in the background]

Andrew: Hi. Hey, how are you doing? Anyway, what – sorry. No, I don’t have any more wizard rock singles coming out. That’s something that I’m not working on right now. I appreciate your interest, however I’m not working on any right now.

Caller: Okay.

Andrew: However, since JJ is on the line I will say he’s written up some new lyrics for me. They’re a little too inappropriate for public release though.

Jaime: [laughs] I can imagine they are.

Andrew: Yeah.

Jaime: Can I see them? [laughs]

Andrew: Yeah, I’d love to show them to you but…

Caller: [laughs] All right, and I have another question: For Pickle Pack, since just everyone has had a date switch, are you guys ever going to change the links on the sidebar?

Andrew: Yeah, we’re going to work on that. I’ve got to e-mail the coder.

Caller: Okay, because we’re getting really confused lately.

Andrew: Oh okay. Well yeah, sorry about that.

Caller: That’s okay. And we also want to say that you guys should go to Portus because that’s where all the fun is going to be this summer.

Mikey: I’m probably going to be there.

[Andrew laughs]

Caller: So you should definitely go to Portus. There are going to be a bunch of us there and…

Andrew: Yeah. Well, I’m sure there will be a lot of people there.

Caller: Mostly lots of Vultures, so…

Andrew: We actually have a very big MuggleCast fan who works for Portus, Prophecy, and all that. So yeah, we’ll see.

Caller: And my friend Alyssa whose Skype name is Rayne – R-A-Y-N-E-05 – she lives in Norway and it’s really late there and she’s sick and she’s been staying up all night calling you guys, and she really, really wants to talk to you guys.

Andrew: Awww.

Caller: So if you give her a call and if you could answer, she would love it. You should see Alyssa that they had Jamie say “I love you” to.

Andrew: Oh okay.

Caller: So she really wants to talk to you guys.

Andrew: Well, what’s her Skype name?

Caller: Rayne. R-A-Y-N-E-05.

Andrew: Okay. All right, thanks for calling.

Caller: Thank you.

Andrew: Oops, I cut her off. Man, I’m so bad at this!

[Jerry laughs]

Mikey: It’s that button. Guess what I’m eating, guys? I have watermelon.

Listener Calls: If Harry Was a Girl

Andrew: It’s too easy. Darn, now I lost her name. Let’s take another call here. Let’s see who’s calling. Casey Carter. Casey Carter, hello.

Caller: Hi!

Andrew: How are you doing today?

Caller: I’m pretty good.

Andrew: Good.

Caller: I’ve been calling since 12:00…

Andrew: Wow.

Caller: …and I’m really excited. [laughs]

Andrew: Awww. Well, thank you for waiting.

Caller: [laughs] Thank you.

Andrew: What’s going on?

Caller: Not much. Just hanging out. I’ve kind of had a question for a while ago.

Andrew: For what?

Caller: I’ve got a question for a while that I’ve been wanting to ask.

Andrew: Okay.

[Prolonged silence]

Andrew: Darn it.

[Mouse clicking noises in the background]

Andrew: Sorry about that, I screwed up. Continue.

Caller: [laughs] Okay.

Laura: Hey.

Andrew: Hey. Hold on.

[Mouse clicking noises in the background]

Andrew: Sorry. Try one more time. I’m really sorry. [laughs]

Caller: Okay. It’s okay.

Andrew: I’m trying to get Laura back in and it keeps putting everyone else on hold while I put everyone in here. So okay, go ahead. I’m listening now.

Caller: I was just – I wanted to ask a question, what you guys thought.

Andrew: Okay.

Caller: Do you think that Snape would have been nicer to Lily and James’s child if they had a girl that looked just like Lily?

Mikey: Woah, woah.

Jerry: Probably.

Mikey: That brings up a whole lot of weird…

[Jerry laughs]

Andrew: Well, that’s interesting because I mean, what would the girl think? [laughs] Well, I see what Mikey is thinking. But…

Mikey: Well, come on. I don’t think so. I think he would – I don’t know, maybe.

Jerry: You could write exactly the same story with a female lead.

Andrew: See…

Jerry: Harry could have been Harriet. I mean…

Mikey: Yeah, but see, the problem is, though – the reason he hates Harry so much is because it’s always a constant reminder that lost to James because he looks so much like James.

Andrew: Right.

Mikey: If he looked like Lily, you think how much he cared about Lily and kind of like – I think Jamie said it best when he was talking about – it was kind of weird him sitting in the bushes looking at Lily, spying. Can you imagine having a little Lily running around…

Andrew: Yeah.

Mikey: …and him being a teacher for? I think it would be awkward and kind of gross, but maybe my mind is just set up that way.

Caller: [laughs] Yeah.

Mikey: I’m sorry.

Andrew: See, the thing is though, Harry has Lily’s eyes. So wouldn’t that be the same thing as Harry being a girl and looking like Lily? Because he does look like Lily. He has Lily’s eyes. Not exactly, but would a female Harry look like Lily either?

Caller: I don’t know.

JJ: He looked more like his father and they made a big deal about that, and Snape really hated his father, right?

Andrew and Mikey: Yeah.

Andrew: Oh, that’s true.

JJ: [unintelligible] accurate. Like, they clearly state he looked more like his father.

Andrew: Yeah.

Mikey: Yeah. So again, that’s what my point is. He hates Harry because it’s a constant reminder of how much him and James fought. And it’s always the joke – they always say, “I thought you could have put this behind you, Severus.” Blah blah blah blah blah. All that sort of stuff. But…

Jaime: I always thought – I agree on that, but I would say it’s also – he also hates Harry because Harry is the reason the woman he loves is dead as well, basically.

Mikey: Yeah, but honestly, if the lead in Harry Potter, instead of it being Harry, the guy Harry we know, that looked like James, with Lily’s eyes, and was a Lily lookalike with James’s eyes – because it looked so much like Lily, I think it would be a constant reminder and he’d resent that.

Jaime: Yeah, that’s true.

Mikey: But I don’t think he would be able to bring himself to actually treat her the way he treated Harry because it wasn’t the body of somebody he hated, it was someone that he loved. You know what I mean? Like, he hated James and because he hated James it was so easy to hate Harry, even though when he looked at Harry he was still able to see Lily. If he looked at a female Harry and he saw Lily, even though he would hate it because of James and maybe this is the reason that Lily died, I don’t think he’d ever bring himself to really hate a female Harry as much as he’d hate the male Harry. So…

Andrew: I guess that’s a good point.

Caller: Yeah.

Mikey: And again, it’s not being like a double standard, if it’s a boy or girl. I think it’s just the way – because Snape is a guy.

Andrew: Yeah.

Mikey: Now, if you put a female character there, the teacher, and it was a girl, then because there’s none of that animosity of loving the character that it looks like – you know what I mean?

Andrew: Yeah.

Mikey: I think then it would work. But since Snape was a guy and a female Harry would look just like the person that he loved, even though yes, it’s twenty years younger and all that stuff, it would still remind him of his past when he was a little kid and in love with her. And even if – when I said that’s kind of gross, even if nothing like that happened, I don’t think he’d bring himself to be a complete jerk to a female Harry like he was a male Harry.

Andrew: Right.

Caller: Yup.

Andrew: Okay.

Caller: Yeah, I agree.

Andrew: Fair point. Well, thank you, Casey, for calling in!

Caller: Can I just…

Andrew: Do a shout-out?

Caller: …give a shout-out?

Andrew: Oh, of course. [laughs]

Caller: I’d like to give a shout-out to Avalon in the AIM chat. They’re all telling me to.

Andrew: Okay.

Caller: And people are asking, what’s Jamie’s favorite Pokemon?

[Andrew laughs]

Mikey: [imitating Charizard] “Charizard!”

Jaime: Well, Charizard was very cool [laughs] but…

[Caller laughs]

Jaime: …I think – this is an extremely tough question that should really require hours and hours of analytical thought and discussion…

Caller: Of course.

Jaime: …and involve arguing, but as a…

Mikey: [poorly imitating Squirtle] “Squirtle!”

Jaime: Well, Squirtle was a bit weak and a bit sort of poncy, but – [laughs] actually that’s not true. He was very, very cool and he evolved into a beast! But I like Mew a lot, I must say, just because he’s sort of epiphanized innocence and goodness and all that kind of thing. And I love the battle between Mew and Mewtwo. However, I think my absolute favorite would have to be Lugia, who is known as the guardian of the sea. I’m not sad, by the way, I just know this stuff. He was in Pokemon: The Movie 2000 and he was so powerful, he had to swim on the ocean’s floor to stop…

Andrew: [sighs] What a dork. What a dork. What a dork.

Mikey: Hey Jamie…

[Caller laughs]

Jaime: Andrew, what movie have you seen recently? Hairspray?

Andrew: Yeah, I’m a big fan of Hairspray. It’s…

Jaime: Really? I’m a big fan of Pokemon.

Andrew: Oh really? Well…

Mikey: Guys…

Andrew: Okay, that’s cool, I guess.

Mikey: Guys, I need to give a shout-out and the only reason is…

Andrew: [laughs] Okay. Thank you, Casey, for calling.

Mikey: I need to give a shout-out.

Andrew: Yeah.

Mikey: I went to the SPoT chatroom. Guys, I went to the SPoT chatroom, that S-P-lowercase o-T chatroom.

Andrew: Uh-huh.

Mikey: And I have to give a big shout-out to them because someone wrote there “Boomshakalaka.”

[Andrew laughs]

Mikey: Give it up for bringing Boomshakalaka back! I’m going to start saying “Boomshakalaka,” really. It’s like, Boomshakalaka!

[Andrew laughs]

Mikey: Mikey B! Mikey B says Boomshakalaka!

Andrew: Thank God you have energy.

Jaime: Mikey, have you had any e-mails yet?

Mikey: Hey, I just – you know what? Leslie just brought me some watermelon and…

Jaime: Ooh.

Mikey: If you guys don’t know, Leslie is my girlfriend. She’s here with me. And she brought me some watermelon and watermelon is pretty tasty, I must say.

Jaime: It is.

Mikey: And come on, Boomshakalaka!

[Andrew laughs]

Jaime: Mikey, have you had any e-mails with “Mikey B!” impersonations yet?

Mikey: Yeah, I got a few. I got a few. Seriously, send your “Mikey B”…

Jaime: Any decent ones or have they been done before?

Mikey: Send your “Mikey B” e-mails, people. Wait, what? Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention, I was talking.

Jaime: Have they been done before or are they – any original ones?

Mikey: No, there is one. I sent you one on Skype, a link to one, where this person is singing in harmony and it’s like, [singing in ascending scales] “Mikey, Mikey, Mikey!” And then all of a sudden it goes, [sings in a deep voice] “B!”

Mikey’s Tattoo, Prophecy

Andrew: Oh yeah. Melanie, hi. You’re live on the show.

Caller: Hey!

Mikey: Hi, Melanie.

Andrew: Hey!

Jerry: Hey, Mel.

Andrew: How are you doing?

Caller: Mikey and Jerry, what’s up?

[Jerry laughs]

Andrew: Now, wait a second. Jerry addressed Melanie as “Mel,” meaning that I think they know each other.

Caller: Ahhh, no. No, we don’t.

[Jerry laughs]

Andrew: Okay, whatever.

Jerry: Okay, we don’t.

Mikey: Anyway, hi!

Andrew: Hey, Mel. Hey, nickname.

Caller: It’s “South Jersey” Melanie.

Andrew: Oh yeah, I know. I know.

[Caller laughs]

Andrew: I really get offended. People are like…

Mikey: Hey!

Andrew: …”Remember me?” Yeah, I remember you! Why wouldn’t I?

[Caller laughs]

Andrew: Like Melanie, she said that last time I met you wherever…

Mikey: Melanie was one of the first people to see my tattoo done.

Andrew: Why, was she in California?

Mikey: She was at California. She was at The Remus Lupins show that night.

Andrew: Why were you in California? How did you end up out there?

Mikey: Oh, actually no. I got my…

Caller: No, no, my friend Grace, she invited me to California with her and then we weren’t doing anything that night and we’re like, “Oh look, Alex is playing a show,” so we went and we saw the show. It was fun.

Andrew: [laughs] Yeah right, you had that planned for months!

Mikey: Wait, wait…

Andrew: Whatever.

[Caller laughs]

Mikey: Melanie, that was the night I played saxophone with The Remus Lupins, right?

Caller: Yeah!

Mikey: Yeah, I played saxophone with them.

Andrew: Mikey just wanted to throw in there that he [laughs] played saxophone with them.

Jaime: [laughs] Yeah, yeah.

Mikey: Yeah, yeah, I kind of did. I’m sorry.

Jaime: That was the night they closed that billion dollar deal and made five billion pounds.

Andrew: Yeah.

Mikey: Yeah.

Andrew: “I did that thing with those prestigious people.”

Mikey: That thing with the rock and roll band. You know, what can I say?

[Loud beep noise]

Andrew: Owww. Okay.

Caller: But Andrew, I was so confused. You recognized me because I looked so different. I mean, I was wearing pajamas and I had Rita sunglasses on and I had…

Andrew: Was that at Prophecy?

[Loud beep noise]

Andrew: Okay, stop hitting the numbers on your phone. Where was that, Prophecy?

Caller: Yeah, it was the pajama contest.

Andrew: Right, right.

[Caller laughs]

Andrew: Yeah, why wouldn’t I – if I know someone, I know someone.

[Jerry laughs]

Andrew: I recognize their facial features and their physical attributes. Stuff like that.

[Caller laughs]

Andrew: So yeah, okay. So why did you call in today?

Caller: I have no idea.

Andrew: [laughs] Okay. Well…

[Jerry laughs]

Caller: I kept telling Mikey I would listen to MuggleCast again and I hadn’t actually done it.

Andrew: Again? You mean you stopped?

Caller: What? Jen? No, Jen didn’t make me stop.

Andrew: No, no, no, I said “Again?”

Caller: [laughs] Oh.

Andrew: Whatever. Never mind.

[Jerry laughs]

Andrew: I’m confused.

Caller: [laughs] I thought you said – I’m sorry, my brother and my friend are laughing hysterically in the room and I really don’t want to say why they’re laughing, so… [laughs]

Andrew: Oh okay.

Caller: [laughs] No, stop, stop! No, but – oh no, I just got busy and stuff, and things got crazy, so yeah.

Andrew: Okay. Well, thank you for that. Thank you for calling.

Caller: Hi to Chloe and Jacky, by the way.

Andrew: Yeah, shout-out! Woo! I’m just messing with you because I know you.

Caller: Oh, and Iki if she’s listening.

Andrew: Okay.

Jerry: Yay, Iki! Woo!

Mikey: Hi!

[Caller laughs]

Andrew: Yeah, see, Jerry, you do know these people. Thanks for calling in, Melanie.

Mikey: I know…

Jerry: She did name-drop Rita, the lovely Rita, my Facebook wife.

Mikey: Oh, is that Rita Gill we’re talking about?

Jerry: Yeah, yeah.

Jaime: Your Facebook wife.

Jerry: Yes.

MuggleCast 113 Transcript (continued)

Who the Girl Is in Andrew and Jamie’s “Relationship”?

Andrew: Jamie, remember when you and I used to be in a relationship on Facebook?

[Jerry laughs]

Jaime: Oh, I do, yes. That was ages ago!

Mikey: I’m in a relationship with you, Jamie, on Facebook.

Andrew: I only bring that up because there’s rumors in the Ustream chat right now that Jamie and I have something going on.

Jerry: Jamdrew.

Mikey: Ooh.

[Andrew and Jerry laugh]

Andrew: Yeah.

Mikey: Awww.

[Jerry and Mikey laugh]

Andrew: Allison, hi.

[Prolonged silence]

Andrew: Allison, hi.

Caller: Hi.

Andrew: You’re live on MuggleCast. What’s going on?

Caller: Hi. Hold on, let me turn off my thing.

Andrew: Thank you. I love all these concerned people.

Jaime: Andrew, can I just say, I’m extremely concerned that in this chat, I’m the girlfriend.

[Caller laughs]

Jaime: I’m the female in this relationship.

Jerry: Well, you are feminine. [laughs]

Mikey: Since when did Jamie become a female?

Andrew: JJ, what do you think? Who’s the girl in this relationship?

Jaime: It’s clearly Andrew, isn’t it?

Jerry: Who wears the trousers?

Mikey: Well, come on, guys…

JJ: Why are you referring to me to answer…

Mikey: …Andrew is the one that liked Hairspray how many times?

Andrew: Because I know you’ll side with me, JJ. [laughs]

JJ: Yeah, I think we both need to look into our closets to see who has more sweater vests.

[Andrew and Jamie laugh]

JJ: [unintelligible] right, Jamie?

Jaime: Yes, I agree.

Andrew: [laughs] Well, I’ll say right now I did buy one last week. Bought a new one last week.

Jerry: I think the chat is a bit torn about…

Andrew: I admit to it.

Jerry: That should be a poll.

Andrew: I bought a sweater vest. I like the sweater vest. Sorry.

JJ: It takes a [unintelligible] person to be able to pull off the sweater vest.

Caller: It must look amazing on you, Andrew.

Andrew: Oh, thank you, Allison. So anyway, what are you calling in about today?

Caller: Well, I really wanted to be on MuggleCast because it’s been kind of my life’s dream since I saw it.

Andrew: Really?

Jaime: Since you were born.

Andrew: That’s awesome.

Caller: I love it a lot.

Andrew: Oh good, glad to hear you enjoy it.

Caller: And so…

Andrew: Oh God, damn it.

[Prolonged silence]

Andrew: [laughs] I am really going crazy right now, I’m sorry. I’m trying to get Laura in this conversation, I just put everyone on hold and hung up on the caller. So, that was…

JJ: [unintelligible]

Jerry: The next poll will be: Who’s the girl, Jamie or Andrew?

Andrew: That’s a good poll question.

Jerry: Yeah.

Mikey: Who’s the girl in the relationship?

Jerry: Who’s the girl, Jamie or Andrew? New poll.

Andrew: Okay. Let me try to get this caller back. I feel bad now.

Mikey: If I was in this contest I would be the man no matter what. If it was like Jamie or Andrew. Okay, I’m stopping.

Andrew: Yeah, I actually don’t think you win. Here’s someone who…

Mikey: Huh?! [laughs]

Andrew: Karen!

Caller: Hi!

Jerry: I love Karen.

Andrew: How are you doing?

[Callers squeal]

Jerry: Karen is amazing. Karen designed my desktop wallpaper.

Andrew: What’s going on?

Caller: Hi!

Andrew: Hey, are you excited to be on or something?

Mikey: It sounds like there’s more than one person there.

Caller: Hi, this is Karen and Diana.

Caller 2: Hi!

[Jerry laughs]

Andrew: Hi! How are you doing today?

Jaime: Hey!

Caller: Wait, I turned it off so we can’t hear them.

Andrew: [laughs] You hear us now?

Caller: Hey!

Andrew: Hi! How are you doing?

Caller: Hey, this is Karen from the MuggleCast Fan Forums.

Andrew: What’s going on?

[Callers laugh]

Caller: We’ve just been trying all day, yeah.

Andrew: What?

Jerry: They’ve been trying all day.

Andrew: Oh, you’ve been trying all day. Sorry. Well, I’m glad you got through. What’s on your mind? What do you want to talk about?

Caller: Umm, we never really planned it.

[Callers laugh]

Jaime: Anything you want. Anything that’s on your mind.

Caller: Wait, is Jerry here?

Andrew: Who?

Jerry: I am.

JJ: Yeah, I’m right here.

[Andrew laughs]

Caller: Oh, hi. I’ve been talking to you on Facebook for the past day.

Jerry: Really? Can I just say, Karen rocks. She designed a super amazing wallpaper for Fandom ForeCast. So lots of love to Karen.

Jaime: Awww.

Andrew: Very cool.

Caller: Okay…

Andrew: Karen, you’re just the best.

Jerry: Using it right now.

Andrew: All right. Well, Karen, you fail. You don’t have a question so we’re going to try to take some other calls.

Mikey: Awww, don’t say that.

Andrew: No, I mean that nicely. I mean that nicely.

Mikey: Karen, truthfully, don’t worry. Andrew fails at life. He knows he doesn’t have one already so it’s all right, you win.

JJ: Andrew, can we give her a question?

Andrew: [laughs] Yeah, go…

Mikey: Give her a question?

Andrew: Good question – [laughs] I mean good question about the question.

Mikey: Give her a question.

JJ: All right, Karen. Karen, you with me?

Caller: Yeah.

JJ: You’re breathing? You and your friend?

[Andrew laughs]

Discussion: Names of Harry and Ginny’s Children

JJ: We’re okay? All right, here’s a thinker for you: In the epilogue, we find out that Harry and Ginny get married, yes? And they have a kid, and the kid is named Albus Severus. They can throw out some respect for Albus and Severus, but they don’t give a shout-out to the brother of Ginny who died. Any explanation for that? They don’t give a Fred name?

Mikey: Well, how…

Caller: Because George would have named his kid Fred.

Caller 2: They also forgot about Sirius.

JJ: True.

Andrew: Yeah, you can’t name everyone. I mean, what about Cedric and…

JJ: Yeah, but Severus was a jerk.

Caller 2: Well, he tried.

Caller: And it’s already confusing enough. [laughs]

Caller 2: They’re totally ridiculous names that will get them beat up in school.

Mikey: Guys…

JJ: [unintelligible] Severus was just some weirdo perv that liked Lily.

Mikey: [laughs] Guys…

JJ: Right?

Jaime: Ooh.

Mikey: All right. Guys, they can have whatever names they want. They can be Wulfric, all these different names. It would matter, you know why? Because they’re Harry Potter’s son and daughter. Do you realize that automatically makes you cool? You’d just be like, “Oh my gosh, you’re like Harry Potter.”

Jaime: No. Mikey, Mikey, that completely goes against what Dumbledore would say. As Ben – I can’t do it as well as Ben, but it is our choices.

[Andrew laughs]

Jaime: You can’t be cool just because you’re Harry Potter’s son. If you’re awesome, then being Harry Potter’s son just increases that awesomeness. But it ain’t awesomeness for being someone’s child.

JJ: Are you less awesome if your name is Fred?

[Andrew and Mikey laugh]

Mikey: Well, I don’t know. See, my name is Mikey and I have to get it to where – “I’m Mikey B!”

JJ: That has to [unintelligible] your whole life.

Mikey: So you could base it up, but really – [laughs] that’s been my whole life. I’ve been working on getting the “Mikey B” all the way up there.

Jaime: But Mikey…

Mikey: And – yeah?

Jaime: You’ve got to – I think people have to earn the sort of ability to say, “Mi-mi!” You know?

[Mikey laughs]

Jaime: They need to – you can’t just come out with it. You have to be invited into the fraternity. And then perhaps after years and years of telepathy…

Mikey: [unintelligible]

Jaime: …and self-worship then you might, might be able to go “Mik” and then you get stuck and then after twenty more years, you can go “Mi-mi!”

Andrew: All right. Well, thank you, Karen, for calling in.

Mikey: Thanks, Karen.

Andrew: We still got…

Mikey: You don’t fail.

Andrew: Yeah, I’m just kidding, you don’t fail. Let’s take a quick break, get two people in here, and then we will be right back. A lot of people are requesting Spice Girls “If You Wanna Be My Lover,” so this is it.

Mikey: Is that an appropriate song?

Andrew: Yeah.

[“If You Wanna Be My Lover” by Spice Girls plays]

Discussion: Polyjuice Potion and Harry Potter Relationships

Andrew: [sings in time to the music] MuggleCast. MuggleCast Live. MuggleCast Live. Cast Live. Cast Live, Live, Live. [stops singing] We’re back!

Mikey: That was really, really cool.

Andrew: Everyone is more pumped than ever. And two people are back with us now: Alex of The Remus Lupins and Brandon, that random guy…

Mikey: From The Remus Lupins.

[Andrew and Mikey laugh]

Mikey: He’s part of The Remus Lupins.

Andrew: He’s part of The Remus Lupins.

Brandon Nicholas: Oh really?

Andrew: No, you don’t have to say that.

Brandon: Thank you.

Andrew: I’m quoting the newspaper article.

Mikey: Brandon is homeboy of The Remus Lupins.

Alex Carpenter: Our homeboy.

Andrew: [laughs] Homeboy, that’s it!

Brandon: Homeboy.

Andrew: I forgot. [laughs]

Jaime: Andrew, I think we should point out now that we’re in the last fifty minutes of the twelve hours.

Mikey: So what was the last vegetable?

Andrew: Yeah, name the last one. Or is there still one more? I’m confused.

Jaime: No, no. The last one is the one I’m going to say right now.

Brandon: Snow peas.

Jaime: Huh?

Brandon: Snow peas.

Mikey: Was it snow peas?

Jaime: Peas was the last one.

Brandon: Snow peas is the last one?

Jaime: Yeah, yeah.

Andrew: What his peas was. I think Brandon is [laughs] making it differentiate.

Mikey: No, no, I said “snow peas.” I said “snow peas.”

Andrew: [laughs] Snow peas?

Jaime: Snow peas? Okay, okay, fine, fine. The final one is snow peas, there you go.

[Andrew laughs]

Jaime: You’ve been listening for twelve hours, now you have twelve lovely and delightful vegetables.

Andrew: So everyone has to e-mail all the…

Mikey: No, no – eight and eight – sixteen seconds difference.

Andrew: Oh.

Jaime: Mikey…

Mikey: A sixteen second difference between the two, the first place and second place. Yeah.

Andrew: [laughs] Okay, okay. Well, congrats to them. Get their Skype name and then maybe we’ll get them on the show or something.

Mikey: Yeah. Well, here’s her e-mail.

Andrew: Okay. Well…

Jaime: E-mail her and ask her her Skype name.

Andrew: Figure it out. Okay, JJ, you actually had an interesting question to pose to the panel here.

JJ: I did. I’m just trying to think of how to word this. All right, we’ll go to Mikey with this first.

Andrew: [laughs] Okay.

Mikey: Okay.

JJ: All right, Mikey. You look in your bathtub and you happen to find a vial of Polyjuice Potion, all right? You’re in the Harry Potter world.

Mikey: All right.

JJ: Who do you become in order to hook up with a Harry Potter person of your dreams?

Mikey: To hook up with a Harry Potter person of my dreams?

JJ: Who are you stepping in as?

Mikey: Ooh. See, that’s the problem, is…

JJ: Are you a Hermione guy? Are you a Luna – you strike me as a Luna guy.

Mikey: No, no, I’m a Ginny guy.

JJ: Professor McGonagall?

Mikey: I’m a Ginny guy, but the thing is if I can be anybody in Harry Potter that I could impersonate…

JJ: Yeah, but you’re using it for your own…

Mikey: For my own inferious means to – yeah.

Jaime: Yeah, yeah.

Mikey: Well, I’m sorry, I would have to impersonate Harry to – I’m a Harry/Ginny person. I’m a Ginny fan.

Andrew: Huh, interesting. Interesting.

Mikey: Yeah. But if I could be anybody, I’d probably want to be just like Hagrid walking around.

Jaime: Yeah.

Mikey: Because everybody loves Hagrid and he’s so big.

JJ: You like that seven foot, eight foot chick that he hooks up in the fourth movie?

Mikey: No, no, not at all.

[Andrew laughs]

Mikey: Not at all.

JJ: Because that’s what…

Mikey: If I could just be anybody to…

Jaime: That’s what Mikey…

[Andrew laughs]

Mikey: If I can just be anybody to walk around as – dude, Hagrid is like the coolest around because no one can own up to him, come on. He didn’t die – [laughs] he should have died like a hundred times in the last book, but he didn’t. Why?

Jaime: That’s true.

Mikey: [laughs] Because he’s just like part giant. He’s awesome.

JJ: All right. Andrew, how about you?

Alex: And who do you think…

Andrew: Go ahead, Alex.

Alex: I was going to say, just what about Chewbacca? I mean…

Andrew: [laughs] What?

Mikey: Chewy is a Wookie, though.

Alex: We had this discussion last night, sorry.

Andrew: [laughs] Oh okay.

Alex: I was defending Hagrid and Mikey was defending Chewbacca, so I’m going to point that out.

Mikey: It’s Chewbacca. All right, I’m stopping.

Alex: I’m sorry. Go ahead. Go ahead, you guys.

Andrew: Okay. Umm. Geez. [laughs] Oh man. All right – [laughs] now I feel like this is inappropriate for the show. But…

Alex: [laughs] Hour ten. Hour eleven.

Andrew: [laughs] Yeah. Hour twelve, dude! I would have to say Harry as well.

JJ: You’re a Ginny guy too?

Andrew: Yeah. Because I can’t think of any other relationship. I can’t think of any other Harry Potter character that…

JJ: You could be Cedric and there’s Cho Chang.

Andrew: Oh, Cho. Yeah, but that’s not current. That’s – and plus, Cedric is dead, so…

JJ: You could be Lupin if you’re a Tonks guy. Come on.

[Andrew laughs]

JJ: Get it together.

Andrew: Yeah, but…

Mikey: Oh, Lupin maybe. Yeah, still Ginny.

Andrew: I like Tonks in the movie.

JJ: Giant weirdos.

Andrew: [laughs] Yeah, I don’t want to turn into a werewolf.

Brandon: Lupin is pretty boring. I don’t know about Lupin.

Andrew: Yeah, Brandon, who would you transform into?

Brandon: You know, you’re asking a very good question and I would actually go for Samwise Gamgee.

Alex: That’s not…

Brandon: If I could be anybody.

[Andrew and Mikey laugh]

Mikey: Yes! He is Samwise. He is Samwise.

Andrew: Oh my God. Okay.

Mikey: This is turning really bad. Let’s continue.

Andrew: And Alex?

Alex: Are we in Harry Potter or – I forgot because we keep talking about other things.

Andrew: No, we are still on Harry Potter.

Alex: Lupin’s the man, so…

Brandon: Alex from The Remus Lupins, what would you be?

Andrew: [laughs] Yeah. I sort of saw that coming.

Brandon: Alex from The Remus Lupins, what would you be in any book out of…

Alex: Here we go. Are you ready?

Brandon: Yes.

Alex: Are you ready? I would turn into Tonks…

[Andrew and Mikey laugh]

Alex: …so I can hang out with Lupin. [laughs] Because he’s so awesome!

Mikey: [laughs] Alex, you would turn into Tonks to hook up with yourself. That is awesome.

[Alex laughs]

Mikey: Awww, I bow down to you. Not worthy. That’s great.

Andrew: That’s understandable, though.

Alex: I don’t know, I think obviously Ginny is awesome. How can you not want Ginny?

Andrew: Although – yeah.

JJ: So…

Alex: I like Luna though, so maybe I’d turn into Neville.

Andrew: Before you said Ginny though, I was going to say I’ve been reading blogs and things would suggest otherwise but I guess that’s not the case now, so…

Jaime: Ooh.

Andrew: Just me? Just me?

Mikey: What?

Andrew: Just kidding.

Alex: Let’s let that one go.

Andrew: [laughs] I’m just kidding.

[Alex laughs]

Andrew: Anyway, what were you saying, JJ?

JJ: Did Jamie have an answer for that?

Andrew: [laughs] Oh yeah, Jamie.

JJ: Jamie wants to be Mr. Weasley?

Jaime: Yes.

[Everyone laughs]

Jaime: Molly Weasley fills me with joy.

Alex: So true.

Jaime: I would be Ron because Hermione.

JJ: Yeah?

Jaime: Hermione is a… [unintelligible]

Requests for Jamie to Sing

Andrew: Jamie, a lot of people are requesting in the chat that you start singing. Everyone thinks…

Jaime: It’s not going to happen.

Alex: Do it.

Jaime: [laughs] It’s just not going to happen. May as well give up now. [laughs] It’s too late. It’s too, too, too…

Andrew: Well, you sang eight hours ago when it wasn’t too late, so…

Jaime: Oh really, Andrew? I don’t think I was.

Andrew: [laughs] Yes, you were.

Alex: No, Jamie, you said sing.

Jaime: [unintelligible]

Andrew: No, we had a discussion earlier today about the singing thing and you said you would never sing and I said, “Fair point.”

Jaime: Yes.

Andrew: I’m with you on this.

Mikey: Wait, but he sang that song really quietly as a joke and he didn’t realize he was actually singing. So he did sing.

Brandon: Talk about the blowing up, you guys.

Alex: Yeah, you promised, Jamie. You promised.

Brandon: Sing, sing, sing.

Alex: You promised. John Noe, you promised. John Noe.

[Mikey laughs]

Brandon: Jamie, sing, sing, sing. Do it, do it. Sing. LOL. Sing.

Alex: [laughs] You promised.

Andrew: Wait, I’m lost. What does it have to do with John Noe?

Jaime: I’m lost as well.

Alex: I don’t know, I’m just reading the talkback.

Andrew: Oh.

Jaime: [laughs] Oh.

Andrew: Yeah, the chat’s pretty crazy right now.

Alex: [laughs] It’s giving me a headache.

Andrew: It’s giving me a headache, too.

Brandon: Sing.

[Alex laughs]

Andrew: Yeah.

Mikey: Jamie, you should sing “I Did It My Way” because you made it all twelve hours but you did it your way to get through. You left at times, came back.

Andrew: We do actually have one song that Jamie requested for the very end…

Jaime: Yeah.

Andrew: …but I guess we won’t spoil it now.

Alex: Yeah, don’t…

Andrew: That’s the one song that’s prepared for this whole…

Jaime: Not that it takes away to…

Andrew: Alex, we were playing some of your wizard rock over break. Did you see that?

Alex: Oh yeah?

Andrew: Yeah, we played…

Alex: Yeah, I listened to the whole show, man.

[Alex and Andrew laugh]

Alex: I didn’t ever leave.

Andrew: No, no, no, I mean this past break, like twenty minutes ago…

Alex: Oh.

Andrew: …before we got you in here. We were playing “Snape.”

Alex: Oh yeah. I got a lot of IM’s. People were very excited.

Andrew: Cool, cool.

Mikey: See…

Andrew: I’m telling you guys, you need to record a live album! That would be awesome.

Alex: Yeah.

Andrew: I know it would be hard, but it would be awesome. It would be very cool.

Alex: I was actually thinking we might do that. We might do something like that.

Brandon: I don’t think it should be a live CD.

Mikey: Yeah, a live show DVD. We could film it and everything and…

Andrew: There you go! I’d be down for that.

Alex: As long as you guys come out and sing on “Looking for Trouble.”

Andrew: Oh, of course.

Mikey: [singing] “Badaba!”

Andrew: Of course. Actually, can we just cut in a YouTube clip? Because there’s plenty of those…

Alex: [laughs] Sure.

Andrew: …on YouTube. [laughs] That would be fun.

Mikey: Don’t forget that.

Andrew: And on Facebook.

Alex: Jalex. [laughs] That’s amazing.

MuggleCast 113 Transcript (continued)

MuggleCast Summer Tour Stories

Andrew: So okay, we got forty minutes left to go. What do you guys want to do? [laughs] Because obviously – we haven’t looked at the schedule for a while because…

Alex: Can I – wait, wait.

Andrew: What?

Alex: I have to say I’ve been kind of getting in and out of the chat, the talkback thing.

Andrew: Yeah.

Alex: And I don’t want to do a shout-out, but I’m going to do a shout-out to the people who’ve been in this talkback for the last twelve hours. [laughs]

Andrew: Yeah.

Alex: They’ve lost their minds just as much as you guys have.

Jaime: Those are the real champions.

Andrew: Yeah.

Alex: So – yeah, they’re heroes.

Andrew: They’re heroes.

Mikey: They’re heroes. And with great power comes great responsibility, all you chat-back people.

Andrew: Come around hour four – I didn’t think we’d be able to do this but definitely in the future – oh, and to be honest with you, last night I thought this live show wasn’t happening [laughs] because we were having a lot of technical problems.

Jaime: Yeah, we had some serious problems. We thought we were going to have to abandon this show and just do an extra long pre-recorded show.

Andrew: Yeah. But stream it. Yeah, nobody was up for that, instead we were all for the twelve-hour thing. Sorry that not everyone came on as promised, like Micah and Kevin and – well, Ben came on.

Mikey: Yeah, what happened to Kevin?

Andrew: Kevin told me he had a lot of homework. He said he could be on for part of it, but who knows what happens. Everyone keeps saying – making up these lies about Ben in the chat. Don’t really appreciate that. Ben is my friend.

Jaime: Yeah, we don’t like rumors, do we?

Andrew: We don’t encourage that sort of thing. These assumptions that aren’t true. But anyway, Alex and Brandon?

Alex: Yeah?

Brandon: Yes?

Andrew: Give us something to talk about. [laughs]

Brandon: I have some good stories. Some good stories about Alex as a child. I could talk about growing up with him in the meadows in Kansas.

Andrew: The meadows in – wait, I thought you didn’t ever live in Kansas.

Brandon: Yeah, I never did.

Alex: Usually we don’t let Brandon talk.

Andrew: Yeah, now I see why he’s not in the band.

Alex: He’s – oh.

[Andrew laughs]

Mikey: Oh, that is so…

Andrew: These are jokes! Why can’t anyone find this funny? It’s a joke.

Alex: Because you hurt our hearts.

Andrew: But you just said – never mind. Whatever.

[Alex laughs]

Andrew: You – [sighs] forget it.

Alex: Oh my God.

Andrew: I’m done. I’m done.

Alex: Something funny to talk about. You should tell more funny tour stories, I think, because this summer was amazing.

Mikey: Hey, you know what?

Andrew: The tour was great. I can’t think of many tour stories though other than like Ben [laughs] running into cones.

Mikey: Didn’t he crash the car? Did we talk about that?

Andrew: [laughs] Yeah, he did crash the car. Everyone keeps saying he crashed the car. It was…

Mikey: [laughs] I wasn’t in the van. I was in the van with Alex. That’s when we got pulled over.

Alex: Oh yeah, that’s when I got a ticket.

Mikey: Yeah!

Andrew: So you bring that up but I can’t make a joke about Brandon. Okay.

[Andrew and Mikey laugh]

Mikey: You talk about Brandon. I heard Brandon had some strong influence on why Ben did this. He’s like, “I’d be ashamed if you didn’t,” or something like that.

Brandon: I would have. I’m in the car and I see this happening. And it’s going to happen no matter what, you know Ben had his mind set on it, so I kind of was like, “You know what? I’d be upset if you didn’t. Why not?”

Andrew: [laughs] Yeah?

[Mikey laughs]

Andrew: So Ben decides to drive into stationary construction cones that aren’t designed to move, and I didn’t think – I thought he was just going to love-tap one, just sort of like a little tap.

[Mikey laughs]

Andrew: He sort of drives right over it and we knocked out our light and stuff. Did we ever pay extra for that? Do you know?

Mikey: No, no…

Andrew: Mikey?

Mikey: We paid for the…

Jaime: Yeah, it was…

Mikey: …ultra insurance thing, so no matter what happened to the car…

Andrew: Oh right.

Mikey: And I remember…

Alex: Didn’t you guys…

Mikey: Yeah, basically we got the super – honestly, if you ever go through Hertz, get the super insurance because they’ll pay you if your car gets broken into or anything like that happens. And each person had like $10,000 worth of insurance on them.

Jaime: No, Mikey…

Mikey: So if Ben died, we would have gotten money for him.

Jaime: Didn’t we realize that we could send that car back to them in pieces…

[Mikey laughs]

Jaime: …like completely crushed, and everything would be covered?

Andrew: Yeah, the Hertz guy actually said to us you can send it back to us in a box [laughs] and…

Mikey: [laughs] We wanted to.

Andrew: …we’ll be covered.

[Jamie laughs]

Mikey: And we were like, “Wow.”

Brandon: Hey, Alex, why didn’t we get insurance on our van? I mean, if something happened to the van.

Alex: I don’t know, how come we drove into… [unintelligible]

[Mikey laughs]

Alex: …and got our car stuck there?

[Andrew laughs]

Alex: [laughs] Or how come we backed into a pole? How about that?

Brandon: The key word: I did, not we.

Alex: [laughs] Yes.

Andrew: But you got to give…

Brandon: But it sounded like a good idea at the time. I don’t know.

[Alex laughs]

Andrew: But I got to give you guys credit because you’re driving cross-country up to Buffalo, New York, then up to Canada, then back to LA with a million stops along the way.

Jaime: That’s a long, long, long tour.

Andrew: And you all came back in one piece. That’s a pretty good accomplishment.

Alex: Yeah.

Andrew: And you guys had a great tour. So…

Alex: Pretty good summer.

Andrew: Yeah.

Brandon: Although we came back and I had gingivitis and Alex missed a leg, but we were barely…

[Jamie laughs]

Andrew: Missing legs? [laughs] What?

Alex: Luckily I only missed one leg. I only lost one leg. But the thing is the insurance covered it, luckily, so…

Brandon: Yeah, we got paid for his leg.

Andrew: Well, that’s very interesting.

Brandon: Awkward.

Andrew: I commented on Alex’s Wall the other day that every time I see a big blue Ford van I’m always peering in it to make sure [laughs] it’s not Alex in the van driving around somewhere. Brings back memories.

Jaime: Your van was an absolute beast.

Andrew: I think the best part of tour was just being able to – I just enjoyed it some much, the “tour life.” You just have a show day after day, you check into a hotel, you stay the night, you have fun with all your friends…

Jaime: Yeah.

Andrew: …and you’re back on the road.

Jaime: Big Western was our friend.

Andrew: Seriously, I’m a Big Western fan now.

Jaime: Me too. I am now.

Alex: Yes, the…

Jaime: Apart from one thing.

Mikey: Uh-oh.

Jaime: The sink is outside of the bathroom which just…

Mikey: Hey, guys?

Andrew: What, Mikey?

Mikey: Remember how I said Celine was the winner of our contest?

Andrew: Yeah.

Jaime: Yeah.

Mikey: I sent three e-mails and they all get bounced back to me.

Andrew: Uh-oh.

Mikey: Three.

Jaime: Ooh.

Mikey: And I sent them from all different e-mail accounts so it’s not my e-mail program or anything like that. I even logged into the MuggleNet web one and it still got bounced back. So…

Andrew: Well, maybe have her e-mail you and try to prove – maybe she just got one letter in her e-mail address wrong.

Jaime: Probably, yeah.

Mikey: Yeah. So Celine, if you can e-mail us – we’ll wait another ten, fifteen minutes, maybe?

Andrew: Yeah.

Mikey: Before we go to the second place person.

Andrew: That’s fine.

Mikey: Okay.

Andrew: I guess we’ll take a few more callers.

Brandon: Yeah, yeah.

Andrew: And Brandon is very excited about that.

Mikey: Bran-don.

Brandon: I love callers.

Andrew: Well, good. You can talk to them. Here we go.

Brandon: Awesome.

Andrew: Here’s Dana. Oh, hold on a second. Okay, we got to kick someone out. JJ, I’m going to let you go because we are at our limit here. So thanks, JJ, for being on.

Mikey: Bye!

Andrew: JJ?

JJ: Yeah. Oh, I’m sorry, I actually left like twenty minutes ago. I was just sitting here.

Andrew: [laughs] Okay. All right.

Mikey: Listening through here instead of on the other feed.

Andrew: Yeah. All right. Well…

JJ: [unintelligible] show, guys.

Andrew: Thanks for coming on.

Mikey: Buh-bye.

Andrew: Steve Capello. Okay, let’s answer…

Mikey: Who to call?

Andrew: Got to redo this. Here we go. Lena…

Brandon: Why is everything John Noe on the frickin’ talkback?

Andrew: I don’t know. John Noe is not there.

Alex: Let me say something about this.

Caller: Hello?

Alex: This is MuggleCast, you guys.

Andrew: Yeah, this is MuggleCast.

Alex: This is not PotterCast.

Andrew: This is also a twelve-hour MuggleCast meaning this is not what a normal MuggleCast is like.

Alex: Live.

Listener Calls: Harry Potter Connections to Hinduism

Andrew: And we’re trying to do more of a radio program here, not just Harry Potter. It’s sort of an experiment. But anyway, hi Lena!

Caller: Hi!

Andrew: What’s going on?

Caller: I’ve been here since noon.

Andrew: Okay.

Mikey: Yay!

Andrew: Awesome.

Caller: [laughs] Yeah. I’m here with my friend Veronica.

Caller 2: Hi!

Andrew: Hi!

Brandon: Hey!

Caller: I kind of actually had a point that I’ve wanted to bring up. I’ve e-mailed this in to you guys before, but I’m taking a comparative religion class in school right now and we’re learning all about Hinduism. And I know that J.K. Rowling is very Christian and she puts that kind of stuff into the books, but I found some interesting things that are connections to Harry Potter in Hinduism.

Andrew: Oh okay. Like what?

Caller: For example, one of the gods Shiva, they have a snake tied around their neck and the snake is called Naga which is kind of like Nagini.

Jaime: Ooh.

Andrew: Ooh.

Caller: And the god Shiva is the creator and the destroyer.

Andrew: Wow.

Caller: Which is kind of like Voldemort.

Andrew: Yeah.

Jaime: She puts a load of…

Caller: And also…

Jaime: …mythology things in.

Caller: What?

Jaime: She puts a load of references like that in. Like, Fenrir Greyback – the wolf Fenrir from Norse mythology is one of the beasts that’s involved in RagnarĖ†k, the end of the world.

Caller: Mhm.

Jaime: So she’s a big fan of symbolism like that. Sorry, go on.

Caller: Yeah, and the crying baby at the end of Book 7 in King’s Cross, that kind of goes back to the idea of reincarnation, that maybe this baby was born after Tom Riddle was killed and it carried all the bad Karma that Voldemort and Tom Riddle had, and that’s why it’s this tortured, mangled baby.

Andrew: Hmm. That’s pretty interesting.

Caller: I don’t know if this is intentional.

Andrew: Oh, you’re wondering if it’s intentional. Like Jamie was saying, there is a lot of religious connections, but – I don’t know. What do you think, Mikey?

Mikey: I would say probably some if not completely intentional. The names like “Remus,” there’s so many different things there.

[Andrew talks in the background]

Mikey: Lupin, come on. It’s wolf and – there’s so many things that – what? Andrew, pay attention.

[Caller laughs]

Mikey: Okay. So anyway, yeah, I think it’s intentional. What do you think, Alex?

Alex: I was just listening to the dance party that Andrew is having.

Mikey: [laughs] I know. It’s a little distracting.

Alex: Yeah, certainly. J.K. Rowling is very well versed in all sorts of literature and she’s drawing from all the sort of – I mean, the names are just a tip of the iceberg if you were to look at it.

Mikey: Yeah.

Alex: In terms of the form of the book. She’s drawing from every sort of fantasy convention ever, and putting it together to make something bigger and better. So the names are just kind of a hint at that.

Caller: Yeah, and I love that. I think maybe just because I’m a huge fan I find connections in everything, but… [laughs]

Alex: That’s really cool though because there’s obvious connections to the sort of Christian tradition, but to see that she is pulling it from all sorts of world religions makes you have even more respect for her.

Caller: Yeah.

Mikey: Yeah, I totally agree with Alex on that. It’s nice to know that she’s not just keeping this narrow mind on it. She’s pulling it from everywhere. Again, with the Norse religion and something. And I know she’s pulled from a lot of other things. I had a world religion class and as I started getting into Harry Potter and I found connections everywhere with all the different religions and stuff like that, I thought it was really cool. But I never really went anymore onto it because there’s all these different things everywhere for it, so – but it’s really cool just thinking about how she’s pulling from everywhere. It’s not just a narrow mind thing that she has. And that’s one of the reasons why I like her so much.

Caller: Yeah. Is Andrew still here?

Andrew: Yeah, I’m still here. There’s a bunch of girls in my room right now. It’s really annoying.

Mikey: Woah!

Alex: [unintelligible]

Andrew: Okay…

Mikey: Oh, poor Andrew.

Andrew: Thank you…

Mikey: Who’s there, Andrew?

Andrew: Thank you, Lena, for calling.

Mikey: Is Becca there?

Andrew: They won’t leave.

Mikey: Who’s in your room?

Andrew: Shut up! Go away! It’s Becca and all of her friends.

[Laughing in the background]

Andrew: For some reason they’re all…

Mikey: [in a silly voice] Becca!

[Laughing in the background]

Andrew: [in a silly voice] Becca!

Mikey: [in a silly voice] Becca!

Andrew: [in a silly voice] Becca! [back to normal voice] Micah called me. He’s ready to come on now.

Mikey: Who, Micah?

Andrew: Yes.

Mikey: Micah. Micah Tan.

Andrew: Go away! All of you! You’re worthless! All of you!

[Micah’s voicemail plays]

Andrew: Of course, he doesn’t answer his phone. Okay. So – will you guys seriously leave?! Seriously! Leave!

Mikey: Becca…

Andrew: Leave!

Brandon: Hey, you guys…

Andrew: All of you!

Brandon: Can I just say that…

Andrew: Hurt yourselves!

Dan the Van Versus Lincoln Navigator

Brandon: …I just noticed the new poll is: Which van is better for tour, Dan the Van or the Lincoln Navigator? And Dan the Van is winning 65% to 35%.

Andrew: Yeah, why is that? We hardly even talked about Dan the Van.

Mikey: [laughs] Okay, wait…

Brandon: I don’t know.

Mikey: …I think we should discuss this, Dan the Van and the Lincoln Navigator. Should we talk about this?

Alex: Yes.

Brandon: Please do.

Mikey: Okay. Well, let’s explain. So…

Alex: First of all, let’s get the terminology right, okay? His name is Daniel Beastius Bugzapper. We call him Dan for short.

[Andrew laughs]

Alex: But he’s got a full name.

Andrew: Okay.

Alex: It needs to be said.

Mikey: And what did we call our van?

Alex: Does the Navigator have a name even?

Mikey: I think I just called it The Batmobile for a while. [laughs]

Brandon: No, it was the 2000 Navigator Limited Edition. Ooh, limited edition.

Andrew: Yeah. 2007 Lincoln Navigator Limited Edition.

Mikey: With iPod connection.

Andrew: [laughs] Yeah.

Alex: That’s like calling your child “The Boy.” It’s horrible.

[Andrew and Mikey laugh]

Andrew: With GPS.

Mikey: Yeah, with GPS! Come on, it was a smart boy. [laughs]

Andrew: See, we only had ours for nine days though. If you had a child only for nine days, you wouldn’t name it, would you? Because then you don’t want a connection to it.

Brandon: Dan had a name like Day 1.

[Andrew laughs]

Alex: Before we even got in the car.

Andrew: Oh.

Mikey: Okay. Well, let’s explain the two cars so we can see which one wins. The Lincoln was the one MuggleCast rented.

Andrew: Right.

Mikey: So it was for all of us, so me, Andrew, Ben, Jamie, Emerson, and Adam in that car. Although not all six of us at once. We only got five in at a time. And Dan the Van – which is a very cool van. It had a nice little moon and werewolf sticker on it on the side, right?

Brandon: Yeah.

Mikey: Or am I making that up?

Alex: So people would know that it was us when you’re coming to town.

Mikey: Yes.

[Andrew laughs]

Mikey: That’s what I thought.

Brandon: The other way they knew we were coming to town was it kind of smelled like you’re coming to town. You can smell it from far away.

Mikey: [laughs] Yeah. We can smell you guys from far away, trust me. Sorry. I’m joking.

Alex: Way to go, Brandon.

[Mikey laughs]

Brandon: I’m sorry.

Mikey: Well, come on…

Brandon: This is a podcast. This is true. This is real life.

Mikey: …it’s because you guys rock. It’s because you guys rock so hard.

Brandon: Yeah.

Mikey: But yeah, these two cars got us cross country and obviously Dan the Van was out there for quite a bit longer. I like that van. I rode in it.

Alex: Can I just say something? I don’t want to use the Trump Card yet but I’m going to have to throw it out.

Mikey: Oh God.

Alex: We had a sunglasses rack in Dan the Van. Did you have a sunglass rack?

Andrew: No, but I do remember that. That was actually pretty cool.

Alex: We needed to…

[Phone dial tone starts]

Alex: Woah. We need to watch out for our PBTs? We had sunglasses.

Mikey: [laughs] Oh yeah, we do!

Andrew: [laughs] Oh yeah.

Alex: [laughs] You know what I mean?

Mikey: The PBTs and sunglasses. If you’re not wearing sunglasses – or if you are wearing sunglasses and PBT is more active, it’s bad for driving. [laughs]

Andrew: Yeah. Micah Tannenbaum…

Mikey: You want to tell that story?

Andrew: Hold on one second. Micah Tannenbaum is joining us now. Micah, where are you?

Micah: I am in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

Andrew: Nantucket, Massachusetts.

Brandon: Your last name is awesome.

Andrew: [laughs] Tannenbaum?

Brandon: I love The Royal Tenenbaums so much.

Andrew: [laughs] Well, it’s not spelt the same way, is it? Isn’t it Royal Tenenbaums, or am I wrong?

Brandon: Yeah. No, it is, but it’s close and he’s got an accent, maybe. I don’t know.

Andrew: [laughs] No, he doesn’t have an accent. Fair point.

Brandon: I don’t know.

Mikey: Hey, Micah? Since you’re here in Nantucket, if you go, “There was Micah from Nantucket -” you do a little rhyme for us? For me? No? Okay. I’m stopping.

Andrew: [laughs] Micah?

Micah: Give a rhyme?

Andrew: A rhyme.

Mikey: A little rhyme. There once was a man from Nantucket, there once was a Micah from Nantucket. And – no, I’m stopping. Let’s just go on. How are you doing, buddy? I haven’t seen you or talked to you in a while.

Micah: Who is this?

Mikey: It’s Mikey.

[Andrew laughs]

Mikey: Mikey B!

Micah: Oh okay. It’s a little different over cell phone than it is over…

Mikey: Skype?

Micah: Over the mic when I can actually see your name and see that you’re actually there.

Mikey: Oh yeah.

Micah: How are you doing, man?

Mikey: I’m doing good.

Micah: I haven’t seen you in a while.

Mikey: Yeah. How are you doing? What’s going on in Nantucket?

Micah: I’m actually at a wedding. Or I was at a wedding. Just wrapping up.

Alex: You’re not actually at the wedding right now?

Andrew: How did it go?

Micah: No, I’m not. It was great. Nice. Good time out here.

Andrew: Cool.

Mikey: Open bar? Open bar? Maybe? No?

Micah: [laughs] What’s that?

Andrew and Mikey: [laughs] Was it an open bar?

Mikey: It’s a wedding, come on.

Micah: Yes, there was some of that. Don’t we have people listening? Or…

Mikey: Yeah, we do.

Andrew: Yeah. It’s okay, you’re of age.

Alex: Hour twelve.

Mikey: It’s fine.

Andrew: Come on, we got…

Micah: That is true.

Mikey: It’s cool. It’s an open bar. Come on, even…

Andrew: Plus this is hour twelve. There’s no secrets on hour twelve.

[Andrew and Micah laugh]

Micah: [unintelligible]

Mikey: Completely the truth.

Andrew: Huh?

Micah: The local beer.

Andrew: Oh okay. Well anyway, what were we talking about? Dan the Van or something?

Mikey: And the Lincoln Navigator.

Brandon: We were talking about the tour vans. The tour vans.

Andrew: Oh yeah. So the point is 2007 Lincoln Navigator wins, despite the fact that it’s still been beaten – it’s 317 votes for Dan the Van, [sighs] 154 for the Lincoln Navigator.

Brandon: What, what.

Andrew: So you’re winning twice over.

Alex: The thing is I’m so happy that all these people understand how awesome Dan is.

Andrew: No, I can understand it too, because you named it. So you should win just because you named it.

Alex: They’re throwing out the support.

Andrew: Yeah. Okay, so…

Alex: Dan is awesome.

Andrew: Dan is awesome.

More MuggleCast Summer Tour Stories

Brandon: Someone just said that Dan has apple juice. That’s very true.

Andrew: Yeah, we were talking about that earlier, Brandon, actually. [laughs] About your obsession over apple juice.

Brandon: Really? What were you guys saying?

Andrew: Well, just – we were…

Brandon: [unintelligible]

Andrew: Yeah. Oh no – well yeah, Alex was saying that apple juice is sort of like fading in the group.

Brandon: Yes.

Andrew: And then I mentioned I remember seeing you purchase apple juice and I also said I like apple juice. So…

Brandon: Well, there’s different kinds of apple juice, let me just say. Because I’m a real apple juice [unintelligible] and…

Andrew: Okay.

Brandon: There’s different kinds and the number one kind that I’ve tried across the nation is Veryfine. And Alex will [unintelligible] on the next show.

Alex: It’s Veryfine Apple Juice.

Andrew: What is it? I want it.

Alex: It’s called Veryfine.

Brandon: Veryfine. On the East Coast and we only had it once on this tour which is surprising.

Alex: Yeah.

Brandon: It is very, very good.

Andrew: And it’s called Veryfine?

Alex: Yes.

Brandon: Veryfine Apple Juice.

Alex: You can purchase it at Wawa, actually.

Andrew: Oh, you can?

Brandon: Yes.

Andrew: Oh.

Alex: Yeah. That’s where we first had our experience with Veryfine.

Andrew: Oh awesome.

Alex: It’s excellent. I recommend it to your listeners.

Brandon: It’s very rare.

[Andrew laughs]

Brandon: It’s very rare and it’s very fine.

Andrew: [laughs] Okay. And is it very?

Brandon: Very.

Alex: Here’s the problem with tour, is this – for those of you listening, this is every day [laughs] in the tour van.

[Mikey laughs]

Alex: It’s what the whole experience is like.

Mikey: It’s really true. This is the stuff we talk about…

Alex: [laughs] We’ve had these conversations for twelve hours at a time.

[Alex and Mikey laugh]

Andrew: Yeah. It’s kind of – I like it though. That’s what I love about it.

Alex: So did you guys buy your tickets for Australia yet? Is that happening?

Andrew: [laughs] Yeah, we’re – actually, maybe we’ll put it – see, why don’t we think this through? We’re so dumb. The moment we started considering Australia, we should have put a donation button up.

Alex: Correct.

Andrew: If we raised like $100,000 maybe we could fly two of us to Australia. [laughs]

Mikey: Dude, I want to go to Australia so bad. It’d be so cool. [sighs]

Andrew: Yeah, that would be very cool. All right, Alex and Brandon, any final thoughts today? Because I want to bring Laura and…

Alex: Yeah.

Andrew: Go for it. I hate to cut you off but…

Alex: No, man.

Andrew: Okay, cool.

Alex: Thank you for having us on.

Andrew: Yeah, hold on. I’m not letting you go yet.

Brandon: Thank you very much.

Alex: Okay.

Andrew: I want to say thanks for letting us go on the tour, again. We enjoyed it so much. You guys are the coolest people ever.

Alex: Oh thanks.

Andrew: No, seriously. It was too much fun. I said it a million times already, but…

Alex: I love you guys.

Andrew: Oh.

Alex: You are rad.

Andrew: I love you guys, too. It’s funny because that first night, Alex was like, “Yeah, come over to Brandon’s house for a party to get to know everyone.”

Jaime: Oh, that was fun, that barbecue, yeah.

Andrew: Yeah. And had a barbecue at Brandon’s house, Brandon’s dad was there, cooking over the grill. And it was funny because we didn’t even know Brandon, Tyler, I didn’t even talk to Toby that night. And now we’re like all cool with each other. [laughs] So it’s amazing.

Mikey: Well, in your defense, Toby does look kind of scary with the dreads…

[Andrew laughs]

Mikey: …and everything. [laughs]

Andrew: That wasn’t my first impression.

Mikey: Don’t get me wrong, I love Toby.

Brandon: I’m still scared of him.

[Everyone laughs]

Mikey: But truthfully – yeah, Toby – I have no reason to talk because I’m sure I look just as scary as Toby if not more so.

[Andrew and Mikey laughs]

Alex: Yeah, Mikey’s got some hardcore dreads now for those of you who haven’t seen.

Andrew: Yeah, he does. He does. But – yeah, it’s amazing what two months difference can make. I guess it was two months ago, right? July 15th? Yeah, it wasn’t even two months. So…

Alex: Hey, did you guys hear Harry Potter Book 7 came out?

Andrew: Oh really?

Alex: Yeah.

Andrew: No, I didn’t actually…

Mikey: I think we should talk about that some time. Soon maybe.

Andrew: Maybe. Unless my head starts hurting. But – okay. Well, thank you two very much for coming on. I think we lost the stream for a second but we’re going back. Our listeners are coming back.

Brandon: We’re back on.

Jaime: Are we back?

Andrew: Yeah, I think we are back. So thanks, guys, a lot! Seriously.

Alex: Thank you.

Andrew: It was fun having you on, fun being on the tour. I’m sure we’ll be hanging out soon. So…

Alex: Yes.

Brandon: Yes.

Andrew: All right…

Alex: And if people haven’t heard the music before, they should check out

Andrew: Absolutely. I plugged it earlier, just so you know.

Alex: Okay.

Brandon: And also, there’s wizard rap out there – or actually it’s called Lord of the Rings rap, if you guys haven’t heard.

Mikey: Yes!

Andrew: [laughs] Really? Oh, that’s right. You guys are starting that band, aren’t you?

Mikey: Oh, you missed that.

Brandon: Yeah.

Mikey: Oh, you missed the live performance, Andrew.

Brandon: It’s going to be huge. It’s actually – Matt from The Whomping Willows and I were in a band called Sean and the Astins.

Andrew: Yeah? What’s the MySpace URL? Do you have a song yet?

Alex: Nothing’s up there.

Brandon: Nothing’s up there yet. We’re working on it still.

Mikey: Oh.

Brandon: We’re collaborating a little bit. We’re have a few live shows.

Mikey: Hey, Brandon, can I explain to them how you guys actually perform and everything?

Brandon: Yeah, please do.

Mikey: How amazing it is? All right, we all – I hope everyone has seen Lord of the Rings. If you haven’t, it’s cool but it’s a great movie and everything. It’s a great book. And we all know the Hobbits walk around barefoot. [laughs] Matt and Brandon take their shoes off, roll up their jeans, and get up there and rap as Samwise Gamgees. They’re Samwise 1 and Samwise 2.

[Andrew laughs]

Mikey: And it’s amazing. They’re barefoot, they’re rapping. “We Hobbits. Yeah. We Hobbits.” It’s great.

Andrew: [laughs] That’s awesome.

Brandon: No, it’s Sean Astin who’s asking.

Mikey: Yeah.

Alex: Yeah. I don’t know how you guys can be anymore hardcore, basically.

[Andrew laughs]

Alex: And you’re putting out an album, too. It’s called “Never Say Die,” right? “Goonies Never Say Die”?

Brandon: Yeah, yeah.

Mikey: [laughs] Yes.

Brandon: It’s dropping later, though. Next year we’re dropping the album. It’s going to be hot, hot like larva.

Andrew: [laughs] You guys are nuts. Okay. [laughs] Well, we’re going to let you go now.

Alex: All right. Thanks again for having us on.

Andrew: No problem. Thank you guys.

Brandon: Yes.

Alex: Goodnight.

Andrew: All right, see you two. Find…

Brandon: Bye.

Andrew: Bye. All right, find…

Mikey: I want to say…

Andrew: Let’s get Laura in here.

Mikey: Celine, the person that won the contest, she did e-mail me. Check your e-mail. There’s some information there. Please respond once more to us.

Andrew: Cool.

Mikey: I have your e-mail and I sent the e-mail out again, but please respond to that e-mail.

Andrew: Laura is back now. Oh sorry.

Mikey: Yay!

Laura: By a small miracle, yeah. [laughs]

Micah: Why didn’t you invite Laura in?

Andrew: Yeah, we were… [laughs]

Laura: [unintelligible]

Andrew: And Micah is here too, but the way. We were having problems getting Laura in for some reason. Apparently Skype limits me. I thought you could have nine people in a conversation but apparently not.

Mikey: You can, you just need…

Andrew: At least on my connection.

Mikey: Yeah, you just need a good internet connection.

Andrew: Yeah, I guess so. So we’re wrapping up the show here. Jamie, are you still alive?

Jaime: Yes.

Andrew: Okay, good.

Jaime: I am.

Mikey: Jamie, talk up a little. I can’t hear you.

Andrew: Just checking.

Jaime: Huh?

Mikey: Talk up, I can’t hear you, buddy.

Jaime: Sorry, it’s my – my computer turned the volume down and I have no idea why, on my mic. One sec.

Andrew: Okay. Well, you sounded louder then.

Jaime: Okay, I’m back. I’m back.

Andrew: Okay.

Mikey: Yay!

MuggleCast 113 Transcript (continued)

Future Live MuggleCast Shows

Andrew: Great. So we’re all here now. I want to talk, seriously, about doing – and actually I want to make it the poll, do a serious poll. This show went really well and – at least we think so. Listeners in the thing, chat, do you think it went well? Says “Yes” or “No” right now. We’ll get bombarded once it goes through. We have a yes, we have a yay, we have a yes, yes.

Laura: Yay!

Andrew: Okay, so I’m going to make a poll. Oh, please don’t tell me Firefox just froze on me.

Mikey: Did it freeze?

Andrew: Firefox definitely just froze on me.

Jerry: Ustream seems to run…

Andrew: Oh wait…

Jerry: …a lot better in IE.

Andrew: IE? Yeah, someone mentioned that on the chat and…

Jerry: Yeah.

Andrew: …unfortunately I’m on this [censored] Mac.

Mikey: Awww.

Laura: Ummm…

Andrew: Wait…

Jerry: Poor you.

Andrew: It’s working, it’s just lagging uncontrollably because I asked everyone to say yes at once.

[Jerry laughs]

Mikey: Oh, it’s because everybody [laughs] is all responding.

Andrew: Yeah.

Laura: And everyone just heard your slip, Andrew.

Andrew: Yeah. What? No, that wasn’t a slip. That was completely on purpose.

Laura: Okay.

[Jerry and Laura laugh]

Andrew: I was just kidding. Macs are not poopy.

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Andrew: Okay, everyone stop typing in the chat. Actually just leave the chat. I don’t even know why I’m in there. Oh, Kelazma is there. Shout-out to Kelazma! Nobody shouted out – okay, now we’re good.

Laura: Yeah, I’m talking to her right now.

Mikey: Yay, Kalasma.

Andrew: Okay. So as I was saying, this went really well. I’m going to make the poll right now. Should we continue to do live shows? Now, not twelve-hour live shows, however I could definitely see…

Mikey: Awww. [laughs]

Andrew: …organized, concise, well-planned two-hour shows.

Jaime: Two-hour shows would be fun, yeah.

Andrew: Two-hour live shows once a week. And overall, it went very well tonight.

Jaime: [laughs] Andrew, imagine if we stuck with our original plan and done twenty-four? We’d be halfway through.

Andrew: Heck no. Heck no.

Mikey: Twenty-four would be so awesome.

Laura: Oh my gosh.

Jerry: We’d be dead.

Mikey: I would be so down for twenty-four. Come on.

Laura: Jamie, you would still have twelve hours left.

Jaime: Oh, it would just…

[Jerry and Laura laugh]

Mikey: Jamie, right now would be like – Jamie, Jamie, listen. If we did twenty-four hours, right now would be the time where we put some music on…

Jaime: Yes.

Mikey: …we’d all go get some food, come back…

Jaime: For twelve-hours, Mikey. For twelve hours.

Mikey: And then, Jamie…

Jaime: Yeah?

Mikey: …the next hour would be like, “Welcome to the Jamie and Mikey…”

Jaime: “With Mikey B.”

Mikey: “…late night rock and roll hour, with Jamie Lawrence and your host Mikey B.”

Laura: Yeah.

Mikey: And it would be so great.

Laura: It would be.

Mikey: We could have a little jazz playing in the background as we’re talking.

Jaime: Awww. And we would talk about nice…

Laura: By about 2:00 in the morning, it would be, [imitating Jamie] “Oh Mikey. Oh Mikey.”

Mikey: And we would be like, “Callers, come in and talk to us.” [laughs]

Laura: [imitating Jamie] “I’m so tired. I’m so tired. Let me go to bed, Mikey.”

Jaime: Laura, that impression is atrocious!

Jerry: And suddenly it would be, [imitating Jamie] “Mikey, Mikey, let me go to bed! Mikey, please! I’m tired!”

Mikey: Yeah, we’d have some good jazz that we have, like Charlie Parker. We’d have all this crazy – oh man, I have an entire jazz collection I want to listen to now. But you know how nice it would be to just be like, “So guys…”

Jaime: I know, it would be amazing.

Mikey: It would be so cool. But again, we’d have another twelve hours and then someone would have to come in and relieve us for – at hour…

Andrew: It would sound something like this.

[Audio clip plays quietly]

[Laura laughs]

Jaime: What is it? I can’t hear it.

Jerry: Too quiet.

Laura: It’s too quiet, Andrew.

Andrew: Oh really? Isn’t it coming through?

Jaime: Can’t hear a thing.

Andrew: [in a silly voice] Oopsies!

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: That’s weird. Let me try one more time.

[Audio clip plays quietly]

Andrew: It’s not working.

Mikey: I think if we did a twenty-four hour one, we’d probably end up – start watching movies together and having people join us.

[Jerry laughs]

Mikey: Because how cool would it be – because I can’t even connect to the Ustream Live, it says “Connection closed.”

Jerry: No, me neither.

Mikey: Yeah, I don’t even know how many people are in there. But how cool would it be to go, all right, everybody. We’re going to watch Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets or whatever we decide to watch. And we all decide to watch at the same time. So there’s literally a thousand of us watching the movie at the exact same time. And it’s not just like a commentary that some other podcasts do, but it’s a live commentary with thousands of people watching at the same time. And we can even take calls while we’re watching it, with people coming in and we can all put our tidbits – that would be amazing. But again, twelve-hour show, we did have the show actually planned out and stuff like that.

Andrew: Right.

Mikey: So we couldn’t do stuff like that. But that would happen at like…

Jerry: [unintelligible] for a movie-watching show.

Mikey: …hour seventeen. Yeah. So a movie-watching show would be kind of cool. Ooh, maybe we should just do a movie-watching show. Pick a movie and we watch it. [laughs] And we all just – everyone just…

Jerry: Welcome to MuggleCast Movie Club.

[Mikey laughs]

Andrew: Hey, I just realized – I don’t know how long we’ve been on it, but we are actually on the main page of Ustream right now. We are the first thing – we’re the stream that comes up when you visit So we’re being featured right now.

Laura: Oh cool.

Mikey: Wow.

Andrew: Very cool. Thanks, guys at Ustream! That’s pretty neat.

Jaime: Thank you very much.

Mikey: Well, it’s because we’ve been online…

Andrew: Yeah, I was wondering why the numbers were fluctuating so much, but now I see. So that’s very cool. Thanks to them for featuring us there. We have a new poll up. It’s not getting any – everyone check the poll. Listeners, check the poll. Would you like us to do regular live shows? And the choices are “Yes” or “No.” I’ve only gotten one vote though.

Mikey: I really think a movie-watching – you know what we should do? We should do it one week after Order of the Phoenix comes out. We should do a movie-watching show.

Andrew: Yeah.

Mikey: And we should do a commentary with it. I’m sure this DVD will be good where there’s an actual commentary that we like.

Andrew: Mhm.

Mikey: But we should really go ahead and do a commentary for Order of the Phoenix, all of us get on, I’ll tell all the fans what to do. We’ll find a time that’s not too late at night, not too early in the day for everyone. And we’ll all just start the movie at the exact same time, no pauses in it, and we’ll just go through and kind of like – not criticize the movie but just talk about it, like kind of what you do with your friends. Everyone’s around, joking around with the movies. I’d be like, “Come on. Really? Why is Luna Lovegood really being barefoot in the forest? Come on.”

[Jamie laughs]

Mikey: “She can so step on a rock and that hurts, really.”

Jaime: Yeah, that was just…

Mikey: [laughs] I don’t know. Maybe I’m just crazy.

Andrew: You’re crazy.

Mikey: There’s so many – I am crazy.

Jaime: [singing] “You know I’m crazy.”

Andrew: [laughs] Okay, people are saying they broke the chat – or the poll, and I think they did break the poll because I can’t seem to get it working now.

Mikey: Yeah, and there’s people just going crazy. I can’t even read it all.

Andrew: Yeah. So I think most people did say yes, so if we did start doing live shows, we would keep the call-ins to a minimum, meaning – I mean, we would still have people call in but we would still do organized discussions on our end first, then maybe open it up. So it’s something we’ll have to consider. It would definitely be fun. And someone is telling me now we’ve been number one since 2:00 PM on Ustream, but I don’t think that’s true.

Mikey: No, we’ve been number one but we haven’t been featured.

Andrew: Right, we haven’t been featured.

Mikey: We’ve been number one for quite a while because we had a load – it’s rated by the loudest screams.

Andrew: Oh, wait a second. Wait a second. Now Brickhouse Live is featured. Oh okay, thanks a lot, Ustream. [makes raspberry noises]

Jerry: [unintelligible] scream thing. I did wonder.

Andrew: Thanks. Well, we’re definitely winning in crowd volume.

Mikey: Well, you know why? It’s because Brickhouse Live is…

Andrew: Good?

Mikey: …witty. Well no…

Andrew: Well, and has video. [laughs]

Jaime: Guys, let’s not spend the last ten minutes boasting.

Andrew: We’re not boasting, we’re complaining.

Jaime: [laughs] Sounds like it.

Mikey: Woah, Chris Pirillo has a tech show nightly. I didn’t even know this.

Andrew: Yeah. So…

Mikey: [laughs] I should come to Ustream more often.

Andrew: That would definitely be something to do, live shows, more of, and – neato. So anything you guys want to talk about for the final nine minutes? I am seriously – I really can’t believe we’ve been here twelve hours. That’s kind of crazy.

Laura: I can’t believe you guys have been here for twelve hours.

Andrew: It doesn’t feel…

Laura: Like, I’m tired and I didn’t do the whole thing.

Andrew: This may sound weird, but it…

Jerry: [unintelligible] I’m knackered.

Andrew: [laughs] This may sound – okay guys, whatever. I get your point. This may sound weird, but I don’t feel like it’s been twelve hours.

Jaime: No, it hasn’t. Well, obviously it has.

[Laura laughs]

Jaime: But hours go so quickly because you’ll look at the time and it’ll be 3:15, then you’ll look again and it’ll be 3:27, then 3:35, and 3:46. So as soon as you know…

Laura: I don’t appreciate that…

Mikey: Guys, do you know what time I joined in? Because I think I’ve been in here for quite a while.

Andrew: Okay, Mikey, Jamie and I still trump you in hours.

Mikey: I know! But I just want to know…

Jaime: Easily, Mikey. Easily.

Mikey: …how many hours that I’ve put in. I just want to know – yeah, you guys got like – you’ve been here for twelve hours. I’ve been here for, what, six? Seven?

Jaime: About that, yeah.

Mikey: No, no, because I got here before – I got in at like noon, I think. I don’t know. Noon, my time.

Andrew: Yeah, something like that.

Laura: I don’t appreciate that, you guys. Stop.

Andrew: What? What are you saying? What do you mean?

Laura: People are being obnoxious in the chatroom. I don’t appreciate it. Especially you, John Thrasher! Stop it!

Andrew: Oh. He’s…

Mikey: Wow, there’s this nice echo on Laura’s voice. She sounds so like…

Jaime: Yeah.

Mikey:[in a deep voice] “John Thrasher, stop it!”

[Laura laughs]

Mikey: “Ahhh!” Actually, you know what? I got here a little bit before noon because there’s a message from Jamie talking about the live feed and everything.

Jaime: Well, there you go.

Mikey: So I’ve been here – so if it was noon and it’s nine o’clock now, I’ve been here nine hours. That’s not bad. I think that’s pretty good for me. Yeah? No?

Andrew: That’s pretty good.

Jaime: That is pretty good.

Mikey: See, then I could – yeah.

Andrew: Let’s take – I’m still kind of disappointed I didn’t get my ticket for J.K. Rowling. A little disappointed about that. However, Chloe – oh, Laura, while you’re away, Chloe actually got a ticket, got two tickets.

Laura: Yeah, she told me. She said that she was trying to give it to me and you were trying to steal it.

Andrew: Oh, wait a second. Wait a second. Wait a second.

Jerry: [laughs] Ooh!

Andrew: She never said she was going to give it to you. She said she was going to give it to me.

Jerry: Live on air.

Laura: She told me that you were trying to steal it, and then she told me that she was going to give it to the Make A Wish Foundation.

Andrew: Oh yeah, then her parents said to donate it.

Jaime: Well, can I…

Andrew: Okay, we just lost the connection on Ustream and I’ve been told by a couple of people they I can’t connect, so apparently Ustream is crashing right now.

Jaime: Okay, I’ve got a message from Celine, the girl who won the thing on vegetables.

Andrew: We’re not live right now.

Jaime: No, I know. I’m talking to you.

Andrew: Okay.

Mikey: Yeah, yeah, I got her address and she doesn’t have Skype.

Jaime: Okay. Well, we’ll just contact her after the show then and give her something.

[Laura laughs]

Mikey: Yeah. I have her e-mail and I have her mailing address, too. So you guys can mail her a T-shirt or something.

Jerry: Speaking of T-shirts, still haven’t got mine. Fail. Pickle Pack.

Andrew: Okay, apparently we’re live again.

Mikey: Ahhh.

Andrew: I think Ustream is going down, I think Ustream has had it with us.

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: I wonder if they’ve ever had twelve-hour streams before. We were supposed to be on their high end stream, but – or their high end servers, but then once the thing crashed the first time we got put back down to the regular thing. So yeah, that’s what’s going on.

Mikey: Yeah, I think…

Andrew: I don’t know what else to say. I mean…

Jaime: I think…

Andrew: And I’m not trying to – what?

Jaime: I think we should wrap stuff up. We have four and a half minutes to go. Let’s say our goodbyes and talk about what has happened and what it’s become and how we love each other and all that kind of stuff.

Andrew: Actually, what I want to know is, who’s editing the show?

[Everyone laughs]

Mikey: That would be you, buddy.

Laura: Pretty sure it’s going to be you.

Jaime: That’s like a four-week job, isn’t it, Andrew?

Andrew: Yeah. [laughs] Luckily I’m in college.

Jaime: Ooh!

Mikey: Luckily you’re not going to have to do anything.

Andrew: Yeah. Yeah, exactly. I won’t have anything else to do. I got nothing to do. So…

Mikey: So…

Andrew: I think Ustream is really having problems right now. Are there people in the chat listening? Does anyone have the chat open?

Mikey: I have the chat open.

Laura: I can’t tell, they’re just saying so much random stuff.

Andrew: Nonsense?

Laura: [laughs] Yeah.

Mikey: No, no, they can all hear us. Everyone is screaming, “Don’t edit,” “Unedited,” in the SPoT chat, in the Ustream chat. It’s like, “Yeah, this is working.”

Laura: Somebody keeps wanting to…

Andrew: That’s music to my ears, actually. Don’t edit? That’s the most beautiful thing someone’s ever actually said to me.

Jerry: Please don’t edit. Please don’t edit.

Mikey: I think it’s because this was such a special event.

Laura: Oh, Mason! Sorry. [laughs]

Mikey: Yeah, it was such a special event where it’s a live twelve-hour episode. No other Harry Potter podcast has attempted something like this.

Andrew: The words…

Mikey: I think they want it to be unique, special, unedited…

Andrew: Yeah, but it still has to be looked at a little bit. The words “Don’t edit a podcast” are more meaningful to me than say…

Jaime: “I love you.” [laughs]

Andrew: “I love you,” yeah. Or like a wedding proposal.

Jaime: Andrew, I don’t think it’s going to happen. Someone is going to get down on one knee to you one day and be like, “Don’t edit the show.”

Andrew: No, if I had to choose between getting married or not editing a show for one week, I’d actually choose not editing a show for one week.

Jaime: Well, I feel sorry for your future wife.

Jerry: I’m with you. [laughs]

Andrew: That’s – Jerry knows. Jerry does Fandom ForeCast.

Jerry: Yeah.

Andrew: Which I’m supposed to be on tomorrow.

Jerry: You are.

Mikey: Really?

Andrew: [in a silly voice] Starring me! Whoa! Taking the show back! [back to normal voice] Actually I’ve changed my mind. I’m podcasted out. No more.

[Jerry laughs]

Andrew: I’m kidding. I wouldn’t back out on that. Or would I? [takes a deep breath] Okay, I’m cramping right now. Is that bad?

Jerry: Yeah.

Laura: You’re cramping? Where are you cramping?

Andrew: In my stomach.

Laura: Well…

Andrew: Can we have 900 listeners, please? I’m tired of – we’re like…

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: …flirting with 900, and we’re at 880 right now.

Mikey: 882, 889…

Andrew: People, call your friends and tell them to listen in. We need a thousand people. We had over a thousand…

Jerry: It’s going down while you started saying it. [laughs]

Andrew: We had a thousand people watching us read a book, but this is not as interesting as reading a book?

Mikey: Yeah, who knows.

Andrew: I’ll tell you why. I’ll tell you why. Because we never posted this on MuggleNet.

Jerry: Yeah.

Andrew: If this was posted on MuggleNet…

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: …it would be a whole different ball game. So yeah.

Jaime: Actually, it would be a whole different ball game because it probably wouldn’t work.

Andrew: [laughs] It probably wouldn’t work, yeah.

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: You’re right. You’re right.

Jerry: The server would crash. It would be overloaded.

Andrew: Okay. Yeah. I’m not taking anymore calls, so Lucas, stop calling me. And Sam, stop calling me. So…

Laura: My God! People in this chatroom…

Andrew: What are they saying?

Laura: They’re just…

Andrew: Do I need to lay the smackdown? What’s going on?

Laura: They’re just saying some very crude things. I’m just – I’m somewhat appalled. [laughs]

Mikey: Yeah, there’s – I try not to read the chatroom sometimes.

Laura: Yeah.

Mikey: They move so fast. I give mad props to whoever can read these chatrooms.

Jerry: It’s giving me a headache, yeah.

Mikey: They move so fast, they give me a headache. I can’t do it.

Andrew: I lost the connection. That’s weird.

Mikey: Yeah.

Laura: Uh-oh. They broke it again.

Mikey: Ustream broke.

[Laura laughs]

Mikey: Ustream.

Laura: [laughs] These people are like, “Oh my God! Only two minutes left!”

Andrew: I know, I know.

Mikey: Reparo! Reparo!

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: I want to be here for the big…

Jerry: [attempts an American accent] “Jamie, do an American accent!”

Andrew: Okay, connecting. Okay, we’re live again!

Mikey: We’re live again!

Andrew: Sorry. I’m really sorry about that. I don’t know what’s going on. I’m just going to have to e-mail the Ustream people and be like, “Hey, it was working great but…”

Mikey: It died.

Andrew: “…this stuff happened.” I’m shouting us all the way up right now. So let’s see, how much…

Mikey: How do you…

Show Close

Andrew: Wait, we got to do a countdown. There’s one minute left, guys. Twelve hour show. There’s one minute left since we started.

Laura: Gosh.

Andrew: The Go Daddy ad was playing. This is really sad. Are we going off air the second the countdown hits zero?

Jaime: Yes.

Andrew: I guess we have to, yeah.

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah, that’s silly of me. Should I play “The Final Countdown” now or after the show ends?

Jaime: What about that song we talked about, Andrew?

Mikey: Wait, wait, wait, hold on. When you said “The Final Countdown” – as in the song?

Andrew: Yeah, the song. Yes, the song.

Mikey: Yes! [singing] “It’s the final -“ [stops singing] Okay, go.

Jaime: Andrew, are you playing the song we agreed on?

Andrew: Mason, thank you for doing the ads today. Mason is here now.

Laura: Awww, hey Mason!

Mikey: [in a high-pitched voice] Hey, Masey-poo!

Mason: Yeah, hi.

Mikey: [in a high-pitched voice] How are you doing? [laughs]

Laura: Awww.

Andrew: Thanks for doing the ads today, Mason.

Mikey: Hi, Masey! How are you doing?

Andrew: Thank you to everyone who’s been listening for the past twenty-four – [laughs] twenty-four. Ha! Twelve hours. Jamie, thanks for sticking with me for the last twelve hours.

Jaime: Yeah.

Andrew: You can go to bed now. Well, wait ten seconds and then you can go to bed.

[Jerry laughs]

Jaime: Andrew, are you playing the song we agreed on or are you not playing that song?

Andrew: What song? Name your song!

Jaime: The song you said you were going to play…

[Laura laughs]

Jaime: …but then you’re like, “Oh my God, I can’t download it.”

Andrew: There’s been a lot of songs. Three, two, one. Thank you, everybody!

Laura: Goodnight!

Mikey: Bye!

Jaime: Goodnight! Thank you for listening!

Mason: Go Daddy dot com.

[Everyone laughs]

[“The Final Countdown” by Europe plays]

Mikey: I’m going to sing along.

[Song continues]

Andrew: I’ll join you, Mikey.

Mikey: Yes! You’re going to join me? Good.

Andrew: I don’t know the lyrics though.

Mikey: “It’s the final countdown.” That’s all I know.

Andrew: Is there any lyrics?

Mikey: I think it’s just “The final countdown.”

Andrew: Oh, here we go! One, two, three, four. We’re leaving – oh, I was completely wrong.

Laura: I don’t think there are, either.

Mikey: No, I think the only lyrics are “The final countdown.” “It’s the final countdown.”

Andrew: Yeah, but it starts with “We’re leaving together.”

Mikey: Oh, is it?

Andrew: Mason, do a Go Daddy ad over this right now! Go!

[Song continues]

Andrew: Mason?

Mason: Yeah, yeah, what’s up?

Andrew: Do a Go Daddy right now. Quick!

Mason: All right. Listen up, MuggleCast listeners!

[Andrew laughs]

Mason: I have some excellent news for you. For only $3.59 a month for twelve months, you can get…

[Laura laughs]

Mason: …’s economy package. What’s that?

Mikey: [sings with the song] “Together!”

Mason: You don’t know what the economy package is?

Andrew: [laughs] Okay, ad over.

[Jerry and Laura laugh]

[Andrew and Mikey sing badly along to the song]

Laura: Oh, my mind right now.

Mikey: I’m playing air guitar right now. It’s awesome.

[Andrew and Mikey continue to sing badly along]

Mikey: Booyeahyeah! Oh wait, wait, you know what? It’s not Booyeahyeah, it’s Boomshakalaka.

[Andrew continues to sing badly along]

Andrew: [after pausing the song] This is the final one for real, folks.

[Song continues]

Mikey: Andrew, isn’t this song like eight minutes long?

Andrew: What did you say?

Mikey: Isn’t this song like eight minutes long?

Andrew: No, it ends in – well, let’s just skip to the end.

Mikey: Yeah.

[Andrew and Mikey continue to sing badly along]

Andrew: Woah, fade out!

Mikey: Goodbye!

Andrew: [singing] “Goodbye, everybody! I’ve got to go!” [stops singing] Okay.

Laura: Okay, Andrew. You’re done. [laughs]

Andrew: See, I can’t let go. I just can’t let go. Okay…

[Go Daddy ad plays]

Andrew: Woah.

[Go Daddy ad stops]

Andrew: Okay.

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: Goodnight, everyone! [laughs]

Laura: Bye!

Mikey: Bye!

Jerry: Cherrio!

Andrew: Oh my God, somebody kill me. [sighs] I mean – wait, we’re still live.

Laura: [laughs] Are we still streaming?

Andrew: [laughs] No, I’m just kidding. We’re not…

Laura: Okay.

Mason: That would be terrible if…

Mikey: Dude, that was awesome. I am so happy.

Laura: Oh my God.

Jerry: Wow. That was fun.

Mason: Well done.

Mikey: Awww, you know what we should have done? Dude, there’s so many clips – you realize there’s so many clips you could have done for the end, like “We did it! We did it! Yeah!”

Andrew: [laughs] Wasn’t that Dora The Explorer?

Mikey: I’m thinking from Star Wars. Like, “We did it!” like at the end when they blow up the Death Star and everything.

Andrew: I don’t watch…

Mikey: Like “We did it!” Everyone is excited, you know? There’s so many endings…

[Audio ends]